Monday, April 18, 2011

Whole Lot Of Randomness

I've tried coming up with a blog post a few times but the TV keeps grabbing my attention. For whatever reason other than I am crazy hear me roar, I tend to leave the TV on and then leave the room. But only once the guys have gone to bed because you can not leave the remote unattended around here. No joke! Nicholas is known to swipe the remote even if it is sitting right next to you and you are still in the room. He believes you must clutch the thing at all times in case someone else where to pull a him and run off with it.

I watched DWTS - thought Kirstie looked amazing - and someone made a play for the remote. You would think I have pulled enough crazy that no one would mess around with something I wanted to watch.

You would think wrong.

Which amazes me because when I was growing up, being the youngest, it was a freaking miracle if I got to watch what I wanted on TV. While I don't hog the TV, unlike Hubs someone, I let the guys watch their shows. If nothing else they are all sitting down, somewhat quiet, and getting along.

I will part with the control of the remote for this...this...utopia moment.

Case in point, while I was trying to watch DWTS, the lights were doing the mamba. I have no idea what Jared was doing upstairs to make it sway and dance but this is rather normal and happens all the time. I would yell up there to knock it off, because God forbid I actually get up off my duff to scream in person, but I think he wouldn't be able to hear me as Michael is jamming out on his guitar which is closer to the stairway.

And Hubby doesn't understand why I keep asking for those special headphones that blocks out noise.

Having boys is just a lot of loud noise, all the time. Someone is always banging on something, singing for all they are worth, or cranking their music or playing music as loud as they can. It is non-stop noise. I know this is why I stay up so late because oh my word, the quiet!!! It is sublime.

So taking all that in, I'm not sure why I tend to just keep the TV on at night. Nothing is on, something might come on in a while, so I'll leave the room and go surf the web, play yet another facebook game or try to write a blog post. If I do all this in the room with the TV - I usually come up with squat for a blog post. Hence the lack of posting yesterday.

Chalk it up to another sign of the crazy.

Although I am still disturbed by this show Extreme Coupons or whatever it is. A facebook friend said it's just another form of hoarding. I am amazed that they are able to get $1,000 worth of groceries for $12 but I really question the need for 67 jars of mustard. One guy had 450 tubes of toothpaste. He at least donates some of it to charity but oh my freaking word people!!

We were discussing some of this at dinner and Michael brought up that there is scripture that says about the guy who stored up so much food that he took down his old storage (how much did that cost?) and then build bigger storage. The guy died before he could enjoy any of it. Just screams of irony.

My Mom went bazerk about the whole Y2K. I'm sure that tid bit of info just shocked you, didn't it? I knew they had stuff saved for a rainy day or if things where tight. I see no harm in that but I didn't realize how bad it was. While my folks were staying at Club Fed, we used what was edible but the majority of it was junk. Stuff was way past the expiration dates. Half the toilet paper supply got raided by mice. You know that has got to be some new type of redneck to have already been used toilet paper before it's even open.

Needless to say, that stuff got left behind.

I will say that is one huge bonus for getting foreclosed on - you can leave the junk behind that you don't want. It's not like you are selling your home and everything must go, you are getting forced to leave and a lot of times it is under the gun to get out. Stuff will be left behind.

That was something that really overwhelmed me about some of the junk with my folks. There was so much stuff to go through and I had no idea what to take and what to leave behind. And there was no way all of it was moving with us. I still shudder at some of those memories and I try to cram them as far back in my brain as I can.

And that is a challenge!

Just forgetting something doesn't happen with me. It's rather creepy on how well my memory is. I'm not sure if it's a gift or not. Hubs says I'm a freak of nature and that no one remembers the stuff I do. Personally, I think that's his excuse as he can't remember anything. Naturally, with his weak remembering skills he's going to think I have a gift which now explains why he sometimes gives me the "gifted" salute.

I will now make a mental note to get back at him in some form that makes no sense but I will feel that justice has been served.

I now feel like I got a defunk super power. Can I remember everything we need from the store and not use a list? Heck no! Stupendous Girl! Able to remember everything that happened in the past but can't seem to do much in the present. Her future looks bleak.

(I just cracked myself up with that one.)