Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wicked Hormone Day

I just wrote 3 blog post, deleted all 3 of them, wrote 2 more and I'm about to delete those. Then I burst into tears for no apparent reason. Almost deleted the blog - twice. Not a good day. And I have no.idea.why.

Houston, we have a problem.

Think I'll just step away from the computer before I do something I may regret.


Julie said...

Whatever you do... Don't delete the blog! You would so regret it!!!!

Hope your day gets better.


Joanna said...

Yeah, I know you're right but...
Some days I just wonder why I blog and the meaning of life and where do I fit.

Think I need to send Hubs on an emergency Reese PB cup run. Hormone day from hell.

Hugs back! Thanks. :}

Shell said...

sounds like a rough day. Don't delete- save as drafts for later. :)

rthling said...

I imagine you climbing a tall mountain in Tibet to ask a monk, who has taken a vow of silence these long years, the meaning of life.

He's just looking at you with a look that says it all.

What? Are you crazy? I have taken a vow. of. silence. I cannot answer your question, grasshopper!

So, basically, you're screwed.

But we still think you're funny, so you can't delete the blogggg!!

Kerri said...

Do. Not. Delete. I wonder about the meaning of life all the time and where I fit. You're not crazy. Neither am I. Or me. Me either! : )