Monday, May 23, 2011

Dump It In A Blender And Hit Mix

That would probably sum up the weekend. I'm just now getting around to write a blog post, mainly because I completely forgot and then lost the will to care.

It also doesn't help that I hit save instead of publish either.

Friday Hubby got home a bit early so we were able to do an early showing of the new Pirate's movie - in 3D. The graphics are just beyond cool if your eyes can handle it. It was a great movie - my only complaint is those mermaids are beyond fierce and I may be slightly scared of the Little Mermaid now. I thought Ursala the sea-witch was bad! She has nothing on these chicks.

But they left it open for another movie and Hubs said that cow ain't dry so why stop a milking?

I was pleased to see the world didn't end and we ended up hitting a couple sales on Saturday. Turns out these kids need clothes. What is up with that? You feed them and then they grow out of everything.

Michael is still beyond picky when it comes to clothes that I may, or may not, have put my head on the table and silently wept. Oh who am I fooling? I never do anything silently. Unless it's passing gas because I find it totally acceptable to squeeze one's butt cheeks together and let things just eek out as I am grossed out when my FIL lifts his leg like a dog and lets it rip.

You so didn't see that one coming, did you?

So the search continues for clothes the boy is willing to wear. He did get a few shirts so I guess I can't entirely complain. Nicholas, on the other hand, may be a clothes horse in the making. Which is sad when you realize we have zero closet space.

The lack of closets is something I am not happy about. I was just complaining about that to Hubs that I just went through all my clothes and weeded out anything that is too big.

Yeah, you read that right - too big.

I've dropped a size in clothes which is great and I'm happy to clean out the closet but I still have no room for stuff. And lately all my plastic hangers brake. I thought a smaller size would lighten the load but it turns out when you have to shove them in tight spaces they tend to snap.

Between cleaning out Jared's dresser, my closet, and shoes that are too small, there are 4 large bags to go to Goodwill. I at least have them bagged up so that has to count for something, right?

Just in time for new clothes to come in and occupy the tiny space. What fun!

Sunday, we are continuing with our family bible study. I haven't really shared a whole lot from what all we've been getting because some stuff isn't my stuff to share but it has been good! We're going through 2 books right now. One is about spiritual warfare and the other one is about total forgiveness. Oh my word, are the two ever connected! And right now I'm still stinging from a few things. Nothing like realizing that I've only aimed at partial forgiveness rather than total.

While I'm sure you're thinking, 'duh, you're just now getting that about yourself??' It's just been interesting to see some things and how they are linked. We've had some really open and honest discussions with the boys about stuff we've been battling and watching them rise up and deal with stuff in their lives. It's awesome to see but also really humbling. I feel like I'm the example of what not to do - again.

And then my mom calls and just dumps a bunch of yuck on my head. Still a lot of pain to deal with on my end before I can say I totally forgive her but I can say I'm willing to be willing. The relationship will never be restored, unless there is some serious change on her end, but I can get to the point where it's not poisoning me and my life. Goodness knows I've wasted enough years as it is.

At least that is my goal I'm aiming for.


Julie said...

Blogger just ate my comment! How rude! *sigh*

Anyway... I want to see the new pirates movie too, but I don't want to see it in 3D. I'm weird like that. *lol*

It won't be long before my kids are ready for new clothes too, but thankfully they aren't too picky. One trip to Kmart usually has us covered. :)

Joanna said...

Blogger is having issues!

It was good, but the mermaids turned a bit vampire.

We no longer have Kmart around here as they all closed a few years back but Wal-Mart seems to work.

Kerri said...

And you LOOK MARVELOUS dahling!!!!
Love ya

Joanna said...

Kerri - why thank you!

Who did you vote for on Idol? I am so hoping for a tie because could not believe how awesome they both were. But James would have been better.

Kerri said...

I actually didn't even vote, because I didn't care who won out of the two of them. Either would have been great. BUt I was happy Scotty won. You?