Friday, May 20, 2011

Happiness Is...

Watching Haley get booted off American Idol!!

I've watched as person after person got voted off and she had the cat that ate the canary look on her face week after week. When Pia was voted off is when I first noticed Haley's crappy attitude. Ryan had to get on her for her mouth more than once and rumors where her and Casey were hanging all over each other all the time. While I do like her voice because it is unique, she seems like a real pill. Her performance this last week was the weakest and I STILL think she should have gone before James. But all that aside, couldn't believe she threw a bit of a fit right there on live TV.


She was floored that she got voted off. And when Lauren tried to hug her, she turned her back on her? So not cool! Even my 12 year old said someone was a poor loser. I quipped with loser being the key phrase there. You could tell she really thought she had the whole thing in the bag.

I will say watching Scotty's hometown visit got me all teary-eyed. His reaction to everything was just so precious. And for me to say something is precious takes a lot.

Now I better hope I can remember that the show will be Tuesday/Wednesday instead of Wednesday/Thursday. Except I'm not sure who I can vote for now. Both seem like sweet kids and very humble about the whole experience. Couldn't say that about Haley. Did anyone catch what she was saying at the end of her song? One of the boys said she was giving herself a shout out. Wow! Hope her serving of humble pie will chill her out.

So I was just all wow over Idol and was about to watch the season finale of Bones annnd my folks called. Totally missed the whole show. Sigh I was given the highlights and will have to see if I can catch it on another channel or something.

Toss in the new Pirate's movie coming out this weekend and I think I may need to pace myself.


Kerri said...

I've got Bones on DVR if you want to come over.

And YES!!! The little beeee-yacth is gone! Did you see her pointy little face when they said Lauren's name? He couldn't believe it wasn't her! That child doesn't have one ounce of graciousness in her entire body. Hideous. She may think she's all that but in 10 years when she's fat and can't sing anymore from growling like a dog all the time, she's gonna have NOTHING to fall back on. Oh well.

Joanna said...

I have expected her to stomp her foot and scream.