Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Guess I Scored Some Points

Who knew, right?

Hubby hasn't had work this week. Gosh, it is such a stretch to figure out why he's changing jobs. I spent all Monday battling tons of laundry and some other stuff because he's making me look like a complete slacker.

After all this effort, when it came time to cook dinner I had lost the will to cook and tried to hand everyone a celery stick and wished them the best of luck as I passed out on the couch. You can imagine my surprise that this was not well received so a vicious game of rock, paper, scissors was to be had. And I won. So Hubby grilled cheeseburgers and there was rejoicing around the dinner table.

The boys had spent a lot of quality time with the TV and video games so Hubby suggested we go rent a couple movies to kick them off. Only a guy can come up with logic like that and when I pointed that out they didn't see the irony of that statement.

I even used small words and pictures aaaannnnddd they still didn't get it.

But it was an excuse to leave the house with just Hubs. It was so nice to just sit in the van and listen to quiet. With all the video games, smack talk, piano and/or guitar playing, OR someone singing their lungs out - the noise is an issue around here. The angst and the accusations of us mean people stifling their true power and love of music can get to be a bit thick.

Hubby about lost it Sunday. He went off about how there is NEVER a moment of quiet. Do tell. I've only complained about this for months on end. One day I snapped and told everyone to shut the hell up for 1 hour and I heard through the grapevine it was decided I was having a hormone day.

I honestly wasn't but I couldn't take it any more.

So after we sat in the van for 10 minutes to let our ears stop ringing, we headed to the video rental store. Yes, I want to go to the store and look around - anything to get me out of the house and away from the noise. On the way back, I confessed that I am really, really, really happy that we aren't going camping this year and I even apologized for taking a small amount of glee from it. I was thanked for my honesty but mainly because I have not gloated over the fact that we aren't going camping this year. There have been no happy dances that he's aware of or 5 brazillion comments about glad to not be camping so I was given kudos.

And then I waited until they all went to bed and did the happy dance.

But all that was on Monday and I think I am still to up in the air on the whole Idol thing. I really like both kids but dang if that is Lauren with a blown vocal chord than just hand her the prize right now. Never have I wished so hard for a tie!


Kerri said...

Aren't Lauren and Scotty both so cute? I told my hubs I hope they don't go all "ho" once they hit Hollywood.

Joanna said...

Well according to the news both of them are saying they are like brother and sister but are NOT dating.

I voted for Scotty. But I think Lauren has the better voice.