Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rewind The Monday

I was going to title this Monday Mayhem but seeings how it is now Tuesday that just isn't going to work.

The guys are enjoying themselves. Everyone woke up in a good mood and it was a Monday. This may just be a first for around here. Cackling and glee were to be had that gasp no schoolwork was needed to be done. But they still had to deal with trash and then since they didn't bother to bring down the laundry like I asked, I decided to give them all haircuts which means mandatory showers.

My nose said thanks.

How these guys can live in clothes for more than 1 day gives me the heebie-geebies. Technically it's jammies but when you ask your youngest when was the last time he showered and he sits there and truly thinks about it aaaand can't remember?

Eww, man, just eww.

We had some crazy weather here last few days. Last week it was in the 50s and then by mid week it was 80s and then by weekend it was back down into the low 50s. I bet it was because I switched out all my winter clothes for the summer clothes in my pathetically small closet. I told Hubby that I dream about a walk-in closet regularly and he laughed at me.

The nerve.

I ended up laughing at him. He is so restless that to keep me from killing him himself entertained, he started packing up things that aren't really needed for day to day living. I tried to get him to pack up the kitchen and then try the gosh, I can't cook, but he saw that one coming and told me no. I think his motto is to be prepared. I'm not sure for what but there is probably a plan in case of something.

Dude still has to wait another week before he can then register for his test and then I'm not sure how long it takes before he finds those results out. Just a bunch of hurry up and wait. Which we all know is our fav-o-rite thing to do.

Not really.

I was looking at dude's grades and it is a crying shame my genetics had to mess up our children because Hubs is smart. Really smart. Our children did not seem to get that level of smart. He held a 98% and got done in 4 months for an 8 month program. I saw what he was studying and my brain said, "buh-bye" and walked out of the room while the rest of me went, what?

Gave me a lot of appreciation for my slave labor position that I am in because if we were relying on myself to do all that? Give up!

I will say this only gave me more anxiety over training the guys on the way they should go. I found myself breathing through a paper bag, not really but it sounds more dramatic that way. As I was trying to calm myself, I got an email asking me what we used for curriculum. I've tried to avoid that whole topic. We've had some lean years and there was one year where we didn't have money for schoolbooks. Our stuff has been very mish-mash of stuff thrown together. For the most part, my way of picking things out is that I pray my brains out and beg for direction.

This method seems to be working.

I think some of the problems we were having a few years ago was the curriculum I was using and had liked but the method it was using wasn't clicking for the boys. Switched up things and things went a lot better. A lot!

I don't feel like I'm an expert or really someone who is achieving homeschool mom awards and wonder if I should pass on advice. On the really bad days, I hold a parent/teacher conference with myself and remind myself that I don't have to share my chocolate and the guys act way better than the little monsters at the store. Actually, I tell myself that I KNOW that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and that God knows who I am and to what level of slacker I can go but, none the less, gave me these kids and wants me to do this for someone's benefit.

I just hope we all live to see who it was for.

I'm kidding. Slightly. It's hard to give something your all and knowing you won't see the fruit of it for a long time. Lot of years to wonder and to worry.

I can say for us there has been no one right thing. It has changed from year to year. So I try to avoid giving suggestions because I have no idea if we're on target or what. I keep praying that God holds up His end and raptures us out of here so it won't matter that it's not in vain. That and I remind Him it was His idea so He better come through for me.

There is one thing I will point out that there is more to a person's education than just being able to do the 3 R. (Why is it called the 3 R? Reading, riting, rithmatic doesn't sound very intelligent.) And the nicest way to put it is getting a check up from the neck up. If these guys can spout quantum physics but are total jerks and have no regard for others, I would a) fall on the floor laughing because who taught them quantum physics, b) slap them stupid for being jerks, c) re-slap them for having no regard for others, or d) all the above.

If you picked d you would be correct.

Granted one child in particular would tell you he really could care less about others. It's not that he is selfish or a jerk but thinking of others doesn't cross his thought pattern very much. Gosh, just like his dad.

If only I could slap that out of them....

But he is working on it. I can't say that about his dad. So in my book, this is progress.


Kerri said...

Having a parent teacher conference with yourself. That HAS to be the best part!!! : )

Joanna said...

Until everyone else in the room looks at you like you've lost your marbles.

Young Wife said...

Congrats to your husband for the excellent grade!

Julie said...

I always tell Joe that if I had parent/teacher conferences that I would have to sit myself down and give myself a good talking to. *lol* ... It is hard though, when you can only talk to yourself about your kids' education. *lol*

I sure hear what you're saying! I would rather my kids be kind, respectful, and believers than rocket scientists...

BTW, my site is back online! :)


Joanna said...

Thanks Ashley!

Julie - You know it!! Do you think your blog is fixed or is it going crazy like Blogger?