Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Could Be A Sign

I'm sort of embarrassed to admit that I have been a wee bit mopey this last week. And what could be the source of this feeling? Because James got booted off American Idol!

And I can't believe this has me all upset. Sort of.

I told Kerri I think the whole thing is rigged. I think they should change the voting system. If there are 5 people left I think you should only have 4 votes. Or if this is too complicated for some, then same number of people is the same amount of votes - 5 people, 5 votes and whoever is your fav can either get all 5 or you can spread the love.

But this screams way too much like being fair and I just don't see a TV show aiming for the whole fair button.

Speaking of signs, I am a bit surprised that I am just now hearing the end of the world is May 21. Seriously?? I have things to do that day. I think it would be fitting for the world to kerblamy on a Monday. Those who are left could just toss up their arms and say, "Of course! It's Monday."

Then I read the article and found out people actually believe this. I now want to hunt these people down and try to sell them ocean front property in Nevada.

If I have to explain that....then please send me your email as well as your bank account number and I would be happy to show you pictures. And if you act fast, I'll even give you a discount.

Moving on....

I am still chuckling at Michael. I posted a clip of him playing his guitar on facebook and everyone was saying how he should smile. He smirked. And for Michael that technically IS a smile so just go with it. It took him all day to figure out how to respond. He's on facebook a lot but he agonizes over what to say so goes with nothing.

Yeah, he didn't get that from me.

I got a few emails asking what he was playing so now I'm trying to get him to do it again only this time to sing it. He's not so sure about that. He was playing Jeremy Camp's "I'm Alive" but then N said it was from the intro and M said no it was first verse and I zoned out from there. I'm not sure where the conversation ended because when I came too they had already left the room.

No respect.

And I have been begging Nicholas to do something on the piano for me to record and so far I am getting a big fat NO. I'm in the process of blackmailing/bribing him. We'll see how it goes. If I manage to get a clip of him doing this - believe me when I say it was a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, all on my end, to make it happen. Stubborn mule.

I'll leave that to you to judge who that would apply to.


Kerri said...

So what did you think of last night?? It SO wasn't the same without James. I voted for Scotty. Haley needs to GO. I'm evil, but I laughed when she fell. She handled it well, but maybe that knocked her pride down a little!

Joanna said...

Blahaha - we're both evil then. :)

I'll be honest, I thought the whole night was just eh. Kept wondering what James would have done. I voted for Scotty too. Sigh