Friday, May 13, 2011

What The Hey???

Blogger was down since last night and when I could FINALLY get back on my last post is gone. For reals??? And it was a good post too. A little peak at something good on the horizon. Aaannd it gets deleted.

Et tu, Brutus, I mean Blogger?

Then I come back on later and the post is there but all the comments are gone.



We are officially on summer break now. There is a lot of singing and dancing, all on my end. I'm not really sure why because honestly, last couple of years I just figure out what they have to do and then grade it. So not much will change for me other than yelling at the spawn to get up before dinner and to take out the trash.

So nothing will change for me.

In an interesting turn of events - not really but work with me - it has been super hot and we've all busted out the shorts and short sleeves. What's the big deal you may ask? This means I will have a lot less laundry to do.

And there is more rejoicing in the land.

I just now have to grade the last stuff, give official grades, and then still wonder what the heck we're going to do on a couple subjects for next year. Then there is staring into the abyss of madness, wringing of hands, consumption of chocolate. Hmm, looks like I'm booked!

Sarcasm - it's what's for dinner.