Friday, June 17, 2011


This weekend will be a challenge for most people. While I sent out a card to my dad, I refused to address it the whack-a-do way they wanted addressed. And while I'm feeling a tad bit of angst, I have to say it's nothing to what Hubs is having to go through. Hubster wins hands down on dad being an idiot.

He's not overjoyed in case you were wondering. Matter of fact, he has reverted to demanding DNA evidence that this man truly fathered him because right now it is hard to believe.

Last couple days have been a flurry of emails of everyone just going through stuff. And most of it seems to be parental issues. I just don't get people. There are times I try to understand where someone is coming from but I keep failing to see the how they can justify behaving like a 2 year old. My FIL (father-in-law) is prime example.

I've posted on facebook M on guitar and N on piano. Every time Michael even touches the guitar we get to hear FIL go on and on and on about how his dad liked the guitar and how he tried to learn but broke his arm and never could. Oh and he insists on pronouncing it gee-tar which about causes Michael to go into a mini fit.

I hear the man is a real hoot to take to Guitar Center. Ain't tricking me! I refuse to go.

So the shock of all shocks was a year ago when in-laws were up for J's b-day and Nicholas was playing the piano was when FIL about mowed everyone down to go listen. Um, okay. Well now the obsession, or competition, is on. I kid you not.

Both M and N, I think, have God given talent. They've picked stuff up by ear and to date have devoted almost their ever waking moments to music. FIL is now convinced that since they can play by ear than surely they must have gotten it from him and he just hasn't unlocked his true talent thus missing his full potential. I wish I was kidding.

By all means, please feel pity for Hubs.

We've tried to reason with FIL but I think we would have better luck smacking him upside the head repeatedly. So far everyone is in agreement with me. Well, except FIL.

When they were up for J's b-day in May, FIL told me that God Himself told him he needs to learn to play the piano. I find this hard to believe on multiple levels. The obvious reason is the man never cracks open his bible nor has the time to sit and learn. As with most FIL, when he starts talking I tend to zone out. It goes both ways, MIL will ask me a question, I will answer and as soon as I finish FIL will ask the exact.same.question.

How I've managed not to beat either myself or him into unconsciousness is a wonder.

I felt bad for Nicholas. Anytime he tried to play, his pap was bugging him non-stop. We're not able to get old crusty the piano tuned and the boy is trying to angle for a digital piano. Now the man is trying to get the very digital piano that N wants - not to give it to N, heavens no, but so he can rub it in N's face that he has it.

How's that level of pity you feel for Hubs? If you knew the full story, you would want to wrap him in a blanket and feed him soup. How the guy has managed to turn out the way he has is the real miracle.

But the real kicker is my MIL needed a new car. FIL only agreed to letting her get a car IF he could get a piano. All my MIL said was where on earth would we put a piano and left it as that. He took it as agreement. MIL got her new car and when FIL asked where were they going to put his piano she said he could clean out their computer room.

I failed to mention FIL is a hoarder in training. The computer room only has a path through it. And that's not to mention the basement is packed and their huge garage is so full they can't even get part of a vehicle in it.

All I can say is let the games begin because it has been ugly. And the level if immaturity has been shocking. I really feel bad for my MIL and I do not envy Hubs when he has to call this weekend. Sunday is also his dad's b-day. There have been a few years Hubs forgot and the temper tantrum his dad threw would have impressed any 3 year old.

Was there something put in the water for that generation? My FIL is not the only insane stupid parent floating out there. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count how many people I know that deal with idiot parents. Totally freaks me out. Are we all going to get jaded and go out of our gourds when we're that age?

Hang in there Peeps. I know a lot of us have difficult relationships and truly wonder how we're related to these pod people. I was just saying that when we stand and give an account, I want front row seats on a few people to see the beat down they are about to receive. And it's not entirely with glee, it's more of the person can't bully their way out of it, or throw a fit because it will be God and there will be no wiggle room. I tell God all the time to work on me now so I have less kersmack moments coming.

But just between us, I think it's going to be a tie between my mom and Hub's dad. Should be epic. Wonder if I could sell tickets?


Julie said...

What is it with FIL's???

Joe's Dad's birthday is the day before Joe's. We usually always go camping for a week over Joe's birthday, as that is always what he wants to do for his birthday.

So... Joe always makes sure to call his Dad on his birthday, but (since we are camping) it's usually later in the day. Then Joe's Dad has a FIT because Joe didn't call him early enough... Then he won't call Joe AT ALL on his birthday, which is the very next day. *rolls eyes*

One wonders if he's just mad that we had the nerve to leave town over his birthday, instead of dropping everything to go see him, or some such non-sense. (Joe's Dad thinks the world revolves around him...)

Sometimes I wish we could move far, far away... ;)

Joanna said...

I'm rolling my eyes right along with you Julie!

Oh believe me, he would STILL get all huffy over the missed phone call. Trust me!

And then these guys whine about how their sons don't want anything to do with them. Golly gee, ya think??

Chris said...

oy. that's just all I have to say today.