Friday, June 24, 2011

Hot, Hot, Hot

No, not like that - you can uncover your eyes. And really the weather here the last few days as been blessedly cooler. Probably has something to do with all the rain we've been getting.

What could be so darn hot you may wonder. Glad you asked as I'm about to tell you.

Since I am still taking heat from the guys from whatever post I did like a brazillion minutes ago, I will toss myself on the rack.

I can't keep track of time but I think it was last week I gave the guys' haircuts. I am not a pro, I can't even claim I play one on my blog, but I can fake the buzz cuts. The guys like their hair short. Easy-peasy, rice and cheesy.

The last time my locks saw the business end of scissors was when I was super desperate and had my mom cut it. Desperate times calls for desperate measures and I was beyond broke so whatcha gonna do? Besides my reasoning is I wear a wig when I am around peoples so it's not like it matters.

It may be that same reasoning that led me to what I did next.

Why, yes. Yes, I DID cut my own hair. However could you tell?

In my defense, I am rather stupid. Not entirely but sometimes I do wonder. I have only cut the guys' hair. So my eyeballing the length on the top of my head was not measured right by yours truly because I didn't put 2 and 2 together to equal 4. I think I came up with 2.8 or something. Because I had to even it all sort of looked like Edward Scissors Hands dry-humped my head.

While I'm sure a few of you just launched your drink across the room, you know you now have a visual. And you're wishing you didn't. Believe me, I totally understand.

I got it all done and hopped in the shower and then mentally flogged myself for hacking my hair. I will say, once it was all nice, clean, and dried, it didn't look that bad at all. And besides you'll never know anyway. Certainly made things much cooler.

I've watched all the guys eyeball me and I will give them kudos for not screaming, "Oh dear Lord, what did she do?" But I have a feeling they've all been thinking it.

Again, it doesn't really mater but I cracked myself up with the whole Edward Scissor Hands comment. What can I say? I am a bit bored.

The next hot thing on the list was that I actually made Pioneer Woman's Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork Butt. Whoa momma!! It was good! Flavors I had never experienced before and I was barely able to hang on to the flavor ride because it's really spicy.

I did it in a slow cooker because I don't have a dutch oven and it worked out just fine. Instead of wrapping it up in tortillas, I had hoagie buns and I tossed it in the oven for like 5 minutes to toast it up. Add provolone cheese because cheese makes everything better. Amen.

All I can say is thank God I went with the 7 oz chipotle peppers in adobo sauce instead of the 11 oz she called for. It was all that my tongue could do to handle it. It was awesome! It was spicy, sweet, and as I said, flavors I had never tasted. Then like yesterday she went and did a cilantro-jalapeno slaw that she put on top of the Dr. P shredded pork and made a sandwich out of it.

I can tell you I am skert to try this. IF I were to attempt the slaw, I will have to leave out the jalapeno because I am pretty sure my intestines would explode. I'll leave off the description that this stuff was like Drano for me. I heard rumors I sort of blacked out from the fumes and was making statements like, "I don't remember eating THAT!"

I don't think I would survive down in the south. To read how Ree describes it, it's just a leetle bit of heat. I should now read that as hang on to your skirts cuz this may blow it up past your ears hot.

She has a recipe for iced coffee that sounds so good that I am tempted to try it. This, of course, opened me up to mock and scorn from the guys because they stopped counting how many coffee experiments I have tried to get myself to like it. I always heard it was an acquired taste. I now think that is a lie because according to my records I should be an addict by now and I can only barely handle a McFrappe.

Sigh. I am a tea bag living in a coffee world.

As if it wasn't bad enough that I may have chapped the back end of Endor or some other moon reference, we went and made chili potatoes. I am a huge fan of this meal and mainly because Hubs makes it. The best meal I ever ate was the one I didn't have to cook.

There is a dry chili mix (I think by Bear Creek?) called Darn Good Chili. I'm pretty sure he doesn't use the amount of water required and leaves out the tomato sauce and makes sure it's super thick. Then we spoon it over baked potatoes, add shredded cheese and top with sour cream. Yum-O!

The only trouble with this (for me and me alone) is that this meal doesn't always love me back. Combined with the other meal, I have spent some serious quality time in the bathroom. I swear I should be down a whole size. All I can say, is no one can accuse me of being full of anything right now.

So not feeling hot right now. But this so reminds me of the chili tasting joke and the other chili joke. You would think I would know better.


Melissa said...

I am SO proud of you! You have WAY more guts than I do! I attempted to gut my own bangs once and it was a disaster. You go, girl!

Joanna said...

Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Kerri said...

You go girl! It was cool to hang wicha again Saturday!

Joanna said...

Kerri - sure was!

rthling said...

Why do you hate me so?
I mean, you could really warn a girl before you go all ninja on the humor. I don't like things sneaking up on me. Not even funny.

I don't do spicy, so I'll have to pass on the food, but I hear ya on the coffee. Imma have to steal your tag and post it someplace.
"I'm just a tea bag in a coffee world."
So many other kinds of unpleasant bags to be. Being a tea bag sounds kinda comforting.
Maybe I should use it in my email signature, and take out the ones that say "Love conquers all" and "Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, you are a mile away, and you have their shoes."
Cuz, you know, when I'm emailing mother to elicit explanations with which to beat her later, I don't want her seeing THOSE sentiments...
Just sayin.

rthling said...

Meanwhile, I don't think I will ever forgive you for sharing the mental image of Edward Scissorhands dry humping your head.
Thanks a heap.

Joanna said...

D - you make me laugh. :)

Joanna said...

And you know I love you.

rthling said...

I know. :-) it makes me smile all inside and out.
Nothing like having the mother of all mother issues in common, to make people love each other, eh?