Wednesday, June 15, 2011

In The Wee Hours, I Come To

(let's face it, this isn't that late for me) What could have rendered me unconscious you might ask? Or not really. You may be asking yourself why on earth do you read this trash.

It was that lovely time of the loading of the carts, aka grocery shopping night. We usually grab something to eat so not to attempt to grocery shop with our stomachs growling because that equals taking out a loan to pay for the groceries. We were discussing where we should go when I found that all the guys wanted to go to McDonald's and I wanted to go to Subway. I fell for the oldest trick in the book - my son asked with the look.

We all know the look. No need for me to go further.

So there I was, at McDonald's, and trying hard to not notice all the warning flags that this was going to be an interesting night. First off the bat, the huddle of girls where talking and so into their conversation that none of them noticed we were standing there. My shy self loudly asked my crew if they knew what they wanted and then pushed oldest up to the counter and said loudly to give his order. This broke up the huddle and glares were handed to me and our order was taken.

While our food was being prepared, we went to grab our drinks, napkins, and some ketchup. It looked like a toddler had been let loose to vent their full rant because the area was trashed. Hardly any napkins left, ketchup was all out and we got the last of the straws. Hubby went back to say something and the girl said, "yeah, we'll get to it" and took the next person's order.

We had our food and went to find a table that had seen a wet rag some time that day. It was slim pickings. While eating our fries, because you have to eat them while they are still hot, the girls all huddled back up and none of them cleaned anything or did anything useful. Jared was about 4 bites into his sandwich when he said, hey there's no bacon on my sandwich. Nicholas had the same sandwich and no bacon on his. I looked at Hubs who said no big deal eat it.

I will refrain from repeating what I said for times sake.

I grabbed the sandwiches, took them back up and said there is no bacon on this supposed to be bacon cheese burger. All those girls stood around and looked at each other and asked each other what do they do. Manager finally came over and took it from me and went to the back and chewed out the crew who were also standing around talking. I watched as the tray I brought back was placed on their food prep area. Manager said new sandwiches will be made. 1 gal handed the tray to another gal who just held on to it for a while and then set it on the counter for the next customer. Never changing the paper.

Next customer and I made eye contact and said eww at the same time.

Luckily the sandwiches were done and put back on my tray and I carried the sandwiches now drenched in prayer to not contain anything nasty.

Scarfed it down, went on our way. Then we proceeded to gas the ever living crap out of Wal-Mart. I'm pretty sure I blacked out in 2 different aisles. I hissed at the offending party to go to the bathroom and set the turd free before I threw up. Turns out there was more than 1 offending party and dirty looks were handed all the way around.

I don't feel bad for gassing stuffmart. Matter of fact, I felt like they had it coming. First off, they had some huge stinking sale that I knew nothing of and everything that was rolled back was pretty much cleaned out. I'm now thinking some Extreme Coupon person hit the area. Some key items where not to be found so we had to hop across the way to Meijer. We get there and the whole store is like mainly missing as they are making it new and improved.

Say what?

Luckily, we were able to find what we needed but I think we about circled the whole building a few times.

But back to stuffmart....

We go to check out and there are only 3 lanes open and all the lines were backed up. The 3 checkers happen to be Slow, Extra Slow, and Slightly Slow. We ended up with Slightly Slow who happened to be the guy that turned 8 shades red when he saw the mountain of chocolate right next to the big Bertha pads and I had a slight attitude that night. Ahem!

We finally managed to get out there only to hop across the way, circled the store several times, but when we went to check out there were tons of lanes open and hardly any shoppers. Someone explain that to me? Big crowd at stuffmart and no lanes open, hardly anyone at the other store and lots of lanes open. What fun.

So that was my wild exciting night. What did you do?


Julie said...

I think I would be very afraid to go back to that McDonald's....

Joanna said...

This is the same McD that Kerri and I had our bible study at and it was NEVER this bad. The manager and crew were all new and it was not an improvement.

Maggie S. said...

You are hilarious. I am homeschooling 14 yo twin girls...

Thanks for stopping by "Accidentally."

Joanna said...

Oh Maggie could we ever swap stories!!

Shell said...

That's when you just want to say forget it and go home!

Joanna said...

Shell - with 4 guys we don't walk away from food.