Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Seriously! What Day Is It???

Dang! I had like 4 blog posts rolling around my head and now they are loooong goooone.

I can't even buy a vowel to jog the memory. So sad. I have been informed it is a new month. I'm not sure what month but it is a new one. But this does not help jog my memory for blog posts. This means you are stuck with whatever floats through my head right this nano second and that really can't be a good thing.

If you have to ask why, then you must be new here. Oh wait, you are saved!

Tuesday we had to do the loading of the pantry which means we actually had to leave the house to restock the shelves. That was probably our first mistake. When it was all said and done Nicholas said that's enough people interaction to last him for a few weeks. I expected that comment from Michael so it was a surprise to hear it from N.

We ended up going out to Wendy's before we tackled stuffmart. This turned into dinner and a show. While we were sitting there eating, we could look at the video rental parking lot that was right next door. We watched as a cop pull up behind someone parked in the handicap spot and turned on the flashing you are in trouble lights.

This may be the only time I can say this with a straight face, but I felt really bad for the lady cop. I think she was having to use small words and might have drawn a couple pictures to get her point across. Lot of arm gestures and body language was going on.

I did mention we were watching this, right? And this is my crew so you know there were running commentary through the whole show.


You just know someone was adding their 2 cents worth to all the hand gestures. Little things like, "ma'am I'm sure your brother uncle is a nice fellow but whoever owns this car has the wrong plates." "You're pretty fast for someone who's parked in the handicap spot. Is your handicap something other than physical?"

On and on the comments rolled.

The cop took off the license plate, all but strip searched this old lady and her dog, and then impounded the car. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I noticed the lady and the cop where sniffing something to make sure it was kosher.

We think the dog may have tried to make a break for it to find someone who would give it legal Milk bones. It was clear the lady wasn't on anything illegal but we think the dog was. It was acting like it was jacked up on something. Or maybe it was just really excited. But it was funny as all get out to sit there and watch.

Actually that's not true. I did feel bad for the lady and quite honestly from just watching the whole thing I'm surprised the shiny bracelets didn't come out. I don't like seeing people go through stuff like that but something wasn't on the up and up.

We left shortly after and made out way to stuffmart. It was a rather busy night for some odd reason. We made record timing which was truly a miracle when you consider all the people we had to go around. I stopped counting how many people thought what they were wearing was a good choice or even the right size. But what got me is they ran into everyone they knew and managed to block almost all the aisles talking away and then had the nerve to give me the stink eye. Whatever was I thinking for wanting to shop?

Is this urban warfare I have heard about? It's bad enough to have to go in the first place but when you have play bumper carts just to get through an aisle is pretty sad. This could be a new video game called Life for the modern family - how to shop without killing anyone, get everything on your list, only spend a certain amount, and you're timed.

I'm tired just thinking about it.


Kerri said...

Dang! We NEVER have that much fun at Wendy's! Dinner AND a show!! I'm jealous!

Joanna said...

Snort! It was a pretty awesome train wreck to watch.