Monday, June 13, 2011

Taking Slacker To A Whole New Level

I was thinking about writing a post of what I've been cooking lately but that would require me to take pictures, remember to take pictures before I start cooking, and then to actually post those said non existing pictures.

See? Slacker.

Not to mention my camera is only so-so. I look at other people's blogs with these gorgeous food pictures and think my camera should have shutter envy. Or maybe that's digi-envy? Pioneer Woman I'm not. Although I pretend we're like BFFs even though she has no idea I even exist.

Minor detail.

The guys asked for a couple different meals that just scream summer to them but fast and easy for me. I am all about the fast and easy. See husband as exhibit A.

I can't believe I just typed that. I'm rather glad he doesn't read this.

Moving on...

I made these French Onion Sandwiches for dinner the other night and I had it in mind that I was going to take pictures in a sad attempt to look like I know what I'm talking about. But that was the night I got home late from seeing my cousin and Hubs ended up cooking it. And believe me, he would not take pictures. Which is a shame because I wanted proof that he's a total slob and now had the pictures to prove it. I bet he used those Jedi mind tricks of his to figure all this out. Not to mention that's pretty messed up to take a picture and then that very picture is used against you.

That just screams irony for some reason.

So without pictures - cook up a pound of hamburger, drain. Sprinkle with 1 T of flour, stir to coat. Add 1 can French Onion Soup, mix. Cook for a few minutes to thicken it up. Pile high a bun and top with provolone cheese. Throw chips with it and call it good.

Very easy. So easy, I've forced a kid or 2 to make it before and now that I think about it Hubs makes this meal more than me. Usually because I'm running behind doing something else and the man has decided he doesn't want to starve.

Next is a chicken cheese subs. I lurv this meal but I am having issues taking pictures of it. For some reason raw chicken just sort of grosses me out. I have no idea why. I think it is beyond gross and because of that whole slacker issue, I keep forgetting to take the picture.

Now I'm at a dilemma. Do I just wait until the next time I make it and then take the pictures leaving both my readers hanging until then or do I just say this is how you make it and wish y'all the best of luck?

Yup, you guessed it - good luck!

What you need is sub buns and sadly I have no idea how much chicken. I tend to buy my chicken breast in bulk so I load up a plate and thaw it out in the microwave. So you can do what you want, you'll get the hang of it.

(See how those Slacker Skillz can be annoying?)

Take thawed chicken, cut it into chunks and place in large bowl and sprinkle it with a Herb and Garlic season pack and stir till chicken is coated. (You can find it with the dried ranch packs. Or pick whatever flavor floats your boat, it's your sandwich so you have to eat it.)

Chop up medium red onion and slice up mushrooms. (Or leave them out you picky thing)

In a large skillet, heat 1/4 cup veg oil and saute veggies over medium heat for about 10 minutes. Add chicken and mix it up good. Cook until chicken is totally done because eww if you don't.

Slice open sub buns and place on cookie sheet and use slotted spoon to scoop up the goodness and load up the buns. (I will add that Jared hates anything close to being good for you so I usually pick out just chicken for his sub.) Top with Swiss cheese. Place in heated oven (350 degrees) for 5 minutes. Serve with whatever and enjoy.

Or hate it to pieces and send me emails that I attempted to poison you. Your pick.

And last because Jared said I needed to add it because it is the best sub ever. And that is truly saying something coming from him.

Sub buns
Cooked hamburger
deli ham
spaghetti sauce
provolone cheese
sliced onions (unless it's Jared's sub and no onions please)

Crank the oven to 450.

Layer each sub up as listed. You can add other stuff to it as well but be warned it gets hard to close. Wrap each sub in heavy duty foil and bake for 12-15 minutes. Unwrapped and enjoy.

This is so sad sans pictures. I have a feeling this attempt will not get me closer to Pioneer Woman's inner circle. Pity.


Kerri said...

Sounds yummy on the pizza subs! I'm not a huge onion fan, but Doug would probably love it!

Joanna said...

You could leave off the onions for yours - it's what we do for Jared.