Friday, June 3, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

You might want to rethink that. Unless you answered no then that may have been a wise choice.

Angst of yesterday was talk out today so all is wonderful again. We didn't make a ton of noise while talking, heck, I wasn't even yelling. Here's to hoping that progress is still on track and peace will be throughout the house.


You knew there was one.

These guys can make A LOT of noise. Not bad noise mind you but they are LOUD!!!

Case in point, after angst of yore was all talked out and points were made and everyone promised to straighten up and fly right, the older 2 were play some Jeremy Camp together. LOUD! Our piano is beyond out of tune. So bad that we're not sure it can be fixed. It would take multiple tunings and even then they are not sure it would hold. This means if N and M are going to rock out together, N is on the electric keyboard. I stopped counting how many times I've heard it's not the same.

I was all kinds of happy to hear them together and what luck the noise factor was all upstairs. Because if you missed the point I was trying to convey THEY ARE LOUD!! It's when the noise level is everywhere and I can't escape it makes me a tad bit jittery. And by tad bit, I mean borderline psycho.

That's usually when some unsuspecting child will ask what's for dinner and I snapped because the noise made me do it. It doesn't help that no matter what I make there will be drama involved as someone tells me why they don't like it.

It truly is a shock why I went gray early in my life.

Another reason you wouldn't want to be our neighbor is the dog we are saddled with. This dog is on her last leg. She needs to be put down because we're not sure if she has a tape worm or what but she dropped a bunch of weight over the last 6 months. We have gone to great length to fatten her back up but still nothing. Hubby can't bring himself to put her down but I'm not allowed to because she tends to barf when in a moving vehicle. Not even I am cruel enough to make her take a death walk to the near by vet.

I'll just leave it for now that a serious rock, paper, scissor tournament is in the near future.

But the area where the dog is has a more than dead fence keeping this ferocious beast back from the public. I'm not sure which one is going to collapse first - the dog or the fence. There are little kids one house over and they love to come look at the walking bag of fur and I am a bit skert the fence will fall over and hurt a kid. The dog won't make a break for it. She'll probably hide in her house with a I didn't do it look on her face.

Forgive me, she is a sweet dog but it's just a reminder that my parents are pod people and we have a classic case of the body snatchers going on that I am still stuck dealing with. One of my boys asked why and I don't have a reason other than I don't want to burn in hell.

As if all this drama doesn't make you want to move in next door, you sadly can't because the house on the other side of us has sold. Lots of construction going on next door. But my favorite thing is when some tool bag leaves the upstairs lights on that shines right into our bedroom. No one lives there yet so it's not like the lights will eventually be turned off. What fun!

It doesn't help that we still have the anti-raccoon scary dog food contraption still on our side porch and now we have an oven on the porch to go with it. I'm sure the neighbors are thinking the Clampits are living here. I did spot the new neighbors and they have 5 kids with the oldest one I'm guessing to be 6 or 7. Lots of screeching going on and they have a little rat dog too.

Oh the happy - as I think about moving.

So I guess I should be asking you guys if you want me to be your neighbor. Muwahaha!


Melissa said...

I would love to be your neighbor! I don't think you could handle it, though. Not only are we the ones that never have our grass cut, but also we have angst in our house all the time! And it's never talked out; it's always YELLED out!

Joanna said...

Melissa we could drown each other's noises out.