Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So I've sort of forgot to blog. Nothing noteworthy to blog about. Gave guys hair cuts, battling laundry blah, blah, blah. Still stuck on pause in the movie of life and wondering when the show is going to get on the road.

I did get in trouble with the guys when I laughed that a few of you emailed me and said if you EVER see me at Wal-mart, you will run in the other direction. While I thought this was hilarious, the stinky stinkertons did not and demanded to know why anyone would run away from out crew. I let them read the blog post and let's just say they were not amused.

In our defense, it really does depend on where we eat to cause such problems and it doesn't happen most of the time. However, there were a few times that IF my eyes could have focused through the fumes, I'm pretty sure I would have seen a green cloud. And I find the whole make the list, get the food, load up the carts, actually use the 4 coupons I spent all that time on, and not kill anyone in the process to be a bit mind-numbingly boring.

(Aka I tend to exaggerate a wee little bit)

Not much mind you. While it makes for amusing blog posts, the guys did not find my humor to be funny. Now go ahead and ask me if I care. Go ahead.

Heck no!!

As I pointed out to the spawn that I wanted to go to Subway that does not cause smell issues, and since I am always outnumbered, outvoted, and no one gets the fact that my senses are delicate and can't stand the level of noise and stench that they can, I decided that is my only recourse. So if the only way I can let off steam is to post how they let off their, um, steam from aisles 4-13 than you bet your sweet biscuits it's gonna happen.

I can not count how many times I am staring at these guys, Hubby including, thinking dear Lord they don't get it! And I have used small words and drew pictures to get my point across. Then I get asked if it's that time only to have my head spin and some form of Yiddish to come pouring out of my mouth, to which they all say yup, it is.

All I can say is God help them if they accuse me of being the hormonal one this week. It will get ugly.


Julie said...

Sometimes I think it's a good thing that Joe never reads my blog... ;)


Joanna said...

No, it's a GREAT thing he doesn't or you would be in trouble! lol

Kerri said...

Love the new background!!