Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Delicate Flower, I Am

The heat is making me feel completely wilted. My glorious do nothing plan for Monday was to hog the place in front of the air conditioner unit while I tossed pillows at the boys to back off, momma was here first. Sadly, that was not what was in store for me.

Sunday night our Internet service was stopped. They tend to get a wee bit irritated when I fall behind on payments. Add insult to injury and we've timed out on regular price so they jacked the price up by $50 a month. What fun! They keep telling us we need to sign another 2 year contract to lower the oh.my.gawd price down to a slightly smaller version. I don't even know if we'll be here by the end of the year so can't sign a contract.

I may not be the sharpest pencil in the box but explain to me why they think if I'm already behind that adding more fees to the price will make them see their money faster? I bet the cable company is run by the mafia.

So Monday was spent running to bank and paying the man. And then my best friend from Texas is coming over tomorrow-ish so I spent the rest of the day cleaning. Which is good considering I recently found a mutant dust bunny the size of a chihuahua under my chair. Needles to say, I need to clean around here.

I would like to point out that housework in the 90+ degree heat = one sweaty me. Toss in the Tarzan swing of dust coated cobwebs and you have all the makings of a not so festive time. And Hubby wonders why I'm not a fan of cleaning. This old house is like some creepy spider monkey house of love because the cobwebs NEVER END!! I'm not really sure why the dust has turned into tumble weeds. This is one mystery I am not going to solve, I can tell you that.

But this whole being broke thing really sucks. Which is why I think I am counting down the days until Hubs is in a different job. Granted he will have to approach this in stages but steady employment is a good thing and a step in the right direction.

Friday Hubby did lower the boom to his boss. Showed him the numbers to back up that their part of the construction industry is not recovering and shows no signs of it. Boss man said he knew things were rather tough for us these last few years but didn't fully buy the numbers. So Hubs got an offer of being put on salary on Monday. Boss man had time to go home, look at the books and realized that there is no way his business will continue without Hubs.

Let the begging begin!

I have to say, I am sort of insulted over the whole thing. He's offering this branch NOW??? Were was this before the bankruptcy? I was teasing Hubby all night that no means no and to stick to his guns. I am told I am hilarious. This will not be a problem. But still. I can't help but feel irked.

In other who cares news, Michael and I have been battling it out in books. I'm a huge fan of Vince Flynn. Love his character Mitch Rapp. I've re-read all the books and have used post-it notes to block out some, um, unsavory parts. As in I have a 15 year old and he doesn't need to think about THAT thank you. But ripping some dudes arm out of socket? No problem.

So sad that if something only has violence we're like phew, okay.

The thing is I've had boy wonder drop a brazillion hints when he has to wait on me to finish the next book. He finished one book in one day and then harassed me for 2 days straight to finish the next one. I don't have the luxury of sitting ALL day reading. I have to do laundry and battle mutant dust bunnies and cook food for these people who want to eat ALL.THE.TIME.

I was really worried when the dog died that I wasn't sure what was going to happen to the leftovers. Dun-dun-da! Eating machines 1, 2, and now 3 have discovered 4th meal. Leftovers? What leftovers??

Is this what they mean by the circle of life?

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to hog the cool spot as it's supposed to be this crazy hot all week. I have a feeling it's not going to happen. Especially since the guys all asked if I would give them haircuts again. Didn't I just do that???

If you need me I will be trying to hide in the corner as close to the cool spot as I can get without being spotted.


Julie said...

I think I would be annoyed with hubby's boss too. *sigh* ... Hope everything works out!

Why don't you send some of that sunshine our way? I am TIRED of the rain and temps in the 60s. *sigh*


Joanna said...

I am fanning the hot air in your direction!!

jubilee said...

Seems we had a similar conversation with the cable company not too long ago. Mafia. You may be onto something . . .

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