Sunday, July 10, 2011

Humble Pie In The Face

Turns out my kids really DO listen to me. Who knew? Goodness knows they don't always act like it.

Had a talk with the boys and their attitude about the whole bra thing and I got to say their response surprised me, chastised me, and challenged me.

When the guys where little nothing would drive dread into their little hearts faster than me having to bra shop. I was laughing about this with my cousin and she made the comment 'I bet they like going shopping now' and I was all eww, no. She asked if they like the Victoria Secrets commercials and I said no - those commercials have them diving behind pillows and muting the volume.

The conversation turned to modesty. I'll be honest, when I hear that word I immediately think of girls and what they wear. Most boys clothes are so huge you could hide half the pantry under their shirt. Not that they've tried that - lately. But since I brought the whole thing up while addressing their bad attitude, they gave me a different take.

Hubs grew up in a home where pretty much anything went. A guy has needs and all that bull was the flippant attitude. Hubs parents had to get married and my FIL has said numerous times if abortion was legal, Hubs would not be here today.

I got to tell ya, that is pretty darn cold.

Since we have 3 boys, you can bet we have approached things totally different. And we've said from the start to guard your heart - over everything. First off the bat, we've told them to be careful what they see. Keep the eyes moving instead of staying in 1 place. Starve off a fantasy life, don't let the mind just go there, wonder over there, or do back flips into the forbidden fruit.

I've heard Hubs say you can't stop a bird from flying over your head but you can stop it from building a nest in your hair.

They may not be able to prevent the thought but we're trying to make sure they don't stay there.

So with regard to the bras they said that you can't look at anything, go anywhere with out some form of s*x being shoved in your face. Seeing the offending article took the mind right to a certain place and after being out and about over a busy weekend, I can now see they were trying to keep their mind from going there.


Which is hard because I am not wired that way so it isn't something I think all the way through. They both said their attitude was a combination of things and apologized for being snippy.

I heard it explained even further in the analogy of chocolate. There are times when the thought hits me that I want some chocolate. And the thought won't go away. The more I try to ignore it the more intense the feeling of wanting chocolate gets. So much so that I'm not at rest until I get some chocolate.

Now who couldn't understand that?

Now take out the chocolate and put something else there and you can start to see what a guy can battle every time he walks out the door or even turns on the TV. I only get hit with chocolate cravings once a month.

I'm glad I did get on their case because it got them to open up. It sort of helped me see where they were coming from and now I sort of feel like I need to walk along side them to just try and encourage them.

And then go swan dive off a cliff because I so don't feel prepared for any of this.

I would love to hand this off to Hubs and say take it away but the guy can be as talkative as a rock so to leave it up to him is rather bleak. He even admitted that. So even though there are certain things the guys talk about, it is the mom that sees it through.

You want to talk about some fine freaking print because I feel like I am getting the raw end of this deal.

So from now on, I'm to give a heads up for washing day so they aren't assaulted with a surprise attack.

And then I'll go swan dive off the nearest cliff.

With a bar of chocolate in my hand.

After I fork stab Hubs to death.


rthling said...

Aww, snap!
Way to go, boys, for having an object lesson momma would understand!