Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silly Me

There is a whole lot of angst going on right now from the guys. Not only do I not have a laundry fairy, I, myself, have to wash by hand certain items of clothing. Sputtering was heard in the land as the bras were out, washed, and have been drying. Upon my feet hitting the floor this afternoon morning, I was immediately asked to take those things back upstairs to my room where it belongs.

Well good afternoon morning to you too.

When we went to the flea market I thought I had scored a pretty good deal - they had some knock off name brands for the knockers (couldn't resist) a 6 pk for $10. They didn't have the size I normally go with and I should have looked at another booth. I went with a slightly smaller size and while it's not doing my girls any favor of keeping them locked and loaded, it'll pass inspection of giving some support.

Me, being me, no longer trusting anything, decided I would wash them up first. It was when I was putting them on the dryer rack that I noticed the label. I felt myself cringe when I saw PRC (which when did made in China turn into made in PRC? It means the same thing - I hope).

This basically means I have communist bewby holders. It makes sense if you think about it - not only will the size not be correct, which explains a lot, and will be slightly uncomfortable but I bet there will be some lower standard of material floating around in there. If I grow a third bewb I will know where to point the blame.

So much for a good deal.

You can tell I am so full of compassion for their plight right now. So much so that I have yet to put the offending items away. Cuz that's how I roll! But I can't stop laughing at the guys for having so much angst over this whole ordeal. I should write a letter and pin it to their collar for any future wife material they would come across. Something like...

Dear Future Daughter-in-law, whoever you may be, I would like to sent a note along with this strapping young man that I truly tried but it seems that there are certain genes that are unable to be beat out of a man. Goodness knows I tried with their father. If you picked the youngest of the group, he thinks that a lot of cleaning falls under woman's work. You may feel free to borrow my rolling pin to try and help him see the error of his ways.

You'll noticed that rolling pin has a lot of dings in it so you can imagine I haven't had much success with it.

I'm hoping for your sake that you're able to cure them or at least curb them of their weird male behavior. I won't do to you what my MIL did which was wished me luck and ran away laughing her butt off. Nay, I will nod my head in sympathy and pray for you and only secretly run away laughing my butt off.

Good luck my dear!
Momma tried but failed miserably.


Dianne said...

Run this by the spawn. If they are so angst filled over double barrelled slingshots, have them only look for future spouse at the local Susan G. Komen Foundation or the RAce for the Cure. Guartantted it will CURE them.. BTW, if you grow extra, could ya send them my way????????

Joanna said...

Dianne - they actually had a reason for the angst that me being a chick couldn't understand. Which I may post about.

Kerri said...

That's hilarious!
Yeah, I wash my "bewby holders" {snort} in the washer, but then hang them up to dry. Doug used to hang them in the kitchen and then put fruit in the cups. NICE.