Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Blender Dump

That sort of sounds gross now that I think about it. Almost made me think it was going to be a smoothie but I had to go and ruin the ride with the word dump.

Please be kind Google, it's a delicate blog.

I had a few posts that I started but never got around to finishing. Goodness knows I struggle to make a point and when I get interrupted, like needing sleep, I tend to lose my train of thought and then not sure how to finish it off. So there they sit, unfinished.

We sort of had a good weekend. The boys turned in a bunch of old video games and was able to get the new Lego's Pirate game for free. Fun was had by all until the thing froze up in the exact same spot over and over and over again. Hubs loaded up the older 2 and went to swap out the bad disk for a new one. Blah, blah store didn't have any more copies so they had to run further away to find the game. Game was found, Hubs' praises were sung by all and the gaming continued.


The game froze up in the exact same spot.

Not to be deterred, they continued to work on all the stuff they unlocked and after half and hour the thing froze up again.

I'm thinking the Wii needs a break. I just hope that wasn't it's death rattle or things will get ugly around here. Except Michael came up with a brilliant idea that maybe the memory chip was too full and since they got rid of a bunch of old games they should delete those off the memory. It worked and they are back at battling all things piratey.

Hubby and I went out on a date Saturday. Went out to eat and saw a movie and had a good time but then we came home and got into an argument. Really? What was the deal with that??? Turns out I get rather offended when dude falls asleep in the middle of the conversation. What can I say? I get really needy.

Long story short, dude has been super stressed this last month. And I had no idea. It's not that I'm not a very observant person, it's just the guy is hard to read. He shows no emotion so it's those tiny little clues that can only be detected when one has a magnifying glass and nothing better to do with their time. That and he admitted he's been trying really hard to keep it from me.

As if I didn't have enough things to deal with, he decides to throw a curb ball.

According to Hubs he feels all this unknown and totally changing course is totally freaking him out and finds it to be more stressful than everything else we have gone through to date. I think some of you know the score up till now so you know the full weight of that sentence. I, personally, think we have gone through much, much worse and am now concern on many levels. Especially with the whole I didn't want to tell you part.

Whatever makes a man think that statement will put the female mind to rest does not know the female mind.

Hubs has been trying to be all strong and encouraging by telling me everything is going to be alright. Encouragement is not a gift the man owns. I think some of it may come from the fact that he just really doesn't like people. So when he makes those rare attempts at being encouraging, I have learned to not shoot him down. Or to snicker, crack up laughing, and/or roll my eyes.

It's been an interesting week. Dude is study hard as he is one week away from his certification test and then it's job hunting time. Not to mention that he'll probably have to sign up for another round of classes to eventually get to where he's aiming to go.


There are sooooo many details we don't know. And for someone who is a planner, it is driving him nuts. On top of that we're trying to figure out all the details of possibly moving several states away. All the gritty details of how do you make this happen is a lot to go over and we're not sure how this is going to work. Frankly, Hubby is freaking out over more of that stuff than I am simply because I know we are not at the spot where we NEED to know it. Yeah, we want to know it but it's not the same.

So here we sit. And wonder what is next. And while I'm sitting and wondering I'll try to figure out how Hubs went from being a jerk to me and I ended up talking him off the ledge rather than fry his butt for being a jerk. I even gave him some emergency stash chocolate. He seemed to chill out after a while.

Care to guess how long it took me to put 2 and 2 together to = hey!? I'm almost sad to admit how long it took me.

I got to talk to the fabulous Jubilee a few days ago. I had a few questions for her and she took pity on me and sent me her phone number. She's as sweet in person as she is on her blog. I bet she realized I am as crazy in person as I am on my blog. Was very glad to talk with her and I'll totally understand if she screens her calls from now on, but she won't - she's too nice.

But she gave me some good ideas as they just moved several states away. And I passed them along to Hubs and that got us thinking. Huge thanks as that helps. Basically sell everything off that way it's less to move. She's brilliant.

The hard thing is timing. We just don't know. I'm thankful BofA doesn't have their act together and never evicted us or we never would have survived this year. Free rent is something I can get used to and will be nice if Hubby has to take another round of classes. You have to be a certified pharmacist technician before you're even eligible to take the other classes. I think dude wants to get into mixing IVs.

Can we say job security?

I made the comment I thought he should pursue it because every surgery needs IVs. Judging from the amount of adds out there advertising hip replacement surgery, I'm thinking this will be a good move.

So it's more hurry up and wait. My fav!


rthling said...

Girlfriend, I can't even imagine the whole hurry up and wait thing, when it comes to living arrangements.
It's no wonder hubby is so stressed out. Can't say I'm surprised he has hidden it from you. He feels the full burden of being your safe place. He doesn't want to let you down. Good man, that.

Joanna said...

Yes, he is a good egg.

jubilee said...

Aw, thanks for the sweet shout-out! It was delightful to talk to you too! I sure appreciate all your encouragement.

I think The Calm One has the same, disease, um, I mean, habit that your hubs does. Doesn't want to burden me with what he is worried about, and then BANG! There it is all over the ceiling fan. It's like being blindsided by a Mac truck. But then we get to be their shoulder to cry on. As messy as it can be, it works. LOL

Joanna said...

I just wished I could pick up on his cleverly hidden signs instead of the sneak attack karate chop to the head.