Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear Lego Company....

Clearly you can see the boy has got mad building skills. I didn't even get to all the secret pods it has and the sucker has another ship inside. So I'm thinking you need to hire him and possibly his brothers. Hubby is for sale, I mean, for hire as he's been know to come up with some awesomeness himself.

But really Lego, I feel you owe me. I don't want to even think of the amount of money that we have paid for your plastic pieces of destruction.

Before you scoff at me, let me remind you of the foot injuries of yesteryear that were so heinous that I thought of taking a Sharpie and outlining your logo that I'm convinced is permanently embedded into my skin. Sure there were threats of copyright infringement but really was that necessary to point out that it wasn't even a REAL tattoo? I thought the definition of a tattoo is something that 1) costs a lot of money - which I provided receipts to prove this point; 2) causes a lot of pain - anyone who has ever stepped on a Lego will agree with me; 3) and permanently marks you - the Sharpie package said permanent ink so really I don't see how you can blow me off as I stated my case rather well.

Seriously Lego surely you have an internship that is open. I'm not pressing for CEO - yet but I'm sure even you can see the possibilities. Except he informed me the amount of pieces he used the kit would be redonkulously expensive. Did I mention it breaks off into a couple different ships with escape pods? Much like my sanity which I'm pretty sure is floating around in an escape pod waiting until it's safe to return.

I hope it packed a few lunches. Not to mention several changes of underwear. I know it's my sanity and all and I'm not even sure if it wears underwear but I just can't handle it if it's stuck in a horrible situation with no fresh clothes and.....

What's that Lego? What is my point?

Long pause

What was my point?

Oh yes, are you impressed and would you be willing to hire him? No, I don't think that it would be considered slave labor. Why? Because I have that title. Bwhahaha!

*wipes tears* Sorry.

Tell ya what - I'll drop the whole "tattoo gone wrong" ordeal if you make him a sweet deal. Well you should feel I'm being gracious because I was about t....

What? You were being sarcastic?

I knew that.

I was just testing you.

All right, I'll give you a day or seventy to think about it. In the mean time, hopefully no plastic pieces will be stuck into my foot requiring surgical removal because I will name you as the person responsible for the bill.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Normally I would say it's just a train coming to squish me but maybe, just maybe, not this time around. I have to credit our good success for all your prayers. Not a bump, everything went smoothly EXCEPT we all had a hard time getting up. But other than that - it was like butter. Or pronounced buh-tah.

I asked everyone what they thought and Nicholas informed me they should be done with everything no later than February. I said if that were the case, I'll order next year's stuff and they can get cracking at it. I then thought about it and asked if they really could do it because that may work out to our advantage. Because I have mention a time or 30 I'm a bit skert of next year's load.

I'm not holding my breath but we shall see. I did find it funny that after cracking the whip on harder stuff last year, they sort of scoffed that's it? I would like to point out that they are slightly cowering in fear about the German that they haven't touched yet. I'll also leave off all the whining, the crying, the boo-hooing that went on last year about how hard everything was. Amazing what a year can do. We shall see. But there was no attitude, everyone got at it and it was music to this tired woman's ears.

Maybe there really is a light that doesn't belong to a train?

In other light news, I can't remember if I blogged about it or just posted it on facebook but the large pig size TV did die and we were stuck with the smaller ye oldie version of a TV. So Hubs got to researching and found that ordering online you can get a larger TV cheaper. Same brand and size but about $200 cheaper and Wal-mart let's you ship it to the nearest store for free. Sign me up!

Then the waiting began.

And we all know what a fan I am of waiting.

Cricket, cricket

I can't even type that with a straight face.

Finally the TV came today. I had no idea I was missing out on all my TV viewing. I'm fully aware I am lacking in the life department as I have none, so TV has sort of taken over for now. I now feel that has gone to a whole new level. I had heard all this hype of HD TV and blah, blah. Who knew something actually delivered on the hype?? Nothing like being behind the times.

That is until I get a smart phone. Which may be in my near future as the home phone is looking like it's going to go buh-bye. I'm sort of in mourning over that. I'm not sure you are aware of this or not but....I can talk.....for hours. I know! You are pinned back into your chair just shocked with this secret.

Although a few of you are laughing so hard you're about to pee.

So I'm not sure how I feel to have limits on how long I can talk. But it doesn't matter because I only talk to 1 person on a regular basis so I don't see it being a problem. The upside - if I have to get a new number AND a new email folks won't be able to get a hold of me.

I will pause as you imagine me hopping around doing a happy dance.

I won't be totally cut off as my in-laws will still be able to hunt us down as I'm friends with my MIL on facebook. Don' Please. I beg of thee. Don't it is a long tale of woe that will cause your eyes to roll back into your head. And I don't need that type of guilt right now.

Goodness knows I have plenty as it is.

So in the last shining light sparkly news, Hubby's certification stuff FINALLY came. Dude crushed that test. We knew he passed it but dang! He knocked it out of the park - got a 94%. Now let the job hunting begin!! He would have done the resume stuff tonight but he was too busy hooking up the TV and reconnecting everything. We had to hold Jared's hand through the whole process as he was distraught to see the Wii unplugged. Wasn't sure if he was going to make for a second.

But feeling purty good for a first day. After all these years, it really wasn't that big of a deal. And that is saying something.

Monday, August 29, 2011

And Away We Go...

Starting another school year. So far I haven't cried, no one has sprained an eye from rolling it, and so far the eyebrows are all behaving. Too bad it's only 12 a.m. and I've yet to face the actual school day.

Minor detail.

This time last year I'm pretty sure I was crying, rocking in a corner, and inhaling a bag of chocolate. This time around no crying, no rocking but I did make a pan of brownies and I am guilty for eating most of the pan.

Jared is all set to go and right now the table looks like a bookstore sneezed all over it. It usually takes us a week or 2 to get it all figured out and to settle into a schedule. Just in time for Labor Day weekend to throw it all off. But since we've been off since the middle of May, I figured we better get cracking before they forget how to even spell their names.

I think I'm only partially kidding on that one.

I'm actually feeling pretty good about this year. It's next year that I'm terrified of. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth and that's just from me. I think I'll spend next summer trying to figure out how to slip the boys some form of pill that will chill them out. Or I'll hoard the pills so I will be completely chilled out while they go bazerk with an epic school load.

Works for me.

There were a few digs between N and M. N made the snarky comment about betting M won't even get out of bed on time tomorrow. I feel for both because I, too, can't get out of bed on time nor can I keep my mouth shut thus making any situation I find myself in much worse.

It is a gift.

That I keep trying to return.

This year they will NOT be working together as someone felt that his twin was an anchor to his day, a boulder around his neck pulling him into the deep waters of we will never get this done. The funny thing is Nicholas wasn't better at algebra but he got it done verses Michael took all the live long day. By forcing them to work together, it slowed N down enough to not make as many mistakes and it sped up M to get done before dinner.

All I can say is N better pray to God that he doesn't need M's help with Geometry next year or there will be crow to pay. I'm not sure what the currant price of crow is but I have a feeling dude's crow will have some serious inflation not to mention all the penalties.

Speaking of returning things...we may be getting rid of our Internet, TV, phone bundle. It turns out they feel the need to try and squeeze any amount of money we may think we might own. What fun! If we only had the money they thought we had I'm sure it would be all a walk in the park. Turns out reality says, "me thinketh not."

But thanks to some suggestions from the notorious Gangsta Ninja, Hubby is working on a plan that I really didn't pay attention to when he was telling me about it.

Paybacks for all the times he's fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation. So now if I find his conversations boring I zone out to my happy place. I just have to stop humming the theme song as that keeps giving me away.

And huge shout outs to Gangsta Ninja. We thought our brakes were really bad because they squealed and sort of didn't work when in reverse. He was kind enough to check them out and informed us they are fine just brake dust. And happy day! He still reads this trash. I am so sorry. I try to get better but this is me and there really is no improving.

Like this shocks you.

I do rant, don't I? Never mind - I don't want to know.

So I should try to go to bed because I have no idea how tomorrow will go. I found myself saying, "I think I can, I think I can" a few times. Not sure if that is progress or a sign that therapy is needed. Maybe both.

To all the parents about to face a new school year - we salute you!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Stand Corrected

Clearly the craziness is really just code for "shopping at Wal-Mart" because it was a delicate mix of chaos and sheer pandemonium. I must have missed all the warning signs that I was going to enter the danger zone.

I really don't want to talk about the amount of money we spent because frankly I'm still a bit weepy over it. It just turned into one of those times when the boys needed stuff. Like underwear as Jared was apparently wearing his last pair and informed me of this as we were walking out the door. When he said, "at least this time around I didn't have to re-wear a pair."

Say what?!?!

I think my heart may have stopped in my chest for a good 10 seconds.

How the heck did the hillbilly gene get into my baby?? You know how they talk about genetics skipping a generation? Yeah, well. I've mention what a gem my FIL isn't.

On top of that, the older 2 had the nerve to need shoes.

And not only that but I had Pioneer Woman's Mushroom Swiss Sliders (which are out of this world good) on the menu but also her peach whiskey BBQ chicken thighs and.....I needed a dutch oven...not to mention the whiskey.

Word to the non-drinking people - that stuff ain't cheap. Someone explain to me how anyone can afford to drink this stuff?? I'll leave off the why anyone would want to drink it because really is all tastes like the smell of rubbing alcohol to me but I hear I'm not normal.

Like that's a shock.

The grand total of people needing underwear and shoes, whiskey and things to cook them in, not to mention all the food to feed these people came to an ungodly amount. It was so bad my card refused to process it and I had to write a check.

All together now.............OW!

Not to mention we had to go to the other store because Heaven forbid our stuffmart carry things. That is only strike 1 in this story.

I had to pick up a few notebooks for the guys school stuff and a pack of pens. I'm pretty sure I've seen less horror in an R rated movie. The pushing, the shoving, the ripping things from people's hands was at an all time high. And no it wasn't me. The shelves looked like they were ready to dump their cargo and run. Strike 2.

After that happy experience, we had to hunt down clothing. I saw a shirt that was just so Nicholas. I pointed it out to him and he totally agreed with me and tossed it in the buggy before you could say, "um, wait." Then a truly shocking moment happened when Michael saw a shirt he really liked. This almost never happens so I grabbed the shirt from his hands and slam dunked it in the buggy. But without all the force so as not to ruin it as that will only get me a dirty look with mutterings of why can't I act like a grown up.

Because I have children who drove all my sanity away so now they are stuck with what they have created. Funny how they always fail to pick that part up.

Then we had to go to the shoe department. I just love to shoe shop with the twins!! It's almost as fun as shopping for clothes with them!!! (that is code for no way, no how do I enjoy this so please kill me now and make it as slow as possible as that would be far less painful)

(I should also point out that Jared usually just gets all the hand-me-downs and can care less so he's the easiest thing to shop with. The re-wearing of underpants should be further proof of his commitment to not caring.)

I will say that God was very merciful as He knew what the amount was going to be so in all His awesomeness, He lined up everything just so and all items were acquired without any mishaps or incidents.

While it is true those pesky 6 items were not to be found therefore causing a trip to the other store that just happens to be in a middle of a HUGE remodel project which turned into the worst scavenger hunt ever - everything else was done.

Then we went to the checkout area where even Hubby said......well, he too was blown away with the long lines.

And he's the patient one.

It was epic. It was beyond strike 3. I had NEVER seen it that bad. That's saying something when you consider all my posts about the Wal-Marts.

Again God looked out for us because a cashier came out of no where and no one seemed to notice him. Except me. This time around we had 4 carts and in that insane amount of people and tempers flying, we managed to get our crew into the lane without bloodshed. And the guy was fast and could count past 10.

I didn't even have to let the eyebrow arch at anyone. Tell me that wasn't a miracle.

So when the amount popped up, I didn't freak out, just slightly whimpered I thanked God that we got what we needed and we had - had the money to cover it. Now that money is just a distant memory. But hey we've got some awesome stuff and will be eating well at least for the next 2 weeks. Next trip I may force everyone to eat just ramen noodles.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Craziness Continues

Or as we like to call it - just another day in paradise. Only without the paradise.

Which I can't really say that as I had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday was our anniversary. It started off all high tech - we sent gooey emails to each other. Sure as heck beats getting a card......that both of us forgot to get. But really who's counting after this many years anyway???

After paying dues in the mommy trenches for years, we have now reached the golden age of leaving the spawn without them needing supervision and they are too young to borrow a vehicle. So we left for the day. The house was still standing when we got back and no one was injured or maimed in the process.

Believe me, after the last couple weeks with these moody people, we had bets going on as to who would make it and who was going to be toast. I had just threatened the day before if I had to hear one more complaint about someone was being annoying, I was going to yank my ears off, hide in a corner, and refuse to cook for a week. Thankfully food is their love language right now so cooler heads prevailed. That and I promised to make lasagna if everyone chilled out.

And I'm still bitter that chocolate does nothing for boys and their PMS issues.

The last few times we ventured near a mall, the older 2 pretty much felt all hope was lost for society and wanted to get out as fast as possible. With Hubby job hunting here shortly if the darn paperwork would ever get here I had suggested some new threads may be needed. Which is way nicer than, "You're not going to wear THAT are you? You haven't bought any new clothes in over a decade."

Clearly, I am a master at subtlety.

Believe me it was a challenge because he hates to spend money on himself. Hence the decade with the same clothes.

We braved the mall, and wouldn't you know it - sales were a plenty. I will say that dude cracks me up. Most times you can't get him to talk to people yet when it comes to fashion - the flashier the tie, the happier he is. He doesn't clash at all and can match colors very well but wowzers - it can be bold.

The funny part is his children did NOT get this same sense of style. I think Michael may be the poster child for conservative dressing. Needless to say, they were not impressed with what their dad picked out. But my man looks good. Unless I grab the camera and then suddenly he makes faces that crack me up. I used one for my facebook profile and it makes me smile because we are that weird.

We had a blast going into stores and just looking at stuff. Slightly bummed as there were a few things I wanted to buy but it was out of the price range but it was nice to just look. Please tell me I'm not the only person who feels rushed to get stuff done? Most times I feel like it's go-go-go to get the errands done and then get home. To just stop and look at stuff? Well, who has time for that anyway?

Time is my love language. That and talking until Hubs passes out from all the words.

We get done with that and we headed back home much to the disappointment of the spawn. They perked back up when we informed them we were coming home to get them food and so that I could change clothes and then leave again.

I had a cute dress I wanted to wear but no way was I going to hoof it all over a mall in it and in non-supportive shoes. Just hand me my Ensure and walker and mammaw is ready.

So we tossed food at them and peeled out of the driveway. Had a nice time and we came home and sat in the van and just talked for over an hour. I like to think of it as a grown up version of hiding in the bathroom to get away from the kids.

And let me tell you it gets more complicated the older they get because now the guys want to join in on ALL the conversations. On one hand it's good for them to see how hard relationships can be and how they need to be committed to talking stuff out. On the other hand, it kind of freaks them out if my heads starts to spin.

Details, details.

But we had a very nice time. Then it was back to the reality of dang we have kids. And school starts up next week so we need to work on a schedule and what luck! it's time to go grocery shopping.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Homeschooling All The Way

DeeDee is having a homeschool curriculum round up. I can say I've been homeschooling for over a decade. I'm not sure what I've done to deserve this punishment but...I'm going to be obedient and keep pressing on. With 10th grade starting up for the older 2 - what's a few more years?

If you've homeschooled more than a year than you have learned to be flexible with the whole curriculum thing. Some stuff worked great for a couple years but not for all subjects etc. I've been getting a ton of emails regarding homeschool through high school lately and thought I would give a few thoughts.

My husband is really book smart. He says stuff that makes my head spin, but lack of some other skills, I think, is what kept him locked in construction rather than moving forward. While that will be changing shortly, it's made for some hard years. And with all his smarts dude can.not keep a checkbook balanced.

I, however, with all my goofballness can balance a checkbook, thank you very much!

I've tried to approach homeschooling to not only cover the basics but also what skills would they need to survive on their own. Like balancing a checkbook.

If I can do the high school years, than so can you. Yes, it is intimidating but from the books that I've read, the sheer amount of prayer, and God still not letting me off the hook - it can be done, it just takes extra planning.

First off the bat, go to HSLDA and find out what your state requires. I'm not going to lie - it is overwhelming! Have chocolate on hand as well as a box of Kleenex because if you are like me, then you will bawl your eyes out and tell God, yet again, you can't do this. If you are also like me, chances are you were told to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get to planning. You may, or may not, have muttered dagnabbit several times. But you do need to have a 4 year game plan as it really does help stay the course so to speak.

I got the book
High School @ Home by Diana Johnson. It came with a CD to help with all the transcripts and different forms. It has been a HUGE help. It walks you through a lot of stuff and helps with the planning department. I got it at a homeschool bookstore but I've also seen it on

Also know your kid. While that is a big duh - there is a reason for it. Rules without relationship breeds rebellion. There is a lot to tackle for high school and the more you can get them on board and to see the goal, they'll, hopefully, help verses digging in their heels because all they see is a mountain of work. And you on the floor in a fetal position praying for the rapture. If your kid knows where they want to go for college, go check out their website and see what their requirements are and if there is any additional information for homeschoolers. Some will want both SAT scores plus ACT scores or whatever the state tests are. That will help you plan as well.

I can't stress it enough - it has helped to plan out the 4 years. For example, I had the guys hit math and science hard for 9th grade. They did algebra (Teaching Textbooks) and biology (A Beka). Since we did hard stuff with that, I went soft on English and history. I've found with them, they can do the hard stuff but they do get overwhelmed real quick so I've tried to keep it balanced.

For Jared - Switched On Schoolhouse is working for this grade. Nicholas and Michael loved it until about 7th grade and then we had all kinds of problems with them acing the work but failing the tests and had to jump ship. So for this year, J is all set. It just hit me he'll be 7th grade next year.

Hold me.

BIBLE: I think studying the bible is important but I did not want to turn bible time into just another subject to be graded and tested on. I honestly haven't been that impressed with a lot of bible curriculum out there. I've found taking the pressure off of having to make a grade did wonders with their understanding rather than parroting the information. They have to read 1 chapter a day and that's it. Plus we do a family bible study once a week.

A few years back they had to write 1 verse out of that chapter in cursive. I was able to cover 2 subjects with one stone. Bye-bye birdie! Because I am all about those 2 for 1! My darling angels grew horns and fought me on various subjects. And you know what? That is to be expected because not everyone can master every skill. My uptight homeschooling self needs to be reminded of that often.

MATH: I've heard a lot of people say that geometry should may be held off till 11th grade. Some kids frontal lobes are still developing and some of this stuff doesn't stick. We got through the evilness of algebra (Teaching Textbooks) and felt like they needed a bit of a break. I really like the Teaching Textbooks. There were a few times Hubs said the guy made it too hard and showed the guys short cuts. My eyes glazed over and I may have blacked out but they got through it.

This year is a smoosh of personal finances, early accounting, and economics. SOS has a new personal fiance that came out and it's a one semester study. I'm not sure what all is in the study pack but I will make sure they can balance a checkbook and handle money. Dave Ramsey's books will be added as well. I also picked up
What Ever Happened To Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury. I've read lots of reviews and said this is a must read regarding economics.

Wonder if I can send a copy to Washington D.C.? Just saying.

We're also going to use the second part of the semester doing timed tests. These guys have never had to deal with that and the state we might be moving to requires state testing every year. So I got a book on preparing for taking the ACT and we'll work our way up to them getting used to being timed. I don't know if I've mentioned it a time or 500 but N and M have 2 speeds, slow and extra slow as they are perfectionist. But given enough time, they will almost ace it. J on the other hand will fly through something and can careless what the grade is.

ENGLISH: I did Painless Grammar a while ago and the guys really liked it. I picked up Painless Writing. Literature did not go well as I've stated in earlier posts. I also got Wordly Wise for vocabulary. We'll still do a few book reports or I'll beat Nicholas over the head with the book and see if osmosis works. Michael is a huge reader and so long as it's something he wants to read, he'll do the report. They better enjoy it because next year will be hard core writing - everything from essays to research papers. I have a feeling it may get ugly.

HISTORY: By this time I was whimpering in the corner of 1 more subject to fight over. I wasn't finding anything I felt was right. Everything was early American History which we have covered from day 1. There were threats of tossing oneself out the window if we covered early American History again.

And that was just from me.

I remember sitting in college and having no clue what notes to take and how to take it. 2 for 1 - last year we went with DVDs and the boys had to learn to take notes from listening. It's a lot harder than it sounds! The guys really did like it and they retained the information and could tell me what was discussed. Just for extra, I got Study Skills for teens by Lesa Siebert on DVD which is probably going to be our fist week.

This year we are doing the Civil War first semester and the rest of American History the second semester. It'll again be DVDs with them taking notes. Vision Forum has Warriors of Honor DVD and Ken Burns did a whole series for PBS on the Civil War. The only down side is the one for PBS is not from a Christian point of view. We did David Barton's series on the founding fathers and one of the things he said is that a lot of books on history are being re-written leaving information out.

So not knowing what Mr. Burns point of view is, I'm tossing in a bit of logic and we shall see what we come up with. I was going to order a DVD on logic but it didn't get good reviews as the example they used wasn't shown due to copyright laws. So I ordered the book
The Thinking Toolbox which got tons of great reviews.

I've already heard grumbling about yet another book but I find if I stick my fingers in my ears I can't hear it.

SCIENCE: I liked A Beka for biology. It was hard but very thorough. Normally biology is set for 10th grade but I got this back when they were in 8th grade. It was a huge challenge but they got through it - in 2 years. I got them Physical Science and is a lot less stressful than biology so it better not take them that long.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE: I was sweating this one because we tried doing Latin a few years ago and it didn't go so hot. I would like to point out that when considering this subject how is your kid wired? Neither N or M can roll their tongues. J on the other hand takes every opportunity to roll his tongue just to annoy his brothers.

Truly is a wonder I'm not medicated.

Upon discussing this with Hubby he suggested that everything from Spanish to French would be beyond frustrating for them and suggested we pick one that didn't require the tongue to roll. I hadn't thought of that, but then again, my brain can only handle sarcasm.

So they picked German and the reason behind it is they play a lot of World War 2 video games and want to know what the Nazis were saying.

Crickets chirping

Whatever it takes.

I'll leave off I tried to get them to take Chinese so they could order me an egg roll but I was told I'm not funny. I'm not sure why they thought I was kidding. China owns most of our debt anyway so I'm just trying to think of the future.

Instant Immersion is compared to Rosetta stone. It's both CD and DVD and I got it for $30.00 at Sam's Club! Rosetta stone is around $500. Booyah!

MUSIC: The twins are naturally talented in this department and will keep on going with that. They get a kick out of "having to play" as part of their school. Really wish we can get them lessons - we'll have to see how money goes. And after the paint by numbers fiasco with Jared, we're not going to worry about extras.

They guys all hate art so no point in forcing them to do it when there are so many other things to cover. But they have to do their laundry, they can cook, and I'm going to make them tackle their own ironing. I may chew off a button and then have them sew it back on. Jared needs to learn some of these skills because he still believes that's why women are around.

Feel free to smack him.

The older 2 having been doing some hiking with Hubs. In the Spring they did a 5 mile hike with full packs and I know once the weather cools off more they'll hit that again. Jared and I will miss them. I'm not even that cruel to force them to take Sir Whines-a-lot, who happens to be more afraid of bugs than I am.

It never feels like I got enough but there is going to be so much there to cover it'll be by the grace of God to get through it all.

Research and plan. It can be done.

Or you could join me in my prayers that Jesus comes back real quick before Jared learns how to drive. I've seen him on the Wii and it's not pretty.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I bit the bullet and got the transcripts done. It turns out my brilliant self, who was in a massive panic attack at thinking of homeschooling through high school, bought a book that, low and behold, walks you through the whole planning of it AND came with a CD that has all these forms and whathaveyou so easy peasy rice and cheesy.

Amazing when you actually READ the book and all those words linked together with forms and instructions. Actually looks all professional like.

And I homeschool.

If this doesn't prove to you people that God has a sense of humor, I truly fear for you because you are hopeless. Or I'm hopeless. Or maybe it's a combination of both of us or all of us in this deep journey of being without hope. Or not.

I think I was born with a BS degree - whatcha think?

Further proof - my mother....

Now I could just leave it like that and you would just nod your head but wait....there's more.

When we last left our heroine, she had FINALLY stood up for herself. It was truly amazing, she did it with her knees totally knocking and she questioned if it would actually do anything. More than a month went by and still she found herself hunched over waiting for the proverbial smack to the head.

An email arrived in our heroine's in box asking her for her brother-in-law's address because he had been on the mother person's mind and feels she should write him a letter.

Come again???

I hear nothing on the subject of 'we will go no further until this gets talked out' and the only thing I get back is the request for my BIL's address?? Which is going to be awkward since boy wonder still lives with his parents - my in-laws. That would be the same MIL who hates my mother and I'm pretty sure at one point had a voodoo doll of my mom which she says that was before Jesus. Frankly, I'm still skert.

The only time my parents interacted with the dude was at our wedding. I sent the email on to my MIL and asked what she would like as it's HER address and HER son that my mom thinks will be able to convince him to turn his life over to Jesus. Clearly all the rest of our attempts could not possibly reach the same levels that her compelling words can reach.


First thing that came to my mind was geez mom, mind your own business. I was a little worried MIL was going to go off about it but she didn't and didn't really say anything about it.


I'm now wondering if she's pulling the doll back out.

Hubs said I shouldn't respond to the email as I was very clear that there was no moving forward until other issues were dealt with. Obviously my mother spent a whopping 2 seconds mulling that one over and pressed on.

And she accuses ME of having attention issues??

But I feel this is just a test for me. All the junk that was spewing from the whole issues, I turned over to Jesus and put it on the moving truck and He drove it away. So now I find myself facing an old issue but trying to find new habits on how to deal with it.

She still shocks the crap out of me but I'm finding that it's not having power over me.

One step at a time out of this grave.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Oy Vey!

It was a looong weekend. Our modem died like Friday afternoon at the stroke of 5. At least that is what I'm guessing because wouldn't you know it, after running through all the hoops no one could come out and fix it until Monday....morning.

Monday and morning should not go into a sentence together unless the word hate is somewhere smooshed into it.

So it was up to me to get up and be presentable waiting on Mr. Cable person. Dude was right on time and got it all fixed and the Internet was restored and there was rejoicing in the land!

Once I stopped yawning.

I bet this is Al Gore getting revenge on me for that snarky comment about him turning on the fans in Cuba to blast us with a heat wave to prove his global warming theory I made on Twitter a month ago.

Darn that Al!

So over the weekend I managed to dragged Hubby to go see the movie The Help Friday night. How often do you here a movie doing a book justice? This one did. Loved it. Loved the book, loved the movie - I will buy it on DVD the moment it's in stores. Everyone has blogged about seeing it and yes they left out stuff but the flow of the movie really went with the book. And I've never seen a movie stay that true to a book before. See Irma? Miracles do still happen.

After we saw the movie, we had to hop over to the Wal-marts because Hubby had a brilliant idea for a Lego container and we didn't get it while we went grocery shopping because I wasn't sure we could fit all the groceries, the hurkin container, and our children all in the van.

I'm so picky.

I know I joke about stuffmart quite a bit. And this isn't really their fault. But the freaks were out in full force after 11 pm. First, I get out of our van to have the guy in the car next to our start to meow at me. That's a true story right there.

Once we got away from king meows-a-lot, we ran smack dab behind the beanie hat brigade. It was still rather warm out and all 5 of them had winter hats on. Their ages range from should know better and beyond. I swear there is something funky in the water near the Wal-marts.

Needless to say, we did not dilly-dally at stuffmart. On top of that they were restocking the shelves and we could barely get the cart through anything.

Sunday we took the boys out to Cracker Barrel. I think the eye twitching was going full force and I may, or may not, have refused to cook. I'm not really sure - it was all a blur. The angst was at an all time high for everyone. Lack of Internet, a lot of unknown, and a bunch of other stuff just left everyone is a grumpy mood. It seems when we are feeling sad and blue, we like to go out in public where we can always find a handful of people that makes us feel oh, so much better about ourselves.

Don't look at me all innocent like. You know you do it too.

After we stuffed ourselves, we made a trip to Target to get Jared new shoes. Turns out his feet decided to grow. We had some hand-me-down shoes but Hubster can't find where he put them. I'll leave off how smug I felt about the whole thing. Dude made him go through old shoes because dude wants to pack as much stuff up as possible. Now he can't find anything. I think I deserve extra points for not saying, "welcome to my world."

We barely made it home in time for the food coma to hit, aka a nap. At least I did, I have no idea what the rest of the yahoos did. When I woke up everyone was in a better mood. Good thing I had that nap. Hardly got any sleep last night as I was worried I wouldn't hear the alarm and miss the cable guy fixing the Internet.

Why, yes, I have no life and only connect with people through the Internet and am slightly addicted. However could you tell? You couldn't even see the eye twitch.

Wonder if I can sneak in another nap?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Tie!!!

What could be a tie you may wonder. It's between me being pressured with mommy guilt and being stupid. How else can you explain why I bought a paint by numbers kit for Jared and myself?

I swear I just heard someone say, "dude, what where you thinking?" (in your best Monica voice) IIIII KNOW!

After boy wonder bugged me within an inch of complete insanity, I gave in and away we painted. Or at least started cuz holy tiny print, batman! I am stiff and sore from being all hunched over. And I so should have seen it coming but that stupid part kicked in leaving me unprepared for the "Mom can you help me" look I got.

I'm not sure but I think he just sort of threw the paint on rather than actually use the brush but hey we're having fun and creating good memories. If we forget the fact that I yelled at him for bugging me and then he spent a good 5 minutes telling me why I'm sort of crazy and tend to yell a lot.

I did what any mother would do - wished him a kid just like himself so he too could understand going grey early.

But amazingly that was not the point of the blog post. Shocking, I know. I have been hinting about the white chocolate chex stuff on facebook for a few weeks. Today is your lucky day because I'm actually posting it here with pictures but not facebook because I have people on facebook I don't want reading my blog and vice versa.

One annoying cousin who can't seem to keep him mouth shut. Every village has an idiot and he is ours.

The recipe called for lemon and the whole It's A Tie title was we tried this with both lemon and lime and we all agree both are equally good. (But I don't recommend using both flavors at the same time)

What you will need is:

Not all that hard - even I can do this! I used the whole box of chex (12.8 oz) - dumped the whole thing in a large bowl.

Next in a microwave safe bowl dump in whole bag of white chocolate chips. (If a few try to jump out for freedom, gobble it up as an example to the rest of the chips. Or not. Tell the chip to go forth and be free but don't be surprised if the wayward chip brings in ants.)

Next add 1/4 cup of butter (half a stick).

Either a lemon OR a lime - zest the tarnation out of the fruit. Zest like you really mean it and then zest some more. Completely zest the fruit of choice. Then cut open the nekkid fruit and squeeze the life out of it. You'll need 2 Tablespoons of juice. Pour it in with the chips. (I had an extra lime because I didn't realize the fruit was juicy enough for 2T)

Microwave chips, butter, zest, and juice for 1 minutes and stir. Microwave longer until stirred smooth.

Torment your help while you wait for microwave. After stirring chips first time, torment him some more until he is on the floor begging and/or hiding from the camera. Like so...

Nicholas would be soooo mad at me if he knew I posted this so mums the word! It was actually nice to see him smiling instead of scowling OR chewing his fingers. Don't even get me started about it.

I would like to point out that the lemon stirred a lot smoother than the lime. The lime sort of gelled up like for some reason. But it all works.

Pour over cereal, stirring until evenly coated.

This is where having a helper is handy. According to the recipe you're to put the coated cereal into a 2 gallon zip lock bag. I, however, could not find a 2 gallon bag and therefore had to use 2 - 1 gallon bags. Hence the helper had to hold open bag.

Next you're to dump in 2 cups powdered sugar but since this is what we are dealing with 1 cup per bag. Then shake it like ya mean it! Keep shaking until it's all coated.

Lay down wax paper and then pour out the goodness to finish cooling. Then have your helper totally get his revenge by snatching the camera and taking a busted type picture.

I hear this is going to be exhibit A for some type of disagreement we may have at some point in the near future. Silly boy! I have waaay more photos for blackmailing that he will on me. It just dawned on me that I'm not wearing makeup in this picture. Just pretend you don't see the dark circles, k?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're All In The Dog House

I tell ya, it is a sad tale of woe. Nary an innocent person resides at this here house.


While this doesn't shock you, because, hellooo? you've been here before. But you can't deny your curiosity is slightly tickled. Or it's a dead piece of curiousness because you know that is what killed the cat. Then I would say you are much smarter than I am.

Anyhoo of whathaveya, it turns out the TV that the in-laws brought up was not a piece of crap that I had condemned it to be. Since Jared has a major video game addiction that I let him indulge in because he drives me nuts with all the talk about NOTHING and never picks up on when I have fallen head first into a coma and my brain runs away screaming. One of the video gaming things decided that it, too, was tired of the same stupid game he was playing and mercifully went silent.

In my defense, I did tell Hubs to recheck the condemned thing before unplugging it and all that jazz. Did I mention this sucker is the size and weight of a very large adult pig? And do you think this was done? The whole checking thing?

That would be a no go, Captain.

We had to resort back to the original TV that is a lot smaller. We were already trying to figure out a way to get a replacement TV - as in welcome to a flat screen because that is all you can find now days.

So yesterday Jared was, once again, playing the blasted thing when the TV went silent. It was right at that moment I had what we call a light bulb experience. And then figured out Hubs and the older boys did all that huffing and puffing to remove the pig....for......nothing.

It was a proud moment for me but I did say to check it before you unplug it. I can tell you they were not amused. But truth be told we were going to sell it in a moving sale because very big pig of a TV takes up space. Now there is still huffing and puffing because it looks like the new TV will have to be put on hold. Little details like needing money seems to slip the spawns' minds.

Clearly it was a good choice to go with personal fiances come fall.

So there was a bit of angst handed out to everyone. Then I had to pull out the dreaded list as the time of filling up the pantry which leads to the loading of the carts was upon us. Much weeping and gnashing of teeth was to be had.

And that was just from me.

I had such high hopes with how fast the list came together. I even found 4 whole stupid coupons to use. Surely this was a sign that the planets were lined up and angels were singing, right??

You must be new here cuz that just ain't gonna happen.

I will say we actually experienced something new at stuffmart. Didn't hear one kid scream but actually heard a kid just belly laugh. Up and down the aisle this kid was just cracking up laughing. Wonder if she was drunk. The parents totally look like they would slip beer in her bottle too.

We got through stuffmart with nary a scratch or scrape and managed to find 5 lanes open! My heart pounded as I thought that maybe, just maybe, I would exit stuffmart without wanting to hurt someone. I looked at the cashier with hope and expectation....

and then it crashed and burned with the cruelness of reality.

I swear if you would have asked this guy to count to 21 he would have had to get naked to use all his digits to get him to the goal. But by some miracle he was faster than Skippy, the eternally slow cashier from hell.

We get done and then had to make a jaunt over to the other grocery store as wouldn't you know it, some key elements were needed like produce. Wal-marts produce scares me. When there are so many bugs hovering around all the fruits and veggies and will pull out a shiv to sword fight you for whatever it was you thought you were going to get - you just walk away, people. The bugs were out in full force and I kept right on going - to another store.

We left the spawn with the food and told them we would be right back only to walk into a store that is under major construction and nothing was where it was supposed to be.

Houston, we have a problem.

After 15 laps of the whole store, because someone thought putting sunglasses with the yogurt was a good idea, we were able to escape there as well. Luckily for us, we got done a lot sooner than what we thought so that was golden.

And on the way home Hubby asked how those transcripts were coming along.

I thought about stopping and kicking him out but I have a feeling that would have been counter productive. I gave him a you're kidding look and asked why right this second when I'm exhausted and still had to put everything away did he think was the right moment to bring it up?

I didn't get much of an answer.

I'm juuuussst about done with those transcripts. At least I will be whenever I crawl out of the corner and stop breathing through a paper bag. I was having some issues figuring out a GPA (grade point average). I bought a book, with CD, that comes with all these forms and such to help do transcripts because I are a dummy. And if el stupido would read the book then he could tell me what to do.

I so gotcha with that one.

In his defense, life has overwhelmed him and he left it all up to me and then points out where I'm dropping the ball. Stellar of a guy. It should be no surprise why I threaten him on a regular basis.

But I love him. Because he would stalk me if I said anything different. I think we made some agreement to haunt each other if anything mysterious were to happen to either one of us. This was after we agreed that the first person out the door gets a bullet in the back. I think that's a fair trade - if you walk out on me, I shoot you, you can haunt me until I croak.

Now that, my friends, is true commitment. You just don't see that now days. Nor the crazy look in my husband's eyes but he doesn't scare me. If you'd met my mother you would totally understand.

You should also know I am kidding. But only on some of the points. And now you are left to wonder. Muwahaha!

Seems like I actually had some point I was trying to make, but in all my silliness I lost it. But can you REALLY lose something you never really had to begin with, I ask you?

Someone throw me a milk bone! Just make sure you dip it in some chocolate first, m'kay? It just feels like a dog eat dog world, and today I am wearing milk bone underpants. Woof!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What Length Would You Go To Be Free?

I know that is a loaded title. Free from what, you may ask. I'll warn you, this is long so have refreshments to make it through. But you don't have to worry because I'm pretty sure you won't launch any liquids out of your mouth. Not that type of post.

This posts has been rolling around my head and circumstances being what they are and all that, I'm dealing with stuff.

Ah stuff. How we covet you, need you, and then despise you for clogging up all our space and demand to be dusted.

The topic of moving and all that it entails has been huge around here for months. Still loaded down with a lot of my folks' stuff, I am all for getting rid of things. Not knowing where we will end up and trying to look at how are we going to do this is making me twitch all the more to get rid of stuff.

But what if it's emotional stuff?

I'm finding there is no end to emotional baggage. A bit of fear over in the corner, a hurking trunk full of unforgiveness, and I'm a bit skert to look in a couple other boxes. I've always struggled with the verse about Jesus heals the brokenhearted because I'm pretty sure a time or 50 that mine has been smashed to bits. All I have to show for it is sticky goo of duct tape as I've tried to mend it and go on because the show and all that rot won't let me stop and heal.

And then something interestingly painful happened - life as I knew it stopped. Everything dried up and I found myself as a lone little fish who's pond has dried up instantly. There I lay gasping for breath, feeling the life slowly ebb away and not being able to do anything about it.

I've heard that our thoughts are like fixing up a room and whenever something comes along we retreat into this mental room and sit there. We can relieve the hurts of the past that want to reinforce why people suck and make vows never to allow people in again. (I am so guilty of that one.) Or we can sit in a cheerful room remembering the good times.

Please, don't point fingers. I'm in enough pain as it is.

We're doing a couple bible studies, as in reading out loud, from a couple books. Tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor because the book I'm reading out loud is about total forgiveness. It is incredibly humbling to know if none of my kids were looking, I would have flung that book across the room followed by enough language to peel wallpaper.

What can I say, other than woe is me for I am a person of unclean lips! If I stub my toe, you are not going to hear me say, "well golly gee that wasn't fun and shucky darn that smarts". Hells no. But you would be rather impressed to what art form I could condemn that piece of furniture that I'm convinced leaped out to attack my toes.

I'm still amazed God hasn't zapped me to be a greasy spot on the floor.

And that was the image I was given of God - looking for someone to swat for not obeying the rules. Far from the truth!

So there I am, trying to keep from being the example of the week of how not to behave. I finally had to lay the book down and openly admit I'm not there and it seemed like a mountain that could not possible be climbed over or around. I was surprised that a couple of my guys felt the same way and was sort of relieved to see me struggle.

Um, you're welcome??

Here's the tricky part - someone might read this next part and want to get into a great debate and blah, blah, blah. All I know is after spending most of my life in church I have never heard anyone say this is how you get over (fill in the blank). All I've heard is the rules to behave and woe to you if you don't. Don't smoke, don't chew, don't hang out with those that do. Alrighty check, check, check - but I'm still a mess. Following all the rules has not changed me one little bit!

How is that walking in truth? The truth sets you free. So I decided to look at some truth. Truth is I've had a lot of pain in life and there is a lot I've never really dealt with. Yeah, I joke about keeping that broad quiet with a bag or 20 of cookies but that hasn't been all that freeing either. Matter of fact, that brought on a whole other set of problems.

Good gravy! This can get ugly on a number of levels.

Unfortunately, I have stayed in my thought room and looked at pain. Whether you want to acknowledge we have spiritual enemies or not, does not change the fact that as a believer there is an enemy against the soul. He doesn't play fair, he doesn't follow the rules, he doesn't take a break, and has struck when I wasn't even aware of what was going on. Now, I have old patterns and habits that aren't healthy and I have no idea how I got here or even how to change.

Coming across a couple books, and getting my butt kicked through the goal posts - again, I decided to turn on the light in my thought room. And really it wasn't much of a room. It was a closed off attic with nothing but boxes shoved in every corner. Sheesh! No wonder I'm such a wonderful person to be around - I've only thought I deserved a spooky attic.

But that is a whole different topic all together.

We were all talking a lot about moving. It turns out that when we moved the last time was the hardest on the boys. We had gone through a lot of drama but for them it wasn't that abnormal to see me freak out and run around a room clucking like a chicken. But when we had to leave, that's when all the stress came to a head and they didn't do well. That's when some ugly angst rolled right in.

And I was too busy clucking and all and didn't pick up on it.

One of the books was talking about seeing Jesus with us through the hard times and for whatever reason it really does work. When you think about it, Jesus was there the whole time - we just don't see Him.

We were praying and felt lead to tell the boys to grab a box and put all their good memories in it and picture Jesus helping them taping up the box and handing them a marker to write "good memories" on the box and then picture Jesus helping them lift the box and taking it to the van.

Like wise, we did the same with all the hurt and pain but those boxes were going on a different moving truck. It didn't take long for me to join in on this because I had a lot more boxes of yuck that needed to be moved out of my heart and mind.

When holding on to our pain or refusing to forgive, we're basically crowding into God's turf. He is the only righteous judge. All I can say is for me, I couldn't get over the hurt. I've prayed, I've tried to ignore it, or pretend it wasn't even there but that didn't get rid of it. Instead it only festered and pretty soon bitterness was seeping out. Bitterness crowds out peace and joy.

So I went through some of the hurt and pain with Jesus by my side. It was like looking at old pictures of scrapbooks and remembering it all but we packed it up, stuffed it in boxes, and then I gave the box to Jesus. And He walked away with the box full of hurt and disappointments and placed it on His truck to be dealt with however He deemed best.

When it was all said and done, there were a lot of boxes, I saw Him drive off with it. And suddenly that huge mountain of pain was down to a small bump and we were all able to cross over it and was able to forgive.

This process took us hours, btw. And it was about my parents. And we were ALL able to forgive.

At one point Hubs said to picture putting my folks in a box and all their junk and again watched Jesus take them away. Because really it's His place to deal with us as He's the only One that has really earned that right. We're not to judge and condemn each other. We're not to step aside and let bad behavior run rampart either, but all my parents faults and problems are their stuff to deal with and I need to stop feeling responsible for it. Who hasn't thought, maybe if I acted better than so and so would stop being mean? That is so and so's problem and no matter how good we act, that doesn't compel them to behave correctly.

Only Jesus can do a heart transplant like that! And I am living proof because I need it too. "Create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me"

It was rather interesting because all the guys felt released. They all described it from weight being lifted off their shoulders to like a painful splinter being pulled free and just feeling light and pain free. Michael said he felt clean all the way down to his bones. Oddly, while I felt a release, I was overwhelmingly sad. All I saw was the dingy old room with mutant dust bunnies.

Yeah, I think I issues about it too.

I give huge shout outs to the Hubster. He told me to picture Jesus, the carpenter, coming back to rebuild the room. Opening up a wall to let light in and reminding myself to think on good things. Watching Him paint the walls and telling angels where to place things and watching my dingy little attic turn into a beautifully decorated room that would make it on any magazine cover.

And He did that for me.

While this is only one topic and we have a lot more to go, it was still something to watch and to experience. And that mountain of pain is gone and I can stop walking in unforgiveness that was keeping me separated from God to begin with.

It's weird because the feel of the room is different and it's inviting and suddenly the old habits of living in an attic don't cut it anymore. And that enemy of my soul got taken out to the curb with the rest of the trash. So what am I going to do now? Plop down in muddy clothes of yesteryuck in this clean room? No way!

There is more stuff to be tackled but I'm not sure if it's going to be dealt with the same way or if He has something else in mind. I'm not even sure if I got all the boxes. Last few days I felt exhausted over it. Hubs said I'm battle weary and we're all making sure we're getting some rest before the next round.

We've all heard the term spiritual warfare. Getting down to the stuff takes time, takes energy and in our fast paced society who has time for that?? Sweep it under the rug and go on. But whether I face it or not, there is a war going on over me - my thoughts, my mind, my emotions. Who's realm will reign supreme? Does chose this day whom you will serve ring any bells?

This, of course, leads to strongholds. Which will have to be for another post.

The books I've read is Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall; Deep Wounds, Deep Healing by Charles Kraft; and I just started reading Joanna Weaver's book Lazarus Awakening which just happens to be talking about grave clothes and strongholds. Hmmm.

The book about total forgiveness has been one big ker-smack to the face. I found myself unable to forgive. I tried but the anger stopped me every single time. So by dealing with some deep wounds and inviting Jesus into the pain, seeing Him with me and then turning it over to Him, has been healing and then freeing. But at times also draining. It takes a lot of energy to be angry. It exhausts both adrenal and thyroid glands which can send hormones totally out of whack.

Do tell.

So the word I got at being in alignment has a much deeper meaning that what I thought. I will add that walking in total forgiveness doesn't always mean a restored relationship. It does mean we are to pray and wait on God's timing and see what His brings about. Some people are too toxic to have a relationship with and there is no peace being around them but we don't have to be stirred up and angry over their issues.

Relationships certainly are a complicated thing! And I'll stop this here. You get extra points if you made it all the way through without falling asleep.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Butt Is Dragging

Sounds like some weird diseased creature - the elusive dragon butt, able to be heard before you ever see it due to the weird noise of it's butt being dragged along the ground.

I'm not sure if my weirdness is a gift or if it makes me "gifted". Could very well be a tie.

Seems like the days are flying by and yet at the same time moving slower than the speed of mud. Last few days I have been just bone weary. Lot of stuff and more stuff. Kerri must have picked up on my desperation and we took off Saturday. Really wish God would just spill the beans on several things. The who, what, why, maybe and I don't know can creep in and wear me out sometimes. After I got back, the guys all took turns basically telling me why they are all on each other's nerve.

Do tell.

I sort of lost it Sunday. Not in a freak out yell fest but more of a can we please have a day where no one is irritated, no one is annoyed, and no one is whining at me to fix it, change it, make it go away or behave right, or fix dinner for that matter. It is a day of rest so get out of mah face.

Thankfully the eyebrow gave off a look that said first person to ask if it was a hormone day would be killed on the spot. God bless that eyebrow. It may be slightly neglected but the broad knows how to git r done.

Off to go face plant into my pillow.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

Or maybe I should title it where do I end?

So we had Monday with Hubby passing his test. All they post is a pass/fail so he won't know what the score is until he gets the papers but at least he knows he passed the test. Now it's just that hurry up and wait.

My fav-o-rite thang to do in the world.

I think I just choked on my own sarcasm. That may be a first for me.

But no matter how many times I tell the in-laws this they don't seem to get it. I've had a few emails from cousins that I've had to explain it a couple times. I'm starting to feel like no one really listens any more. Okay, if you don't want to listen then why are you asking me over and over and over and over and....

It truly is a mystery why I dream about moving far, far, far away. Not really but I felt like typing that.

The next day turned into a tornado of you're kidding, right? The TV goes ker-blewy. The TV that my in-laws brought to us at Christmas time when they decided to upgrade. For whatever reason, there was angst amongst the ranks and emotions were tense. Spent most of the day hashing things out and everyone was all good.

And then I wanted to swan dive off a cliff.

In the middle of all this bandwagon of fun, I realized I never did get around to making up actually transcripts for the older 2. So I've spent almost all day shlumping through lessons, grading and trying to figure out percentages to come up with an actually grade.

And then I really, really wanted to swan dive off that cliff.

It wasn't too bad but I'm having a bit of trouble on figuring out a grade for Literature. It was an epic fail. I will give Nicholas credit as he was the only one that finished Robinson Crusoe. All I can tell you about that book is the guy was stupid for ever going out to sea and I think the first captain was correct and the sea hates him and he should never go sailing again. True to form of the male mind - can't tell me what to do only for it to go very bad for him like 3 more times.

Nicholas looked at me and said the guy wasn't too bright and may have been the Forrest Gump of his time.

I don't know, but that guy's box of chocolates were full of nuts and may not have been covered in chocolate after all.

Just saying.

So I'm sort of stuck with that. They did do some of the work but this was not their cup of tea. They tried, I'll give them that. Can anyone tell me why this crap is considered classic reading and deemed to be forced down our throats when you need a translator to explain it?? Example: Shakespeare. I still have no clue what the guy was talking about. And I'm supposed to get my kids to read it and grade them on it when I STILL have no clue what he's trying to say?? Me thinketh this doth stinketh.

But I'm almost done with it so hooray for me.

On a side note, took the guys to see Captain America and it was really good!! But for whatever reason no one was playing it locally. We ended up having to take out a small loan to take the 5 of us to go see a movie in the afternoon and get a half ounce of liquid I can only assume was at one time some flavored carbonated beverage. Thought we would toss life to the wind and got 10 pieces of popcorn and only every other one was buttered.

My pocketbook is still feeling the pain from that.

My FIL called tonight to tell us that he saw they are hiring for pharm techs at their local Walgreen's. Promise me you people will intervene and hunt us down and kill me if that looks like a possibility. Please?? Pretty please????

I'm not sure why, but Hubs is still keeping things under wraps. I'm wondering if he would be really good at poker because he doesn't like to talk about things until they are concrete and set in stone (ar, ar) and then and only then will he slowly reveal what he may, or may not, be thinking. Because you just never really know.

I'm concern on a number of levels. So far I've managed to distract myself with a bag or 20 of M&Ms. I've been informed that I've been walking around mutter a lot and have a death grip on the bag of peanut M&Ms. They must have me confused with their father because he never shares those. I might not be the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but I do know how to get mah chocolate.

Like that was some big surprise.

Monday, August 1, 2011

So I've Sort Of Been Busy

And by busy I mean that we've actually had things to do and I've had blog posts that are gathering dust and since I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to housecleaning, the neglect is showing.

But hey we can write messages on the end tables. Thinks like "clean me you lazy bum" are always nice to find. At least that's what my kids tell me as I toss a rag at their heads. I think it's the little things that keep us together as a family unit. Little things like they can't escape me.

Right now I am a ball of nerves. Hubs went off to take his certification test while I sit here and magically have energy to clean. That and I got a message my friend from Texas has decided to stop by after all in a couple hours.

No pressure.

None whatsoever.

And what luck it's already in the mid 80s outside and it's not even noon. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days.