Monday, August 29, 2011

And Away We Go...

Starting another school year. So far I haven't cried, no one has sprained an eye from rolling it, and so far the eyebrows are all behaving. Too bad it's only 12 a.m. and I've yet to face the actual school day.

Minor detail.

This time last year I'm pretty sure I was crying, rocking in a corner, and inhaling a bag of chocolate. This time around no crying, no rocking but I did make a pan of brownies and I am guilty for eating most of the pan.

Jared is all set to go and right now the table looks like a bookstore sneezed all over it. It usually takes us a week or 2 to get it all figured out and to settle into a schedule. Just in time for Labor Day weekend to throw it all off. But since we've been off since the middle of May, I figured we better get cracking before they forget how to even spell their names.

I think I'm only partially kidding on that one.

I'm actually feeling pretty good about this year. It's next year that I'm terrified of. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth and that's just from me. I think I'll spend next summer trying to figure out how to slip the boys some form of pill that will chill them out. Or I'll hoard the pills so I will be completely chilled out while they go bazerk with an epic school load.

Works for me.

There were a few digs between N and M. N made the snarky comment about betting M won't even get out of bed on time tomorrow. I feel for both because I, too, can't get out of bed on time nor can I keep my mouth shut thus making any situation I find myself in much worse.

It is a gift.

That I keep trying to return.

This year they will NOT be working together as someone felt that his twin was an anchor to his day, a boulder around his neck pulling him into the deep waters of we will never get this done. The funny thing is Nicholas wasn't better at algebra but he got it done verses Michael took all the live long day. By forcing them to work together, it slowed N down enough to not make as many mistakes and it sped up M to get done before dinner.

All I can say is N better pray to God that he doesn't need M's help with Geometry next year or there will be crow to pay. I'm not sure what the currant price of crow is but I have a feeling dude's crow will have some serious inflation not to mention all the penalties.

Speaking of returning things...we may be getting rid of our Internet, TV, phone bundle. It turns out they feel the need to try and squeeze any amount of money we may think we might own. What fun! If we only had the money they thought we had I'm sure it would be all a walk in the park. Turns out reality says, "me thinketh not."

But thanks to some suggestions from the notorious Gangsta Ninja, Hubby is working on a plan that I really didn't pay attention to when he was telling me about it.

Paybacks for all the times he's fallen asleep in the middle of a conversation. So now if I find his conversations boring I zone out to my happy place. I just have to stop humming the theme song as that keeps giving me away.

And huge shout outs to Gangsta Ninja. We thought our brakes were really bad because they squealed and sort of didn't work when in reverse. He was kind enough to check them out and informed us they are fine just brake dust. And happy day! He still reads this trash. I am so sorry. I try to get better but this is me and there really is no improving.

Like this shocks you.

I do rant, don't I? Never mind - I don't want to know.

So I should try to go to bed because I have no idea how tomorrow will go. I found myself saying, "I think I can, I think I can" a few times. Not sure if that is progress or a sign that therapy is needed. Maybe both.

To all the parents about to face a new school year - we salute you!


A Complete Thought said...

We school year-round. I never said I wasn't crazy. And what keeps kicking me in the everloving is reading these posts about back to school angst and realizing that 65 days in and I'm still in angst. When does it clear? Where is the rhythm? The syncope? The theme song of ebony & ivory?

Your posts make me laugh. Albeit launching my own rant. My eyes are sprained from the tears. Cheers to you as the day progresses. May it be more blessing than curse.

WendyDarling said...

I'll be praying your first day goes well. :-) Today was day #1 of our 10 day break before beginning 9th grade. However, 2 major changes have already occurred... no shock there.

Instead of Monarch I will be using S.O.S., yet again. And, 2 "unscheduled" holidays will need to be worked into the schedule, while one that was worked in for the spring has been cancelled.

Good think I do my calenders/lesson plans in pencil. :-) Flexibility is motto. LOL... :-)

Joanna said...

We tried to school year round simply because we didn't get all the schooling done and it about killed us all. I would say take a longer break to find your theme song BUT if your system is working why try to fix it?

Rant away that way I don't feel so alone. :)

Wendy - thanks for the prayers! It went well. I've given up on pens for the same reason. Hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.

jubilee said...

Though we've never met in person, I can totally see you "crying, rocking in a corner, and inhaling a bag of chocolate!"


I am so glad that the eyebrows are behaving!