Monday, August 8, 2011

The Butt Is Dragging

Sounds like some weird diseased creature - the elusive dragon butt, able to be heard before you ever see it due to the weird noise of it's butt being dragged along the ground.

I'm not sure if my weirdness is a gift or if it makes me "gifted". Could very well be a tie.

Seems like the days are flying by and yet at the same time moving slower than the speed of mud. Last few days I have been just bone weary. Lot of stuff and more stuff. Kerri must have picked up on my desperation and we took off Saturday. Really wish God would just spill the beans on several things. The who, what, why, maybe and I don't know can creep in and wear me out sometimes. After I got back, the guys all took turns basically telling me why they are all on each other's nerve.

Do tell.

I sort of lost it Sunday. Not in a freak out yell fest but more of a can we please have a day where no one is irritated, no one is annoyed, and no one is whining at me to fix it, change it, make it go away or behave right, or fix dinner for that matter. It is a day of rest so get out of mah face.

Thankfully the eyebrow gave off a look that said first person to ask if it was a hormone day would be killed on the spot. God bless that eyebrow. It may be slightly neglected but the broad knows how to git r done.

Off to go face plant into my pillow.


jubilee said...

Oh, the eyebrow! My seven year old still has not caught on quite yet, but the other two know very well what happens if they defy the eyebrow! I always wondered what eyebrows were for when I was a kid. After becoming a mom, I know.

Love the new look of your blog! <>

Joanna said...

The eyebrow can save me from opening my mouth and then you just know it's going to go downhill from there. :}

I wanted something bright and cheerful that way it will mess with my head if I write all blue and sad. hee hee - not really but it's worth a shot.

rthling said...

When first I looked at your post title, I thought it said The Butt is Bragging. I wondered what it had to brag about.

Joanna said...

It's probably bragging that it is dragging. Like har har I'm supposed to be all firm and in the right position but here I am flopped on the floor with no intention of getting up and just slowing you down on everything.

Or something like that. ;)