Monday, August 22, 2011

The Craziness Continues

Or as we like to call it - just another day in paradise. Only without the paradise.

Which I can't really say that as I had a wonderful weekend.

Saturday was our anniversary. It started off all high tech - we sent gooey emails to each other. Sure as heck beats getting a card......that both of us forgot to get. But really who's counting after this many years anyway???

After paying dues in the mommy trenches for years, we have now reached the golden age of leaving the spawn without them needing supervision and they are too young to borrow a vehicle. So we left for the day. The house was still standing when we got back and no one was injured or maimed in the process.

Believe me, after the last couple weeks with these moody people, we had bets going on as to who would make it and who was going to be toast. I had just threatened the day before if I had to hear one more complaint about someone was being annoying, I was going to yank my ears off, hide in a corner, and refuse to cook for a week. Thankfully food is their love language right now so cooler heads prevailed. That and I promised to make lasagna if everyone chilled out.

And I'm still bitter that chocolate does nothing for boys and their PMS issues.

The last few times we ventured near a mall, the older 2 pretty much felt all hope was lost for society and wanted to get out as fast as possible. With Hubby job hunting here shortly if the darn paperwork would ever get here I had suggested some new threads may be needed. Which is way nicer than, "You're not going to wear THAT are you? You haven't bought any new clothes in over a decade."

Clearly, I am a master at subtlety.

Believe me it was a challenge because he hates to spend money on himself. Hence the decade with the same clothes.

We braved the mall, and wouldn't you know it - sales were a plenty. I will say that dude cracks me up. Most times you can't get him to talk to people yet when it comes to fashion - the flashier the tie, the happier he is. He doesn't clash at all and can match colors very well but wowzers - it can be bold.

The funny part is his children did NOT get this same sense of style. I think Michael may be the poster child for conservative dressing. Needless to say, they were not impressed with what their dad picked out. But my man looks good. Unless I grab the camera and then suddenly he makes faces that crack me up. I used one for my facebook profile and it makes me smile because we are that weird.

We had a blast going into stores and just looking at stuff. Slightly bummed as there were a few things I wanted to buy but it was out of the price range but it was nice to just look. Please tell me I'm not the only person who feels rushed to get stuff done? Most times I feel like it's go-go-go to get the errands done and then get home. To just stop and look at stuff? Well, who has time for that anyway?

Time is my love language. That and talking until Hubs passes out from all the words.

We get done with that and we headed back home much to the disappointment of the spawn. They perked back up when we informed them we were coming home to get them food and so that I could change clothes and then leave again.

I had a cute dress I wanted to wear but no way was I going to hoof it all over a mall in it and in non-supportive shoes. Just hand me my Ensure and walker and mammaw is ready.

So we tossed food at them and peeled out of the driveway. Had a nice time and we came home and sat in the van and just talked for over an hour. I like to think of it as a grown up version of hiding in the bathroom to get away from the kids.

And let me tell you it gets more complicated the older they get because now the guys want to join in on ALL the conversations. On one hand it's good for them to see how hard relationships can be and how they need to be committed to talking stuff out. On the other hand, it kind of freaks them out if my heads starts to spin.

Details, details.

But we had a very nice time. Then it was back to the reality of dang we have kids. And school starts up next week so we need to work on a schedule and what luck! it's time to go grocery shopping.