Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's A Tie!!!

What could be a tie you may wonder. It's between me being pressured with mommy guilt and being stupid. How else can you explain why I bought a paint by numbers kit for Jared and myself?

I swear I just heard someone say, "dude, what where you thinking?" (in your best Monica voice) IIIII KNOW!

After boy wonder bugged me within an inch of complete insanity, I gave in and away we painted. Or at least started cuz holy tiny print, batman! I am stiff and sore from being all hunched over. And I so should have seen it coming but that stupid part kicked in leaving me unprepared for the "Mom can you help me" look I got.

I'm not sure but I think he just sort of threw the paint on rather than actually use the brush but hey we're having fun and creating good memories. If we forget the fact that I yelled at him for bugging me and then he spent a good 5 minutes telling me why I'm sort of crazy and tend to yell a lot.

I did what any mother would do - wished him a kid just like himself so he too could understand going grey early.

But amazingly that was not the point of the blog post. Shocking, I know. I have been hinting about the white chocolate chex stuff on facebook for a few weeks. Today is your lucky day because I'm actually posting it here with pictures but not facebook because I have people on facebook I don't want reading my blog and vice versa.

One annoying cousin who can't seem to keep him mouth shut. Every village has an idiot and he is ours.

The recipe called for lemon and the whole It's A Tie title was we tried this with both lemon and lime and we all agree both are equally good. (But I don't recommend using both flavors at the same time)

What you will need is:

Not all that hard - even I can do this! I used the whole box of chex (12.8 oz) - dumped the whole thing in a large bowl.

Next in a microwave safe bowl dump in whole bag of white chocolate chips. (If a few try to jump out for freedom, gobble it up as an example to the rest of the chips. Or not. Tell the chip to go forth and be free but don't be surprised if the wayward chip brings in ants.)

Next add 1/4 cup of butter (half a stick).

Either a lemon OR a lime - zest the tarnation out of the fruit. Zest like you really mean it and then zest some more. Completely zest the fruit of choice. Then cut open the nekkid fruit and squeeze the life out of it. You'll need 2 Tablespoons of juice. Pour it in with the chips. (I had an extra lime because I didn't realize the fruit was juicy enough for 2T)

Microwave chips, butter, zest, and juice for 1 minutes and stir. Microwave longer until stirred smooth.

Torment your help while you wait for microwave. After stirring chips first time, torment him some more until he is on the floor begging and/or hiding from the camera. Like so...

Nicholas would be soooo mad at me if he knew I posted this so mums the word! It was actually nice to see him smiling instead of scowling OR chewing his fingers. Don't even get me started about it.

I would like to point out that the lemon stirred a lot smoother than the lime. The lime sort of gelled up like for some reason. But it all works.

Pour over cereal, stirring until evenly coated.

This is where having a helper is handy. According to the recipe you're to put the coated cereal into a 2 gallon zip lock bag. I, however, could not find a 2 gallon bag and therefore had to use 2 - 1 gallon bags. Hence the helper had to hold open bag.

Next you're to dump in 2 cups powdered sugar but since this is what we are dealing with 1 cup per bag. Then shake it like ya mean it! Keep shaking until it's all coated.

Lay down wax paper and then pour out the goodness to finish cooling. Then have your helper totally get his revenge by snatching the camera and taking a busted type picture.

I hear this is going to be exhibit A for some type of disagreement we may have at some point in the near future. Silly boy! I have waaay more photos for blackmailing that he will on me. It just dawned on me that I'm not wearing makeup in this picture. Just pretend you don't see the dark circles, k?


Dianne said...

I'm gonna make some for our family reunion this weekend. Yes, it's people I want to see. My sister got it together when she found out I had cancer again. Her way of trying to cope. Me, being me, and you know how that is, thinks I will get to see all the people that I only see when someone dies. And if it's me I wouldnt get to enjoy the party. So it's my party! Gonna make puppy chow, too. You know same recipe except peanut butter and chocolate

Julie said...

I have no idea what you mean by "zest your fruit"....

But it sounds pretty yummy!

Joanna said...

Dianne - should I be worried? Sounds like they are having a good-bye party. Don't go!!! Fight it!!
This is a nice summer twist of puppy chow. Hope you have a good time.

Julie - zest means you use a fine grater and grate the peel. That's called zest and I have no idea why. Toss it in with the rest of the stuff. Does that help?

The stuff is addicting and I want to face plant and eat my way out - Guess I have to make another batch.