Monday, August 15, 2011

Oy Vey!

It was a looong weekend. Our modem died like Friday afternoon at the stroke of 5. At least that is what I'm guessing because wouldn't you know it, after running through all the hoops no one could come out and fix it until Monday....morning.

Monday and morning should not go into a sentence together unless the word hate is somewhere smooshed into it.

So it was up to me to get up and be presentable waiting on Mr. Cable person. Dude was right on time and got it all fixed and the Internet was restored and there was rejoicing in the land!

Once I stopped yawning.

I bet this is Al Gore getting revenge on me for that snarky comment about him turning on the fans in Cuba to blast us with a heat wave to prove his global warming theory I made on Twitter a month ago.

Darn that Al!

So over the weekend I managed to dragged Hubby to go see the movie The Help Friday night. How often do you here a movie doing a book justice? This one did. Loved it. Loved the book, loved the movie - I will buy it on DVD the moment it's in stores. Everyone has blogged about seeing it and yes they left out stuff but the flow of the movie really went with the book. And I've never seen a movie stay that true to a book before. See Irma? Miracles do still happen.

After we saw the movie, we had to hop over to the Wal-marts because Hubby had a brilliant idea for a Lego container and we didn't get it while we went grocery shopping because I wasn't sure we could fit all the groceries, the hurkin container, and our children all in the van.

I'm so picky.

I know I joke about stuffmart quite a bit. And this isn't really their fault. But the freaks were out in full force after 11 pm. First, I get out of our van to have the guy in the car next to our start to meow at me. That's a true story right there.

Once we got away from king meows-a-lot, we ran smack dab behind the beanie hat brigade. It was still rather warm out and all 5 of them had winter hats on. Their ages range from should know better and beyond. I swear there is something funky in the water near the Wal-marts.

Needless to say, we did not dilly-dally at stuffmart. On top of that they were restocking the shelves and we could barely get the cart through anything.

Sunday we took the boys out to Cracker Barrel. I think the eye twitching was going full force and I may, or may not, have refused to cook. I'm not really sure - it was all a blur. The angst was at an all time high for everyone. Lack of Internet, a lot of unknown, and a bunch of other stuff just left everyone is a grumpy mood. It seems when we are feeling sad and blue, we like to go out in public where we can always find a handful of people that makes us feel oh, so much better about ourselves.

Don't look at me all innocent like. You know you do it too.

After we stuffed ourselves, we made a trip to Target to get Jared new shoes. Turns out his feet decided to grow. We had some hand-me-down shoes but Hubster can't find where he put them. I'll leave off how smug I felt about the whole thing. Dude made him go through old shoes because dude wants to pack as much stuff up as possible. Now he can't find anything. I think I deserve extra points for not saying, "welcome to my world."

We barely made it home in time for the food coma to hit, aka a nap. At least I did, I have no idea what the rest of the yahoos did. When I woke up everyone was in a better mood. Good thing I had that nap. Hardly got any sleep last night as I was worried I wouldn't hear the alarm and miss the cable guy fixing the Internet.

Why, yes, I have no life and only connect with people through the Internet and am slightly addicted. However could you tell? You couldn't even see the eye twitch.

Wonder if I can sneak in another nap?


jubilee said...

Made me laugh out loud, girl! Thanks for that! ;)

Joanna said...

Oh anything for a laugh!