Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I bit the bullet and got the transcripts done. It turns out my brilliant self, who was in a massive panic attack at thinking of homeschooling through high school, bought a book that, low and behold, walks you through the whole planning of it AND came with a CD that has all these forms and whathaveyou so easy peasy rice and cheesy.

Amazing when you actually READ the book and all those words linked together with forms and instructions. Actually looks all professional like.

And I homeschool.

If this doesn't prove to you people that God has a sense of humor, I truly fear for you because you are hopeless. Or I'm hopeless. Or maybe it's a combination of both of us or all of us in this deep journey of being without hope. Or not.

I think I was born with a BS degree - whatcha think?

Further proof - my mother....

Now I could just leave it like that and you would just nod your head but wait....there's more.

When we last left our heroine, she had FINALLY stood up for herself. It was truly amazing, she did it with her knees totally knocking and she questioned if it would actually do anything. More than a month went by and still she found herself hunched over waiting for the proverbial smack to the head.

An email arrived in our heroine's in box asking her for her brother-in-law's address because he had been on the mother person's mind and feels she should write him a letter.

Come again???

I hear nothing on the subject of 'we will go no further until this gets talked out' and the only thing I get back is the request for my BIL's address?? Which is going to be awkward since boy wonder still lives with his parents - my in-laws. That would be the same MIL who hates my mother and I'm pretty sure at one point had a voodoo doll of my mom which she says that was before Jesus. Frankly, I'm still skert.

The only time my parents interacted with the dude was at our wedding. I sent the email on to my MIL and asked what she would like as it's HER address and HER son that my mom thinks will be able to convince him to turn his life over to Jesus. Clearly all the rest of our attempts could not possibly reach the same levels that her compelling words can reach.


First thing that came to my mind was geez mom, mind your own business. I was a little worried MIL was going to go off about it but she didn't and didn't really say anything about it.


I'm now wondering if she's pulling the doll back out.

Hubs said I shouldn't respond to the email as I was very clear that there was no moving forward until other issues were dealt with. Obviously my mother spent a whopping 2 seconds mulling that one over and pressed on.

And she accuses ME of having attention issues??

But I feel this is just a test for me. All the junk that was spewing from the whole issues, I turned over to Jesus and put it on the moving truck and He drove it away. So now I find myself facing an old issue but trying to find new habits on how to deal with it.

She still shocks the crap out of me but I'm finding that it's not having power over me.

One step at a time out of this grave.


Julie said...

I don't know if we will be homeschooling in highschool. The whole accredited thing scares me a lot, and while I know I could make transcripts and such, I worry that they won't be accepted into college, and Jared has his heart set on University of Oregon. (Go Ducks! *lol*) ... We're thinking about a charter school for high school...

Maggie S. said...

Um. Dude.

My girls are twins, too. Have we covered this. I had a massive panic attack about homeschooling high school.

And my mother...

Are we related?

jubilee said...

Stood up for myself in a family issue and it all hit the fan and landed on me. Erg.
Seems I put things on the moving truck, but must've hailed the driver to pull over and let me take it back off again. Oops.
Round #2

Joanna said...

Julie - I would go on the University's website and see what their requirements are. A lot of Universities are becoming more homeschool friendly. Check out the HSDLA to see what your state requires. But see what U of O requires as that will determine your next steps.

Maggie - I'm writing up a blog post on the whole homeschool high school thang. Welcome to the club of crazy mothers - you are among friends! We keep this up and we may need to order jackets. hee hee

Jubilee - Keep at it girl! It has got to be better than putting up with all the drama.