Thursday, August 4, 2011

Where Do I Begin?

Or maybe I should title it where do I end?

So we had Monday with Hubby passing his test. All they post is a pass/fail so he won't know what the score is until he gets the papers but at least he knows he passed the test. Now it's just that hurry up and wait.

My fav-o-rite thang to do in the world.

I think I just choked on my own sarcasm. That may be a first for me.

But no matter how many times I tell the in-laws this they don't seem to get it. I've had a few emails from cousins that I've had to explain it a couple times. I'm starting to feel like no one really listens any more. Okay, if you don't want to listen then why are you asking me over and over and over and over and....

It truly is a mystery why I dream about moving far, far, far away. Not really but I felt like typing that.

The next day turned into a tornado of you're kidding, right? The TV goes ker-blewy. The TV that my in-laws brought to us at Christmas time when they decided to upgrade. For whatever reason, there was angst amongst the ranks and emotions were tense. Spent most of the day hashing things out and everyone was all good.

And then I wanted to swan dive off a cliff.

In the middle of all this bandwagon of fun, I realized I never did get around to making up actually transcripts for the older 2. So I've spent almost all day shlumping through lessons, grading and trying to figure out percentages to come up with an actually grade.

And then I really, really wanted to swan dive off that cliff.

It wasn't too bad but I'm having a bit of trouble on figuring out a grade for Literature. It was an epic fail. I will give Nicholas credit as he was the only one that finished Robinson Crusoe. All I can tell you about that book is the guy was stupid for ever going out to sea and I think the first captain was correct and the sea hates him and he should never go sailing again. True to form of the male mind - can't tell me what to do only for it to go very bad for him like 3 more times.

Nicholas looked at me and said the guy wasn't too bright and may have been the Forrest Gump of his time.

I don't know, but that guy's box of chocolates were full of nuts and may not have been covered in chocolate after all.

Just saying.

So I'm sort of stuck with that. They did do some of the work but this was not their cup of tea. They tried, I'll give them that. Can anyone tell me why this crap is considered classic reading and deemed to be forced down our throats when you need a translator to explain it?? Example: Shakespeare. I still have no clue what the guy was talking about. And I'm supposed to get my kids to read it and grade them on it when I STILL have no clue what he's trying to say?? Me thinketh this doth stinketh.

But I'm almost done with it so hooray for me.

On a side note, took the guys to see Captain America and it was really good!! But for whatever reason no one was playing it locally. We ended up having to take out a small loan to take the 5 of us to go see a movie in the afternoon and get a half ounce of liquid I can only assume was at one time some flavored carbonated beverage. Thought we would toss life to the wind and got 10 pieces of popcorn and only every other one was buttered.

My pocketbook is still feeling the pain from that.

My FIL called tonight to tell us that he saw they are hiring for pharm techs at their local Walgreen's. Promise me you people will intervene and hunt us down and kill me if that looks like a possibility. Please?? Pretty please????

I'm not sure why, but Hubs is still keeping things under wraps. I'm wondering if he would be really good at poker because he doesn't like to talk about things until they are concrete and set in stone (ar, ar) and then and only then will he slowly reveal what he may, or may not, be thinking. Because you just never really know.

I'm concern on a number of levels. So far I've managed to distract myself with a bag or 20 of M&Ms. I've been informed that I've been walking around mutter a lot and have a death grip on the bag of peanut M&Ms. They must have me confused with their father because he never shares those. I might not be the brightest bulb in the tanning bed but I do know how to get mah chocolate.

Like that was some big surprise.


jubilee said...

I was never able to get through Robinson Crusoe either. I think Nicolas is right: That ol' R.C. was the Forrest Gump of his time. Either that, or Daniel Defoe was. *smirk*

Kelley said...

That sounds like my husband! He can keep secrets for the longest time. He is just not as emotional as me. I guess that is no surprise! (Sorry you wanted to swan dive off of a cliff so much.)

Julie said...

I tried reading Robinson Crusoe when I was younger, but never got into it... But, I LOVED The Swiss Family Robinson. :)

Jared will be in 8th grade this coming fall and for the first time won't be doing the Bob Jones literature curriculum (I wasn't impressed with the 7th grade stuff, but loved the K5 through 6th grade stuff). Instead I gave Jared a list of books and had him choose 4 to read throughout the year (one per quarter). Then I got some study guides though Progeny Press to go with each book. He will be reading "Treasure Island", "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "Island of the Blue Dolphins", and "The Swiss Family Robinson". (I already owned the books, just needed the study guides, which I can reuse for the rest of the kids :) )

Here's hoping that he enjoys Lit a bit more this year!

Joanna said...

Jubilee - hee hee

Kelley - it must be some sort of male trait or they're all brain dead. Some days I wonder...
Suddenly the swan dives makes sense. :)

Julie - the hard thing with high school is you pretty much got one shot at it and you have to move on to other stuff. He's not into reading fiction as he's pretty sure it'll come out in a movie at some point in time. Does slapping him upside the head count as exposure to lit? ;)

Kerri said...

Well hurray on passing!!! I'm sure he got a terrific grade. Hope you are not so much muttering anymore but relaxing and chilling!