Thursday, September 29, 2011


The week flew by faster than what I thought it would and I haven't blogged at all. Tonight was the first night I actually got to zone out in front of the TV. I don't know if the whole satellite TV technology has come a long way or what but dish Network is totally rocking it. Thunderstorms a plenty and not one glitch in the show. When we had it at our old place, if a bird flew over the house we had no signal for about 4 minutes. Which went over oh, so well when your kids are glued to Blue's Clues.


Not a pleasant memory.

And now I will tear up at that memory because I kind of miss those little guys. I like them now but just wish I could sometimes go back and sop up the memory and savor it just a little bit longer. They were so stinking cute! If you tell them that now, they will roll their eyes and may glare at you.

Or maybe that's just at me.

Except right now I can call them anything and they wouldn't care. Their birthday gift arrived today. Now the great debate of knowing what it is and it's in the house and they can't touch it is in full swing. Because we are that evil. Actually, we got a good price on eBay and I wanted to get it while we still had money because thanks to all the rain, Hubby hasn't worked. But he worked one day soooo can't really file for unemployment.

Why yes, that sound was me banging my head against the desk. Repeatedly.

I informed everyone that they will be dining on Ramen noodles and toast for the next few weeks. They all laughed and said I was funny. I'm now slightly skert of a revolt. It was worth a shot.

I did feel bad for the guy who installed the dish. We are surrounded by trees, and the side that isn't shivering in the shade is being swallowed whole by ivy. That thing is a beast. Hubs has battled that sucker every year and the ivy wins vines down.

Couldn't resist, mate.

Dude is also very allergic to the stuff. It doesn't matter how lightly the stuff brushes him, it will get ugly. He can no longer go out the side door that use to go to the dog's area because the vines have now covered the screen door. We've hacked the thing 4 times in the last 2 months and it's grown back every time. Like I said, it's a beast.

If all the trees and the insanely high pitched roof wasn't bad enough, it was raining most of the day. I made the guy some pumpkin pecan bread and brewed him some coffee and the man declared I was the best woman on the face of the earth. Proof that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That and he was single.

But there is rejoicing in the land. Except I'm having a hard time learning all new channels. I'm use to channels being in a certain line up and now it is all mess up. My brain is not happy it has to learn a new trick. This should shock no one.

We finally got the whole magicJack thing worked out. It sounded like talking on a phone while underwater. Truly a heroic feet when you consider the whole no-no of water and electricity but somehow we managed it. But made it rather difficult if I wanted to actually understand the person. What can I say? I'm rather demanding like that. We've been having a problem with USB ports in the back of the computer not working but the front ones work splendidly so changed where it was plugged into and good as new.

So it has been a technology week and that usually causes my head to hurt. Which is rather odd because I sort of get that stuff but when I can't make it work the first go-around, I get so frustrated I tend to have a meltdown.

I am weird, hear me squeak.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Only A Monday....

Can show up and poop all over me. I've tried to write this post like 40 times but have everyone and everything decide not happening chick.

There is good news, bad news and a whole lot of nothing news. In other words same crap different day. But since I haven't blogged for a few days - this will be long

Good news - it's cooler out so it was time to take out the window air-conditioning units. Bad news Hubby wasn't working because it was SUPPOSED to rain. Please note sarcasm because rain vamoosed by late morning and was a beautiful day. Good news - the honey do list was tackled. Bad news - Hubs went to take out unit number 1 and the window broke....and cut his hand.

So I walk into the room to see holy heck the There was no amount of tape that was going to keep that bad boy together. Then I notice a lot of bandage on Hubs wrist. I was about 2 seconds from freaking out thinking it cut his wrist open and he was going to pass out and I was all prepared to wail don't leave me.

Like this shocks you.

Thankfully dude saw the look of panic and said it was just a scratch on his hand, not his writs. He even peeled off the band-aid to show me.

Which I have to stop and ask why? Why on earth would he think this would make me feel better? Especially since I tend to pass out at the sight of blood, or the talk of blood. Makes surviving Easter services rather challenging just so you know.

In the middle of all this heavy lifting and breaking, Hubs had hurt his back the night before. It didn't help that he was trying to do an impersonation of a pretzel all in his sleep. This left him rather stiff and slow moving. It also didn't help that I reminded him repeatedly that now that he's 40 these things are to be expected.

For an old guy he can really toss a mean pillow.

So he had to go get stuff and blah, blah, blah end of the day new window, all fixed, all better. But we agreed the other 2 units can wait for another day. Probably not happening tomorrow because all that rain we were SUPPOSED to get is now showing up Tuesday.

But good news is we are getting Dish Network installed Tuesday afternoon. All in time for the new episodes of everything to kick in. Like the Duggars. Who Nicholas stalks. I think he has a crush on one of their girls but so far he has denied it. So there is all kinds of happy going on that TV will be back tomorrow.

Joyous music playing in the back ground

Believe me the distraction is needed because there are a couple flair ups that have me frustrated.

Because bad news, Hubby hasn't had 1 nibble on the 100 applications and such that he has filled out. I did have a brief panic attack at the thought of being on unemployment again. But after I talked myself off the ledge, I finally had to say Ok God, You'll take care of us either way.

More bad news, I get this crazy email from my mom all freaking out about our phone being disconnected and that she hadn't heard anything from me. So I guess the 2 emails I sent her giving her my new email address, letting her know the situation and a reminder, not to mention the birthday card was just a joke? Then I get an email demanding a phone number.

But of course.

The holidays will soon be upon us and she wants to make sure she can demand we feed them and my grandparents again. So far I haven't given it to her. Which means I can wait a week until she truly fruits out.

Wonder if I can sell tickets?

But now she is flooding my new email with junk that the end of the government is near and on and on and on. Weird Al has a song called "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" that really applies. I was dared to send it to her but I'm not feeling that brave.

And just because we had been so desperate, we actually picked out another church to check out. I think I'm at the point again of just staring into the abyss and I really would like to not do that again. I didn't really want to go but it was something to do. Lovely attitude.

It was good, worship was good, message was good. We got up to leave and the lady who was in front of us turned around and motioned both of us over to her and said that she kept getting the word transition regarding us. She said that we've gone through a lot of shaking and that it's been very hard but not to be discourage, it's been of the Lord and that He's is going to launch us out and not to panic that He does have a plan and it's going to be better than what we could even think or dream, but to hold on to each other in this time of transition.


I almost bawled all over a total stranger. And I mean it would have been an ugly cry with snot and everything.

I may have mentioned a time or 30 I don't like to cry in front of people. I've had it used against me too many times. Showing that vulnerability has bit me in the butt more than I care to count, so I don't.

Now I'm wondering - launch out where and what? Am I going to need wings? A floatation devise? Can I have a vowel? Is it all shook off? Is the transition about to be done? Because I'll tell ya, there are times when I'm on the floor screaming uncle.


The guys all want to go back next week. I still don't want to. Their whole theme is to go forth and tell the people and I still have the attitude that people suck so no thanks. I know, I disgust myself sometimes too.

We shall see and one day at a time. The guys have all told me that I sound like a broken record because I guess I've said that line a few times too many.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Whatever As I Forgot To Count

So far I was able to keep the guys distracted that hey, you can't watch anything. But then we had to return the video game and movie and now Jared is shlumping around all full of woe and scorn. It is sad to watch. Rather pitiful. I'm not sure how much longer he will hold out.

We'll get around to it....eventually. Just right now everything is up in the air.

We got a MagicJack thing and I feel a little bit better now. Local and long distance for as long as I can blab (and believe me, I can) all for $20 A YEAR. So long as the computer is on the phone works. Now I can leave my kids and not try to communicate through email. Because let me tell you that was an epic fail.

At least we're part way there to....whatever it is we are reaching for.

Speaking of epic and fail all rolled into one, this job hunting thing has been nuts. I think all this waiting is about to do me in. Hubby waited for over 2 weeks for something through something to write his resume. After my brain exploded, I dragged him to the computer and made him pull up the questionnaire thing on the unemployment's website and got resume done.

We'll just leave off my first job was working at a copy shop place that just happened to write resumes.

Why yes, my cuss jar is totally overflowing. Creepy. It's like you know.

One thing I have learned is that a thesauruses is golden. You don't want to say the same word over and over even though it applies in multiple areas. It lacks imagination. And imagination is something I seem to excel at. I find I don't seem to do well at promoting myself which is probably why my blog is non-existent on the blogsphere.

At one point I was getting desperate and wanted Hubs to put "excessively orderly" on the resume. He stopped and gave me this look to which I had to ask, "what?" He said he's pretty sure that the word excess is on the negative side and therefore wouldn't look good. He then gave me another look knowing full well what it was I was trying to say.

Darn those Jedi powers of his!

Is it really MY fault that just happens to be one of the definitions for anal?? I don't think so. I try to play the total coincidence card but he wasn't convinced. I'm thinking the dictionary on my lap may have been a give away.

But all that is done and posted. I think he has about 2 weeks of work left and then it's unemployment time OR some job will open up quick. At this point it's going to have to be local as there is no way we can move right now. Unless, of course, we're kicked out of here but that doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Who knew totally changing professions would be this crazy, right? Oh wait, this has happened before. It's still crazy. I'm still not a fan of all this not knowing either. And I miss the TV. I was bored before but now I'm reminded just how bored I really am with nothing to fill in all that space.

Oh TV! How we miss thee.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

This And That

When we last left our heroine, she was trying to keep the eye twitch in check as all things cable and phone like were pulled. In an attempt to keep the guys from mourning the beloved TV, our heroine desperately tried to find something to occupy the mindless masses for a few days. Throwing something shiny at them doesn't work. As luck would have it, the weather has turned cooler so she suggested the guys go camping (minus J) and they applauded her brilliance.

There was almost rejoicing in the land. Because I wasn't totally free as I had Jared.

Actually it wasn't too bad. Jared and I went out to eat, rented a video game and movie. I let him play the video game so I could get a few things done and not have him hover.

Oh the hovering! Don't even get me started on the hovering!!!

Too late.

He likes to hover and when he's bored it gets waaay worse. As in I end up tripping over him because he is hovering. And for whatever reason all my boys get in the way all the flipping time. If I'm cooking, someone will block the pantry or if I'm trying to get something out of the frig, chances are one of them is there.

It's like they know.

And it does drive me nuts. It also causes Hubby to develop his own eye twitch and/or to yell or possible growl like a breast because of all the hovering. I have no idea why they do it and you would think after so many years of yelling/growling that they would start to figure it out. Sadly, you would be wrong. The worst is when we're trying to get dinner ready. I tell everyone to get their drinks ahead of time.

Silly rabbit, kids don't listen.

Then when I'm trying to dish everything up, the whole crew is in the kitchen getting this, getting that and totally in the way making everything take longer. It's a miracle we ever have hot food.

Anyway, hovering? Not a fan. I am all for deflecting the hovering.

So after a few hours of blessed peace and quiet, we watched the movie we rented - Up. I know. Sure makes me want to hover over the boys and possibly try to stuff them in a bag and hold them close at least for about 5 minutes until they fight back. I like it but sort of hate it, but really like it. Jared and I have been doing the messed up munchkin voice of the Alpha dog all.weekend.long.

But it did bring about some serious hovering followed with "I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

I guess you can say fun was had by all.

It's a sad attempt to distract from the lack of TV watching. Which is failing because I've been told a time or 20 that a few shows will start back up in another week. Oh well. I will have to attempt something else soon. I can tell Nicholas' thumb is starting to twitch from lack of remote control button pushing. We haven't reached critical levels......yet.

Friday, September 16, 2011

So It's Come To This....

Me - walking around in a bathrobe, muttering to myself holding a defunct remote. Wait a second, that sounds like me all the time. Okay, what if my lip was quivering? Oh yeah, you're used to me whining anyway.


What could cause this slightly abnormal dip in sanity level? How long you got?? Kidding! Sort of.

You'll have to excuse the rambling because I am not sure where the brain is going to go with this crazy train wreck.

We finally got all the Internet stuff all figure out and taken care of so it was time for the dismantling of the cable and all that it brought to our house of crazy. Internet wasn't a good bye so I didn't even flinch. But then....the box connected to our awesome TV was unhooked....and I felt my lip tremble. I was just breathing through that when.....


Which is hilarious. Would you like to know how often I use the phone anymore? Zilch, almost I have no friends, no posse, no....nothing. I find it alarming, amusing, and not surprising all rolled into one big gooey mess. I've whined, I've complained - this blog is my therapy session after all but I seem to be in the lather, rinse, repeat cycle.

It's not like I haven't blogged about it all before anyway so we'll just keep the train a moving, m'kay?

Anyhoo, we don't use it as much so there was no reason to pay the redonkulous amount of money for it. Fair enough. But on the few occasions I can pry myself out of here, I would like to be able to keep in touch and vice versa. Hubs and I had to run to the store and Nicholas and I tried emailing back and forth a couple questions.

I did mention I text like a challenged toddler, right? At least I did until Hubby showed me the swipe feature. Nice! But it didn't help that Nicholas was listening to Pandora and wasn't in his email so didn't get a few emails.

It felt like we had 2 cans tied together by a long string of rope trying to communicate the importance of fabric softener. (I'm not really sure why that blurted out but for some reason the brain thought that made sense so we'll just go with it.)

While at the store, I asked Hubs about the whole Magicjack thing. The look of duh that crossed his face was rather priceless. We will be getting one shortly. Because I was beyond uncomfortable with just emailing back and forth. My phone doesn't always let me know it got an email.

Leave it to me to have a smart@ss smartphone.

We've tried to change the setting but this is me we are talking about and when I regained consciousness, the guys were flipping through the book trying to figure it out.

But it is a sad moment that the phone is no more.

Then I remembered my parents don't have my cell number and I smiled. Then I remembered my MIL practically demanding it on facebook and then I frowned.

Suddenly the muttering is making sense now.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's The Final Countdown

Aaahhhh! I now have that song going through my head!!! That's NOT what I meant!! Make it stooooppppp!!!!

Sorry - total flashback there. But this is what happens when I am running on not much for sleep.
Here I sit...waiting on a phone tech repair person. He should be here from the hours of 8 AM to 2 PM. It's a good thing I have no life or I would find this highly annoying.

Scratch that. I still find it highly annoying.

I did mention I'm running low on sleep, right? I'm talking down to fumes. And here's a little weird thing about me - caffeine doesn't perk me up. It will keep me up until sunrise but it doesn't wake me up. I feel so jilted it's not even funny. It's not that I like being up late at night, I just find it impossible to go to sleep. So when dreamland finally happened for me, it did not leave a whole lot of hours for sleep to do it's magic. As in it didn't.

I almost felt a wave of pity for the guys.

I said almost.

1 hour has come and gone and nothing. I'm slightly concern that in another hour I may have to prop my eyelids open with toothpicks. But thankfully dude arrived and got everything squared away.

When Hubs called to see how everything went, I told him I love him dearly but I think he just needs to be stabbed to death a few times and then burst into tears. He said that was a pathetic attempt at hogging the last of the S'more bars but sadly for him, I already polished it off and I left a little bit of chocolate smudge in the corner of my mouth just to mock him.

That wave of pity came back.

I have a feeling I will need to take an evening primrose oil pill or 7 tomorrow. Please offer up prayers for the guys that I don't kill them.

But in happier news...

Overpriced cable, Internet, and TV provider? Yeah you. The one that sends me fliers announcing all the same services for $70 a month for NEW customers but tells me I'm not new and don't qualify therefor getting stuck with the oh dear God price? Your days are up and the hourly countdown has begun. Signed, bitter old customer who's turnip refuses to give blood.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Much Of Nothing

While I know this normally doesn't stop me from rambling on....there's not much to report. Just getting back into the swing of things. Spent the day battling nasty smelly guy laundry. My gagging reflexes are telling me it's time to do the sheets and blankets.

Definitely a strange way to cut calories. After dealing with their laundry my stomach says no thanks on the off chance the gagging wins.

On a side note, today is Cruella DeVil my mom's birthday. I mailed out a card Friday so she should get it today. And that is all I have to say about that.


You know that's not true.

I like to think this is progress. I'm reading a book about safe people. It should come to no ones surprise that my folks are not safe people for me. I'm not at the chapter yet on what you're supposed to do with unsafe people. Screaming go away you nut job hasn't worked so I guess I should get to reading.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beef - It's What's For Dinner

It has been a bit crazy around here lately. The guys will never admit it but the routine was missed. Can't say as all the schoolwork was but having to get up and do something has brought back a sigh of relief.

Or maybe that's just from me.

So with all the crazy and the routine hopping around, I hauled out the crock pot and tried something new. I grabbed a 3-4 pound roast and introduced it to some new friends.

Say hello to the new friends.

That Paula Deen sauce is called Sweet Bourbon Glaze. It is so sassy good, I'm pretty sure if you pour it on your head, your tongue will beat your brains out to get to it.

This is one of those accidental recipes. I had a shredded beef sandwich before and I was sort of going for that but had a different recipe but I decided right in the soup aisle that I was just going to toss that thought out the window and see where I landed. And I landed in the bottled sauce aisle where my eyes gazed upon Paula's sweet face.

I am convinced you just can't go wrong with Paula so that is what I went with. Anyone who likes that much butter knows what she is talking about when it comes to the cooking.

I so wish she would adopt me, or be the cool aunt or something where I could just hang out with her. But then I would do something gooberish that only I can do and then she would give me that wide-eyed look of hers that just screams, "honey, you're a bit strange" and back away from me.

But her sauce? To die for. But it does have a kick.

So I had the roast, placed it in crock pot, sprinkled it with Lawry's then dumped the French onion soup and the whole bottle of wonderfulness on top, slammed the lid down and walked away.

I'm not really sure why I added the French Onion but it was part of the original recipe and can you really go wrong with French Onion? I didn't think so.

Hours later....

The smell was wonderful and did the whole Bugs Bunny scent that pulled me in. Probably because it was time to shred the meat. Took 2 forks and went to town. Returned shredded meat to the wonderful sauce and had temp on low and waited for Hubby to get home.

I had some French rolls that I used. Sliced them open, added provolone cheese, and loaded up the goodness. The guys loved it, I loved it, but Jared didn't care for it but that was no surprise. Most nights he doesn't like what I make anyway. I try to make something he does like the following night to balance out when he just stares at his plate. I made meatloaf and the boy was petting it telling it he would love it forever then bit into it. Strange child. Not sure where he got it from.

Crickets stopped chirping to laugh hysterically

Stomped on annoying crickets

Anyhoo, it was pretty good if you can handle the kick and all the sass. Hmm, sounds like someone I know.....ME! Me in a bottle.....with Paula Deen's face on it.......awkward. But maybe that means there is hope for us getting along after all. She can clearly handle sass so maybe I won't freak her out.....too much.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Another Happy Trip To The Stuffmart

If it wasn't for the fact that we need food and they offer it at low prices, I would avoid this place. And I'm starting to add up the amount we spend and I'm surprised they don't throw welcome back parties for us every time we go.

This trip was, sad to say, almost as bad as the last trip. Had to get the older 2 a couple pairs of pants each and I'm drawing a complete blank as to why it was so high. I did noticed the boys made a huge effort to remember to get food for lunches. It seems they were overly focused on snacks and sort of short changed themselves - at least J did. The other 2 are all about food.

Who informed me that they are 2 months away from turning 16.

And then I blacked out.

When I came to I was sporting a mysteries bruise. Turns out they didn't catch me and just let me face plant right there on the floor near the coffee table which I'm pretty sure is what I bounced off of.

This would be the third time this week I have attempted to do myself in. I may, or may not, get back to that story. Depends on how long this story takes to wrap it up.

So there I was, completely oblivious to the dollar shock I was going to encounter. Checking my list, getting stuff to feed these people who accuse me of skimping. As if. But when I looked up from my list, I found myself surrounded by babies. I was not aware I was in baby land, looked at which aisle I was in, and was reassured I wasn't. Instead baby land exploded and they all landed right around me.

I've come to the conclusion that there are only 2 types of babies - 1) the babies that make your ovaries sigh and say, why yes, I need another, and 2) the babies that make your ovaries shrivel up to the size of raisins and your uterus tries to crawl out of your body to threaten you if you even think about it.

Now here was the kicker - there were plenty of both. So there my poor self was all aww! to ahhh! to aww!! to ahhhh!!!! and back again. It was the weirdest abdominal workout I have ever encountered! And not in a good way. I had to make a mad dash out of there before my internal organs exploded.

It was not pretty. And suddenly the extra bag of chocolate and the 5 bags of Doritos is starting to makes sense now. The Stadium Nacho is so good, I'm starting to think it's sprinkled with crack.

Mmmm, Doritos. *drool*

Then we ran into people we sort of knew. I can't say as I knew them but I had worked in the nursery and I remembered their spawn. Can't say the years have done wonders. Wonder if shock collars would work on them?

Yeah, don't look at me all innocent like. You know there has been at least 1 kid where the thought crossed your mind. See? You have a visual now, don't you? Don't worry, I won't judge. I may even give you pointers on how to hog tie them so they will hold still to apply said collar.

Now if I only knew how to hog tie......

I think if I ever get roped into nursery duty again that will be a skill I will invest in. But the chances of that happening are slim to none so everyone is safe.

In other news, my smart phone is annoying me. I think it likes to brag that it is smarter than me as I can't figure out how to make a couple things work. I've found that my cousin and I can make Skype calls to each other for free. Bonus! But I'm not happy to be losing the home phone because what if the boys need to get a hold of me on those rare occasions I'm actually away from them? Plus I don't talk to anyone except my cousin. Anymore it's mainly through emails. Which I've discovered I text like a severely impaired toddler.

I've been informed that is an insult to the impaired toddler.

Kills me. I can type super duper fast and yet my thumbs have let the team down. Luckily, I discovered swipe which is texting for dummies.

Like me.

Who can't text worth a darn.


It has been a huge pain to switch stuff around and blah, blah I'll spare you the details. It's just another log of hurry up and wait to toss on the fire of limbo land. I need to get several things done before this month is up. Like renewing insurance and getting tags for both vehicles and pay off the mafia run cable company before they send someone. Hubby has applied to a few jobs - all of them out of state. New state - new plates. So now I'm wondering.....and waiting....and wondering.....what the heck to do.

All these decisions and the not knowing for the last few YEARS has been a kick in the pants. Where was that darn cliff for me to toss myself off of when I need it? Oh wait, that's right, that would be too freakishly close to being a plan. And we just can't be having that now can we???

Double sigh

At least I have my own bag of Doritos.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's That Time Of Year When....

I want to shove a tampon up my nose to get all the drips. Only this time around my nose isn't drippy, it is itchy. It's so itchy that I tend to rub my nose and while that only brings a bit of relief, I find after 40 times I'm ready to punch myself in the face to see if it will numb the itch.

So far, that's a big n-o on the numbing part.

Jared about wet himself from laughing to see me punch my nose. Which is better than when I had to explain to him what tampons are REALLY used for. He said he can never look at another one again the same way. His dad hearing that said he better not be looking at tampons.

Oh what a crazy house we can be!

I tried taking a knock-off Zyrtec and it knocked me out. My nose didn't itch and I could breathe but I was out cold. Good thing I took it at night or that could have been interesting. As in not at all.

I made another recipe from Pioneer Woman. I finally got to make the Peach-whiskey-BBQ chicken with smashed potatoes. It was so good! Jared even liked it. And that just never happens. It wasn't even smothered in cheese dust. It was a miracle.

The guys all want me to email Ree and tell her how fantabouls it was. For some reason they think I KNOW her and we're on a first name basis and talking to each other. Yeah, they still don't get how this works. I mean Hubby dear still teases me that my Interpeeps are just my imaginary friends.

He's just jealous because the voices in his head like me better.

Actually he's grumpy because he insisted on getting me a smart phone because we're going to pull the plug on our bundle pack. He'll be getting one too once he starts a new job. Construction isn't very nice to things. It has been crazy around here trying to get stuff set up and hooking up stuff and blah, blah, blah.

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

Nice visual, huh?

So he's not sure when he'll get a super cool new phone. And I got to stop him because he's figuring out the phone and how to set it up and if I don't learn it I won't know how and I'll just toss the phone at his head to fix it.

And I made the mistake of playing Angry Birds because Jared heard it and now bugs me non-stop to play it. I think I'll sling shot his butt across the room.....that is if the top of his head wasn't at eye level. I think he's growing every time I'm not looking at him.

But our first week of school went well. I wasn't rocking in the corner, I wasn't face first on the floor crying for deliverance. The guys did crack open the German and they said it's easy for now. Again, I'm not holding my breath but can't complain. I can tell they all like having the routine again but they'll never admit it.

In answer to a couple emails (why you turkeys don't just put them in the comments I'll never know) I did send my mom my new email address but NOT the new phone number. She emailed back demanding to have the cell number and then acted like the truce was call off and began sending me tons of emails about the world is doomed and coming to an end by next week Thursday.

And that's why she's not getting the phone number because it's actually worse to hear it in person probably because you can't just hit the delete button.