Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day Whatever As I Forgot To Count

So far I was able to keep the guys distracted that hey, you can't watch anything. But then we had to return the video game and movie and now Jared is shlumping around all full of woe and scorn. It is sad to watch. Rather pitiful. I'm not sure how much longer he will hold out.

We'll get around to it....eventually. Just right now everything is up in the air.

We got a MagicJack thing and I feel a little bit better now. Local and long distance for as long as I can blab (and believe me, I can) all for $20 A YEAR. So long as the computer is on the phone works. Now I can leave my kids and not try to communicate through email. Because let me tell you that was an epic fail.

At least we're part way there to....whatever it is we are reaching for.

Speaking of epic and fail all rolled into one, this job hunting thing has been nuts. I think all this waiting is about to do me in. Hubby waited for over 2 weeks for something through something to write his resume. After my brain exploded, I dragged him to the computer and made him pull up the questionnaire thing on the unemployment's website and got resume done.

We'll just leave off my first job was working at a copy shop place that just happened to write resumes.

Why yes, my cuss jar is totally overflowing. Creepy. It's like you know.

One thing I have learned is that a thesauruses is golden. You don't want to say the same word over and over even though it applies in multiple areas. It lacks imagination. And imagination is something I seem to excel at. I find I don't seem to do well at promoting myself which is probably why my blog is non-existent on the blogsphere.

At one point I was getting desperate and wanted Hubs to put "excessively orderly" on the resume. He stopped and gave me this look to which I had to ask, "what?" He said he's pretty sure that the word excess is on the negative side and therefore wouldn't look good. He then gave me another look knowing full well what it was I was trying to say.

Darn those Jedi powers of his!

Is it really MY fault that just happens to be one of the definitions for anal?? I don't think so. I try to play the total coincidence card but he wasn't convinced. I'm thinking the dictionary on my lap may have been a give away.

But all that is done and posted. I think he has about 2 weeks of work left and then it's unemployment time OR some job will open up quick. At this point it's going to have to be local as there is no way we can move right now. Unless, of course, we're kicked out of here but that doesn't look like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Who knew totally changing professions would be this crazy, right? Oh wait, this has happened before. It's still crazy. I'm still not a fan of all this not knowing either. And I miss the TV. I was bored before but now I'm reminded just how bored I really am with nothing to fill in all that space.

Oh TV! How we miss thee.....


Julie said...

I think I would miss our TV too... *lol* ... Honestly, I watch iTunes on the computer, more than I watch the TV. And I can always watch a DVD in the computer too, so I guess I would be OK. ;)

Joanna said...

You are so resourceful Julie! We have tons of DVDs but nothing ever sounds good. What's the deal with that?!

jubilee said...

I don't think I could make it without tv. Unless I had a job outside the home and was too exhausted to do anything but sleep. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

We are doing a lot of waiting here too. No changes -- at all. Anywhere. Gah!

Joanna said...

I hear ya Jubilee. Praying for you because that makes it easier than to think about my own junk.