Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's That Time Of Year When....

I want to shove a tampon up my nose to get all the drips. Only this time around my nose isn't drippy, it is itchy. It's so itchy that I tend to rub my nose and while that only brings a bit of relief, I find after 40 times I'm ready to punch myself in the face to see if it will numb the itch.

So far, that's a big n-o on the numbing part.

Jared about wet himself from laughing to see me punch my nose. Which is better than when I had to explain to him what tampons are REALLY used for. He said he can never look at another one again the same way. His dad hearing that said he better not be looking at tampons.

Oh what a crazy house we can be!

I tried taking a knock-off Zyrtec and it knocked me out. My nose didn't itch and I could breathe but I was out cold. Good thing I took it at night or that could have been interesting. As in not at all.

I made another recipe from Pioneer Woman. I finally got to make the Peach-whiskey-BBQ chicken with smashed potatoes. It was so good! Jared even liked it. And that just never happens. It wasn't even smothered in cheese dust. It was a miracle.

The guys all want me to email Ree and tell her how fantabouls it was. For some reason they think I KNOW her and we're on a first name basis and talking to each other. Yeah, they still don't get how this works. I mean Hubby dear still teases me that my Interpeeps are just my imaginary friends.

He's just jealous because the voices in his head like me better.

Actually he's grumpy because he insisted on getting me a smart phone because we're going to pull the plug on our bundle pack. He'll be getting one too once he starts a new job. Construction isn't very nice to things. It has been crazy around here trying to get stuff set up and hooking up stuff and blah, blah, blah.

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest.

Nice visual, huh?

So he's not sure when he'll get a super cool new phone. And I got to stop him because he's figuring out the phone and how to set it up and if I don't learn it I won't know how and I'll just toss the phone at his head to fix it.

And I made the mistake of playing Angry Birds because Jared heard it and now bugs me non-stop to play it. I think I'll sling shot his butt across the room.....that is if the top of his head wasn't at eye level. I think he's growing every time I'm not looking at him.

But our first week of school went well. I wasn't rocking in the corner, I wasn't face first on the floor crying for deliverance. The guys did crack open the German and they said it's easy for now. Again, I'm not holding my breath but can't complain. I can tell they all like having the routine again but they'll never admit it.

In answer to a couple emails (why you turkeys don't just put them in the comments I'll never know) I did send my mom my new email address but NOT the new phone number. She emailed back demanding to have the cell number and then acted like the truce was call off and began sending me tons of emails about the world is doomed and coming to an end by next week Thursday.

And that's why she's not getting the phone number because it's actually worse to hear it in person probably because you can't just hit the delete button.


jubilee said...

I find that the disconnect call button works just as well as the delete button! heee heee

Bet there is a way to block calls - that way you could give her the number, but not have to take her calls!

Joanna said...

I just saw that! These smart phones really are smart. :)

Julie said...

I sure wish we could afford a smart phone. *sigh* ... Maybe someday...

Glad the school year is getting off to a good start. We started today, and so far, so good. :)