Monday, September 26, 2011

Only A Monday....

Can show up and poop all over me. I've tried to write this post like 40 times but have everyone and everything decide not happening chick.

There is good news, bad news and a whole lot of nothing news. In other words same crap different day. But since I haven't blogged for a few days - this will be long

Good news - it's cooler out so it was time to take out the window air-conditioning units. Bad news Hubby wasn't working because it was SUPPOSED to rain. Please note sarcasm because rain vamoosed by late morning and was a beautiful day. Good news - the honey do list was tackled. Bad news - Hubs went to take out unit number 1 and the window broke....and cut his hand.

So I walk into the room to see holy heck the There was no amount of tape that was going to keep that bad boy together. Then I notice a lot of bandage on Hubs wrist. I was about 2 seconds from freaking out thinking it cut his wrist open and he was going to pass out and I was all prepared to wail don't leave me.

Like this shocks you.

Thankfully dude saw the look of panic and said it was just a scratch on his hand, not his writs. He even peeled off the band-aid to show me.

Which I have to stop and ask why? Why on earth would he think this would make me feel better? Especially since I tend to pass out at the sight of blood, or the talk of blood. Makes surviving Easter services rather challenging just so you know.

In the middle of all this heavy lifting and breaking, Hubs had hurt his back the night before. It didn't help that he was trying to do an impersonation of a pretzel all in his sleep. This left him rather stiff and slow moving. It also didn't help that I reminded him repeatedly that now that he's 40 these things are to be expected.

For an old guy he can really toss a mean pillow.

So he had to go get stuff and blah, blah, blah end of the day new window, all fixed, all better. But we agreed the other 2 units can wait for another day. Probably not happening tomorrow because all that rain we were SUPPOSED to get is now showing up Tuesday.

But good news is we are getting Dish Network installed Tuesday afternoon. All in time for the new episodes of everything to kick in. Like the Duggars. Who Nicholas stalks. I think he has a crush on one of their girls but so far he has denied it. So there is all kinds of happy going on that TV will be back tomorrow.

Joyous music playing in the back ground

Believe me the distraction is needed because there are a couple flair ups that have me frustrated.

Because bad news, Hubby hasn't had 1 nibble on the 100 applications and such that he has filled out. I did have a brief panic attack at the thought of being on unemployment again. But after I talked myself off the ledge, I finally had to say Ok God, You'll take care of us either way.

More bad news, I get this crazy email from my mom all freaking out about our phone being disconnected and that she hadn't heard anything from me. So I guess the 2 emails I sent her giving her my new email address, letting her know the situation and a reminder, not to mention the birthday card was just a joke? Then I get an email demanding a phone number.

But of course.

The holidays will soon be upon us and she wants to make sure she can demand we feed them and my grandparents again. So far I haven't given it to her. Which means I can wait a week until she truly fruits out.

Wonder if I can sell tickets?

But now she is flooding my new email with junk that the end of the government is near and on and on and on. Weird Al has a song called "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" that really applies. I was dared to send it to her but I'm not feeling that brave.

And just because we had been so desperate, we actually picked out another church to check out. I think I'm at the point again of just staring into the abyss and I really would like to not do that again. I didn't really want to go but it was something to do. Lovely attitude.

It was good, worship was good, message was good. We got up to leave and the lady who was in front of us turned around and motioned both of us over to her and said that she kept getting the word transition regarding us. She said that we've gone through a lot of shaking and that it's been very hard but not to be discourage, it's been of the Lord and that He's is going to launch us out and not to panic that He does have a plan and it's going to be better than what we could even think or dream, but to hold on to each other in this time of transition.


I almost bawled all over a total stranger. And I mean it would have been an ugly cry with snot and everything.

I may have mentioned a time or 30 I don't like to cry in front of people. I've had it used against me too many times. Showing that vulnerability has bit me in the butt more than I care to count, so I don't.

Now I'm wondering - launch out where and what? Am I going to need wings? A floatation devise? Can I have a vowel? Is it all shook off? Is the transition about to be done? Because I'll tell ya, there are times when I'm on the floor screaming uncle.


The guys all want to go back next week. I still don't want to. Their whole theme is to go forth and tell the people and I still have the attitude that people suck so no thanks. I know, I disgust myself sometimes too.

We shall see and one day at a time. The guys have all told me that I sound like a broken record because I guess I've said that line a few times too many.


jubilee said...

Transition. Yep. Know all about that. Well, as much as God has let us see so far in our transition, that is.

And the church doesn't have to be a forever church. It can be a for right now church. I am thinking that the lady who sat in front of you and gave you all a word from God, may be some kind of confirmation, might it not? I'd go back next week just to see what God told her to tell me then!

Julie said...

Finding a new church is never easy. Hope you find one that suits you and your family!

Hope your hubby's hand is OK!!!!

Maggie S. said...

Oh how I identify with this post. Bless you.

Joanna said...

Thanks Maggie!