Friday, September 16, 2011

So It's Come To This....

Me - walking around in a bathrobe, muttering to myself holding a defunct remote. Wait a second, that sounds like me all the time. Okay, what if my lip was quivering? Oh yeah, you're used to me whining anyway.


What could cause this slightly abnormal dip in sanity level? How long you got?? Kidding! Sort of.

You'll have to excuse the rambling because I am not sure where the brain is going to go with this crazy train wreck.

We finally got all the Internet stuff all figure out and taken care of so it was time for the dismantling of the cable and all that it brought to our house of crazy. Internet wasn't a good bye so I didn't even flinch. But then....the box connected to our awesome TV was unhooked....and I felt my lip tremble. I was just breathing through that when.....


Which is hilarious. Would you like to know how often I use the phone anymore? Zilch, almost I have no friends, no posse, no....nothing. I find it alarming, amusing, and not surprising all rolled into one big gooey mess. I've whined, I've complained - this blog is my therapy session after all but I seem to be in the lather, rinse, repeat cycle.

It's not like I haven't blogged about it all before anyway so we'll just keep the train a moving, m'kay?

Anyhoo, we don't use it as much so there was no reason to pay the redonkulous amount of money for it. Fair enough. But on the few occasions I can pry myself out of here, I would like to be able to keep in touch and vice versa. Hubs and I had to run to the store and Nicholas and I tried emailing back and forth a couple questions.

I did mention I text like a challenged toddler, right? At least I did until Hubby showed me the swipe feature. Nice! But it didn't help that Nicholas was listening to Pandora and wasn't in his email so didn't get a few emails.

It felt like we had 2 cans tied together by a long string of rope trying to communicate the importance of fabric softener. (I'm not really sure why that blurted out but for some reason the brain thought that made sense so we'll just go with it.)

While at the store, I asked Hubs about the whole Magicjack thing. The look of duh that crossed his face was rather priceless. We will be getting one shortly. Because I was beyond uncomfortable with just emailing back and forth. My phone doesn't always let me know it got an email.

Leave it to me to have a smart@ss smartphone.

We've tried to change the setting but this is me we are talking about and when I regained consciousness, the guys were flipping through the book trying to figure it out.

But it is a sad moment that the phone is no more.

Then I remembered my parents don't have my cell number and I smiled. Then I remembered my MIL practically demanding it on facebook and then I frowned.

Suddenly the muttering is making sense now.


Shell said...

It's funny how much we need to feel normal these days. I need my internet, tv, and phone. Not as luxuries at all!

Joanna said...

Shell - need it!! I slowly starting to see power outs as the end of the world. :}

jubilee said...

I fasted from the internet last year. For about 40 days. It took almost the whole 40 days before I got used to not being on the 'net. I do not want a repeat performance of that at all!

I think any power outage would feel like the end for so many of us!