Monday, September 19, 2011

This And That

When we last left our heroine, she was trying to keep the eye twitch in check as all things cable and phone like were pulled. In an attempt to keep the guys from mourning the beloved TV, our heroine desperately tried to find something to occupy the mindless masses for a few days. Throwing something shiny at them doesn't work. As luck would have it, the weather has turned cooler so she suggested the guys go camping (minus J) and they applauded her brilliance.

There was almost rejoicing in the land. Because I wasn't totally free as I had Jared.

Actually it wasn't too bad. Jared and I went out to eat, rented a video game and movie. I let him play the video game so I could get a few things done and not have him hover.

Oh the hovering! Don't even get me started on the hovering!!!

Too late.

He likes to hover and when he's bored it gets waaay worse. As in I end up tripping over him because he is hovering. And for whatever reason all my boys get in the way all the flipping time. If I'm cooking, someone will block the pantry or if I'm trying to get something out of the frig, chances are one of them is there.

It's like they know.

And it does drive me nuts. It also causes Hubby to develop his own eye twitch and/or to yell or possible growl like a breast because of all the hovering. I have no idea why they do it and you would think after so many years of yelling/growling that they would start to figure it out. Sadly, you would be wrong. The worst is when we're trying to get dinner ready. I tell everyone to get their drinks ahead of time.

Silly rabbit, kids don't listen.

Then when I'm trying to dish everything up, the whole crew is in the kitchen getting this, getting that and totally in the way making everything take longer. It's a miracle we ever have hot food.

Anyway, hovering? Not a fan. I am all for deflecting the hovering.

So after a few hours of blessed peace and quiet, we watched the movie we rented - Up. I know. Sure makes me want to hover over the boys and possibly try to stuff them in a bag and hold them close at least for about 5 minutes until they fight back. I like it but sort of hate it, but really like it. Jared and I have been doing the messed up munchkin voice of the Alpha dog all.weekend.long.

But it did bring about some serious hovering followed with "I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

I guess you can say fun was had by all.

It's a sad attempt to distract from the lack of TV watching. Which is failing because I've been told a time or 20 that a few shows will start back up in another week. Oh well. I will have to attempt something else soon. I can tell Nicholas' thumb is starting to twitch from lack of remote control button pushing. We haven't reached critical levels......yet.


jubilee said...

My chickadees have recently renewed their interest in the movie UP. I think we've watched it five times in the last eight days. It may have to accidentally get deleted from the DVR. I'm just sayin'.

Joanna said...

That's probably why we never got a DVR. I can see too many whoops did I delete that going on as a way to get back at each other. All would be guilty of that in this house.