Thursday, September 29, 2011


The week flew by faster than what I thought it would and I haven't blogged at all. Tonight was the first night I actually got to zone out in front of the TV. I don't know if the whole satellite TV technology has come a long way or what but dish Network is totally rocking it. Thunderstorms a plenty and not one glitch in the show. When we had it at our old place, if a bird flew over the house we had no signal for about 4 minutes. Which went over oh, so well when your kids are glued to Blue's Clues.


Not a pleasant memory.

And now I will tear up at that memory because I kind of miss those little guys. I like them now but just wish I could sometimes go back and sop up the memory and savor it just a little bit longer. They were so stinking cute! If you tell them that now, they will roll their eyes and may glare at you.

Or maybe that's just at me.

Except right now I can call them anything and they wouldn't care. Their birthday gift arrived today. Now the great debate of knowing what it is and it's in the house and they can't touch it is in full swing. Because we are that evil. Actually, we got a good price on eBay and I wanted to get it while we still had money because thanks to all the rain, Hubby hasn't worked. But he worked one day soooo can't really file for unemployment.

Why yes, that sound was me banging my head against the desk. Repeatedly.

I informed everyone that they will be dining on Ramen noodles and toast for the next few weeks. They all laughed and said I was funny. I'm now slightly skert of a revolt. It was worth a shot.

I did feel bad for the guy who installed the dish. We are surrounded by trees, and the side that isn't shivering in the shade is being swallowed whole by ivy. That thing is a beast. Hubs has battled that sucker every year and the ivy wins vines down.

Couldn't resist, mate.

Dude is also very allergic to the stuff. It doesn't matter how lightly the stuff brushes him, it will get ugly. He can no longer go out the side door that use to go to the dog's area because the vines have now covered the screen door. We've hacked the thing 4 times in the last 2 months and it's grown back every time. Like I said, it's a beast.

If all the trees and the insanely high pitched roof wasn't bad enough, it was raining most of the day. I made the guy some pumpkin pecan bread and brewed him some coffee and the man declared I was the best woman on the face of the earth. Proof that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. That and he was single.

But there is rejoicing in the land. Except I'm having a hard time learning all new channels. I'm use to channels being in a certain line up and now it is all mess up. My brain is not happy it has to learn a new trick. This should shock no one.

We finally got the whole magicJack thing worked out. It sounded like talking on a phone while underwater. Truly a heroic feet when you consider the whole no-no of water and electricity but somehow we managed it. But made it rather difficult if I wanted to actually understand the person. What can I say? I'm rather demanding like that. We've been having a problem with USB ports in the back of the computer not working but the front ones work splendidly so changed where it was plugged into and good as new.

So it has been a technology week and that usually causes my head to hurt. Which is rather odd because I sort of get that stuff but when I can't make it work the first go-around, I get so frustrated I tend to have a meltdown.

I am weird, hear me squeak.


jubilee said...

I squeak around technology too. The Calm One always has to set everything up. His nick name fits in so many areas of our lives!

Joanna said...

The stupid thing is still giving me fits.