Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun

I think if we have anything more piled on, my head will explode. Too much to do, so little desire to get it done. THE LIST has been staring at me giving the whole 'bring it' wave at me. Frankly, I'm concern. Seems like every time I'm not looking at it - it grows. I get a few things crossed off and think go me only to see 50 more things added on.

Go me, go!! Run!! The list is alive!!!!

In a sad attempt to get the guys to talk about something other than how excited they are about Halo, I've been baking up a storm trying to stuff their mouths so they will be quiet. It's not working. I'm getting randomly tackled and told how excited they are which I think may be from all the sugar. I sort of feel like I've been run over by a mac truck because teenage boys are pretty stinking solid!! And their favorite thing is to eat.

May God have mercy on our grocery budget.

Feel like standing outside stuffmart with my own bucket and bell with a sign that says, I have teenagers please give! It ain't pretty I'll tell ya that.

On a side note, someone from Mountain View, California really, really, REALLY likes my blog as they are on it more than I am. So hello to whoever you are! Hope you like the blog and aren't planning my demise. Although I hear there is a petition for it. Wish my mom would take a chill pill and just let it go. Sheesh!

Speaking of...

I have found that it is much easier to talk to her via email. I still haven't given her my phone number. I've been asking her about different stuff that is hers because that's what we've been doing for last few days is just going through stuff. The majority of it isn't mine so I thought I would give her a fair shot at it. However, expecting her to come and go through it all will never happen so I think progress has been made.

Yes, I'm still freaking out but I'm doing it quietly and away from the children so as not to freak them out. They are so busy being excited they haven't noticed. That and evasive tactics have been employed. A Nerf war was had and all that implies. We took them to see the 3 Musketeer movie. It was only eh. It was cool to see it in 3D, the characters were more believable but none of the witty banter that the Disney version had, and I am all about the witty banter. Save your money - find something else to watch.

The boys did have a first this last weekend - complete and utter shyness. We've been checking out a church and they were invited to come to the youth group and the twins both locked up. They were introduced to people and I have never seen them so uncomfortable before in my life. While it happens from time to time they usually warm up to people pretty quickly. Not this time.

Ruh-roh, Raggie.

I peppered them with questions on the way home and neither one would say what the deal was. It was a combo of don't know them that well and we're moving so why get to know people? Michael made a comment that he's seen how I have been there for other people and how I've been kicked to the curb and doesn't want to bother. Their father's anti-social gene showed up in both of them at the same time and that was hard to watch. I was then riddled with guilt that all this just us has allowed some cynicism to creep in. I may have said a time or 50 that people suck and you can't count on them for anything.

It's too bad that gets proved right over and over. And it's also too bad I still feel that way.

It does crack me up that Hubs knows a few people through work connections and is sought after and I can just stand there and not say a thing. This is working for me. First time I've seen men actually try to cultivate relationships. It's also the first time I'm not being hounded to "serve" somewhere. For me personally, it's just something to do until we move. Not the best attitudes in the world but this should come as no shock.

Me? With a good attitude??? I don't think so!

Now if only that dream job would open up so I could quit freaking out so much that would be just peachy. I think my kids are convinced that it's just this state and normal people all live in all the other states. Yeah, well, why burst their bubble? They'll learn soon enough.


Julie said...

I think it's just better to speak with some people over the Email only. Better for one's sanity, that is... ;)


Maggie S. said...

Gal...I love your totally honest internal dialog made public. If my twins ever came up shy, I think I would have them examined by a professional. I would like a job to drop out of the sky too.

Joanna said...

Maggie - it's cheap therapy.

jubilee said...

As soon as I started to read your post, I thought, "Run Joanna, Run!" a la "Run Forrest, Run!"

He had a thing for chocolates, too! ;)