Friday, October 7, 2011

I Was Gonna Blog But....

The Internet kicked me off repeatedly last night so I gave up. Which now sounds like my dog ate my homework so whatev.

Would it make you feel better if I told you I was weeping and gnashing my teeth? No?? Well I did...for about a minute and turned off the computer. I wasn't feeling that hot anyway so chances are it was a smart move on the Internets part to spare you another boring blog posts of my brain's half baked rants.

Sadly for you, it was only 1 day.

There is all kinds of buzz and excitement here. The twins are getting an Xbox 360. They have wanted one for almost a decade. My nephew had one and they played a lot of Halo but it scared the beejebers out of Jared so we said no. 10 years later - it still scares the beejebers out of Jared but we're going to put it in the toy room where the only way Jared's beejebers will be scared is if he purposely puts himself in harms way.

I will be sympathetic but that only goes so far. Protect your beejebers boy! Wait, that sounds like some form of a sex talk. Now that I think about it, that is very good advice indeed.

Moving on...

So it looks like my cousin and I are going to a Joyce Meyer Conference. We've been kicking this idea around for a while. Really feel like God is saying to go do this. If He would just send me a check to pay for it, I would be ever so grateful. However, this will be the weekend of the boys' birthday which means that will be the weekend my in-laws will want to come up.

I will now downplay the Snoopy happy dance I did that gosh darn it all, I won't be here.

And my happy dance did stop when Hubs said that his folks would just have to come a different weekend.

I will not point out how high my eyebrow arched, nor will I draw attention to the sneer of my lips and total disdain that slipped from them with the question of, "let me get this straight - they are YOUR parents and YOU don't or won't spend the weekend with them unless I'm here with you because why?"

Well just leave it that words were had and a few rounds of rock, paper, scissors was to be had as well. I got the short end and informed in-laws I was going to be gone that weekend so another weekend will be needed.

Any chance at all this can be used as my defense in a court of law?

So then, because Hubby is a male and I'm pretty sure they are all stupid, he points out that his folks better not come up around Thanksgiving in case my folks decide to demand we feed them and my grandparents again. And because I'm female and I am positive we are all crazy, I said that would be a whole new level of hell I'm not prepared to face and I will go mid-evil on everyone.

And that your Honor, is what happen as best as I can recall. Can I go home now?

Just a barrel of laughs over here. At least I think I'm laughing. I can't quite tell if I'm crying or laughing. It may be a wash.

And what luck! We are now on the clock as another round of foreclosure papers have been filed. How many times can you get foreclosed on? After I got done breathing through a paper bag and looked at some of the fine print they are not trying to collect on it, it's just the process of being evicted. Which really - should have happened last year so....guess I can't complain too much.

Now we get to try and keep our panic from the children as we wait for a job opening. I can't say that is too encouraging because in the last month and a half of looking there has been nothing.

But in an attempt to look on the bright side, this is the first year I'm not dreading the holidays. It is weird. Never experienced this before and I'm not really sure what it means. Maybe we'll finally be able to leave this state. My evil plan that I hatched at age 8 to leave Michigan is all starting to come together!

Or not really.

Because my plans tend to backfire. Like a lot.

Back to panicking.


jubilee said...

Good for you about the angst-less holidays!

Too bad about the scheduling reshuffling though . . .

Julie said...

My boys want the X-Box Kinect (sp?), but since we already have PS2 and a Wii, and we would have to buy the X-Box 260 AND the Kinect, it's not going to happen! *rofl* ... Hope the twins enjoy the X-Box! :)

Joanna said...

Jubilee - it's either laugh or cry and some days I do both.

Julie - Just picture the noise level as the twins are upstairs playing games and Jared downstairs playing games. Life with boys = loud noises ALL THE TIME.