Monday, October 17, 2011

So Remember When....

I said I wasn't all freaking out and such? Well, it turns out I had a delayed reaction and am now freaking out.

I then went to bed and had a weird dream where I got a tattoo, which is pretty amazing when you consider I hate needles and I'm not a fan of pain. I used to laugh that if I wanted something that would mark me for life, cause a lot of pain, and be really expensive, I would have another child.

I actually had to explain that to someone once. It wasn't pretty.

I'm not sure which part of that paragraph caused poor Hubby dear to about pass out - the thought of another child or me with a tattoo. Well at least it was good for a laugh but now that I think about it, I was the only one laughing.


Had to let my folks know hey, you're going to have to go through all your crap since I refuse to cart it all over the place. They took this email to mean hey, we are friends again so let's email back and forth. This should explain all the bruises on my forehead - it turns out if you slam your head into the wall repeatedly you will look a bit funky.

Not much to report. Normally this time of year I feel the calm before the onslaught of holidays but I'm still feeling very peaceful. This must mean God is really going to intervene in a huge way or I have finally gone off the deep end in the pool of denial. The jury is still out on this one.

I'm not happy to discover that the pantry is a bit bare and this means it is time for the loading of the carts. I think the grocery list is the biggest pain in the arse. I hate it with an ever-lasting hate because it is just one big ol' bear that I have to wrestle with every other week. Coming up with dinner for 2 weeks and try to come up with a combination of stuff that everyone will eat is as about as fun as slamming my head into a wall. Which isn't in case you were wondering.

Oh what horrors wait for me at the stuffmart with their psychotic cart and boys that fart and all that money I must part.....with. I was sort of on a roll there but not really.

At least we get to get furnace filters so SOMEONE will turn on the heat. And yet I still get mocked for wearing a ski mask in the house. Oh irony, how you love to slipper-slap me when I least expect it and then you do it anyway even when I see it coming.

Thanks for that ya big jerk.


Julie said...

We have the thermestat turned on, but the heater isn't clicking on very much. Just occasionally at night. It just isn't cold enough for it to come on too much... Thankfully!!!

Joanna said...

I think it's this house - you ALWAYS feel cold. Unless it's summer and then you roast to death.