Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Drama, Drama, Drama

I've heard the phrase save the drama for your mama. I wish. Maybe drama is really just a nice word for crap.

The Xbox 360 drama is more than enough to make me want to get a bat and go all crazy....um, er - crazier.

The whole Halo saga has been much talked about or at least I think because I'll admit it, I zoned out more than a hundred times. There is only so much I can take people. And these guys have yet to realize a girl's brain is waaay different than a guy's brain. No amount of rants, tantrums, or emotional mood swings will get me to join forces with their stupid.

Now that the guys have the beloved expensive moody machine - wait, I think Hubby said that was the definition of me. Um, awkward. Anyhoo the stupid anniversary Halo game wouldn't load no matter what we tried. My phone, because it's the smartest thing in the house, came up with a few suggestions and still no luck. Hubby came up with the brilliant idea of just ordering the old game so the guys could at least know the story line.

As if I care.

They all deemed him very smart and while angst was still here, it did appease all. Dude even contacted someone that fixes XBox and that was starting to look like a possibility but that would mean at least a week without the thing. So the angst level went right back up.

Monday the game arrived, which surprised all of us and they were flying through a few levels. I made the suggestion to try re-loading the anniversary one to see if it would work now and it did! I guess I just racked up more points on the awesome mom scale.

So I haven't seen my spawn for a few hours now and I'm fine with that. School work has been done in record time. Which is good because I've needed some peace and quiet to have a nice little meltdown. Very hard to keep a straight face in front of your kids when all I can do is panic.

Found out our house is going up for a sheriff's sale Dec. 15th. We'll then have 6 months to redeem the house or get out. Yessiry, Bob. Nothing like having no clue on what the next step is supposed to be and trying to remain calm.

So far I have fooled the masses.

And by masses I mean I speak to no one, so no one has a clue.

Oddly enough, after a good 15 minute cry, I felt at peace and really know that things are going to work out in the end. Am I happy about this? Hells no! And if you think I am, you must be new or slightly medicated. I hate that we're having to go through this. I really hate that here we go again through ANOTHER crappy situation. During my cry fest I asked God why would He want us to be crap experts because I'm pretty sure I've seen just about every texture of crap out there.

I just barfed a little in my mouth - moving on.

However, there are some silver linings to all this um, well...crap. This house is over 150 years old. Girlfriend has some serious sagging issues and her exterior, all brick, is having some cracking issues and issues upon issues. It's going to take booku bucks and bucks, especially in the booko range, is not something we have.

(Also I have no clue how to spell booku. I think it's supposed to be something like beaucoup.)

Spell check hates me, btw.

So just sitting here with one crappy situation after another has basically forced me to chill out and let go of some things. I can't change any of it or goodness knows I would have done something about it. Like beat the crap out of it with a wooden mallet.

I got a few emails calling me Pollyanna from my last post. Pah-lease! Nothing in my situation has changed. It has been an extremely hard 3-4 years and that was coming off of the hard years of all the drama with my folks fighting the law and the law not only winning, but stomping all over everything. Like Christmas.

After reading a few books on gratitude, and getting pinned to the spiritual mat, I've made the choice to look for something to be grateful about. And you can just bet your sweet biscuits that first week I was every bit as snarky and sarcastic of gee thanks God for this ginormous pile of crap You've bestowed upon me.

Testing the patients of God and still alive to talk about it.

However, He got the ultimate paybacks when He used my own kids against me. Clearly I am up against a master. The guys had sour attitudes galore! I was re-thinking about selling them for a pack of gum when my lesson for the day was when I felt God say, "huh, they sound just like you."

Cwap, cwap, and extra cwap.

(I already had my fill of crap. Cwap is more of a Ruh-roh, Raggie - I'm busted.)

After that unpleasantness, I started to see what I could really be thankful about and the more I focused on that, a lot of the bad stuff faded out of focus. I think that's when things started shifting for me. There are days when my knees are knocking and I don't know if I can even catch my breath but when I look at God and Him not giving up on me - there is just something to it.

Again, nothing has changed but I am at peace. And having faced all this crap for a loooong time with no peace, I would rather face it with peace.

We've all heard that you need the yucky stuff to make a cake and blah, blah. Okay, I get it but I really hope all this crap and drama would go away soon. Because there is only so much chocolate.

And now I want cake. Crap!


Maggie S. said...

Beaucoup is right. Spellcheck hates me, too. I feel ya. Everyone in the house is reeeeally hungry because I have to keep saying, "No, I need that for Thanksgiving and I can't go to the store." You just gave me an insight I needed. Thanks.

Carrie said...

Well, right now I am ridiculously thankful for your humor!

So sorry about the house, but you know...something great will break through. And probably at the last minute.

That's how it alllllways goes.


Joanna said...

Maggie - Spellcheck doesn't do slang or sarcasm. Without those two I think I'm lost.

Carrie - thanks. My humor is all I have left. ;)

And that last minute thing? That's what I'm afraid of. Should make for some hilarious "we're gonna die" blog posts come May.

jubilee said...

Cake? Hmmm . . . CHOCOLATE CAKE?!

Dianne said...

Try being thankful for cancer. I have been thumped on the head with that