Friday, November 11, 2011

I Crawled Out Of The Laundry Pile To Say....

Dang it is stinking in there!

I have been on speed high (no I didn't take speed nor am I high) to get stuff done. My in-laws will be pulling in this evening and I had my folks here the other night getting some of their stuff. I'm still sort of riding the wave of the whole Joyce and boys birthday and running around like a chicken to get caught up on everything just in time for company.

Oh could we please??

Should be interesting as in hand me my wooden mallet. I'm still playing rock, paper, scissors with myself to see who's gonna get a ker-pow to the head.

Hopefully I'll be back into the blog for both my readers who thought I have fallen off the face of the earth. That is both a no but at the same time yes spelled Pinterest. Dude! Finding recipes that have turned out epic and awesome all rolled into one. Epawesome? Awesomic? Best time suck I have ever encountered! Well besides, facebook......and....maybe Twitter. But this is way cooler.

Off to battle another load. And to question myself how is it my boys have stormed a sewer, battled monsters, and came out alive but have the tale on their clothes and was unaware of all of this because GAG!!!


Julie said...

Laundry... the never ending job! *lol*

Hope you survive the visits with the relatives. I hate having house guests. *lol*

jubilee said...

I Love Me Some Pinterest! And I hate me some laundry! Gah!