Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh The Excitement!

Things are at an all time crazy around here. Which is quite the accomplishment when you consider it's usually deader than a dried snail.

Now there's a mental imagine for ya.

We did our Halloween tradition which is to get out of dodge because we like to keep our candy and go to Steak n Shake as the holiday shakes are now upon us. And there was rejoicing in the land. Say with me....."white.....chocolate.....shake"

After we inhaled that goodness, we headed over to the Game Stop where we got the last of the stuff the guys needed and they picked out their games. My pocket book is still crying. No one ever informed me that those bouncing babies get more expensive the older they get. Where is the fairness of that I ask you???

While they were doing that I went to Target. Because there is only so much I can handle and I feel the need to stick it to Hubs every chance that I can get. He's learned not to complain too much because I tend to top him with all the crap I go through all day, every day 24/7 365 days a year.

Not that I'm counting. Because at this stage, it really is pointless.

So there I was - in a store - all alooone.

You can almost hear the heavenly choir playing, can't you? At least I would have if they weren't playing some crappy music over the sound system.

One thing I have learned is that all stores are pretty much dead on Halloween evening. Works for me! This means there was no bumper carts or anything to be concerned with. Since I was minus guys, I was looking at clothes. And I have discovered that I've lost just enough weight that most of my stuff is baggy but I haven't lost enough weight to go into the next size down. I'm pretty sure that equals the fashion gods are a bunch of jerks and might be out to get me.

(I am still bitter about the whole pegged legged look. If you had any hips than it just made them look that much wider. And what luck!! I have ridiculously small feet, especially for my height. I looked like an upside down triangle. Here's a hint - it wasn't flattering.)

I really need a coat for this upcoming trip. I found 3 I was in lurv with but it fit everywhere except.....wait for it.....the arms. ???? Really??? Really? All 3 were too tight in the arms. That isn't the biggest part on me and that is what was taking down my dreams of coat goodness?!?

Curse you Aquascum!

The guys found me in a heap on the floor cursing the fashion gods and aquascum. We checked out a couple other stores and no luck but I did give up on the cursing. I'm not sure what to do now. We get to go grocery shopping and then Wednesday I need to do laundry and get packed so I can hit the road early Thursday. I'm thinking I don't have enough time.

This may be a good thing because the guys are taking turns looking at each other and just going aahhhh!!! After the 5th time this happened in under 3 minutes I had to ask, "excited much?" That would be a duh. I have a feeling not much school work is going to happen over the next week. Never before I have been so happy to be leaving my band of crazy people. Gonna be a stretch to do the whole, um yeah, I'll miss you...too.

But I know fun will be had by all on all fronts and that is something to be happy about.

We did get a tsk, tsk from FIL for not getting the boys their driver's license. I shot back if they want to help pay for all the extra cost we can change that and my, oh my, how the subject was changed. Reality - it's what we serve around here. I'm pretty sure I scare the crap out of my FIL.

I feel warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. That is until I need a coat because I might end up freezing. But I will be having fun - once I thaw out.