Friday, November 18, 2011

Taking A Moment To Say....

I think I have discovered some top secret insider information. Go shopping at the Wal-Marts opening day of hunting season because it was dead, dead, d-e-a-d. No screaming children, hardly anyone was even in the store and they were pulling out stuff for the holiday madness. It was thee most pleasant and uneventful stuffmart trip we've ever had. And...the prices were back to somewhat normal.

We are still baffled that we got all the stuff for Thanksgiving and this time around was cheaper than the last few months. So strange! And while I would like to go off about some mad conspiracy, I won't and will just say I was happy for the break.

Speaking of happy, I have been having some jean issues. None of them were fitting and I have 2 pair I can just yank and they'll fall off. Those seem to be Hubs' favorite jeans. Hilarious that one. Thanks to the wonder of having twins, my skin is beyond shot. While yes, I am stuffed with too much fluff (working on it) the baggy skin sure doesn't help. So imagine my surprise when I tried on a smaller size jean and it fit! I even sat down in them and didn't turn purple.

Truly a miracle! Because I've had jeans in the past where they fit great so long as I didn't sit down. I'm sure none of you have ever experienced that before.


Although all this effort is in danger of being sabotaged as I keep finding awesome yummy looking recipes off of Pinterest. Holy smokes! Let's just say the holidays are going to be pretty yum-tastic and I think I'm going to get to practice some self-control.

There was the last of something I baked and Hubby found me chanting, "I am developing fruit and I have the fruit of self-control." After I swiped the last piece anyway he asked what happened and I said it is winter therefore not fruit season.

Actually, I'm kidding. I tossed it at him and told him to eat it. He's now complaining that he's gaining weight because of these tactics. Cry me a river Mr. Been Skinny My Whole Life and Eats Like A Pig.

I guess I don't have the fruit of sympathy. I'm sure if we polled my boys they would all say, "ya think?"

I'm not sure when or even how but I have managed to beat the casserole blues. And since I'm finding recipes like crazy, I think this is good timing. I'm baking all this awesome stuff but with all these guys I'm lucky to get even 2 bites of anything so this is working for me. They keep singing my praises on how awesome everything is.

Suddenly this is explaining the ridiculous grocery trips we've been having.

But I can have a taste of something without having to finish something off as these guys will pounce on it. Although as I'm battling to cut back on sugar, I've found that some stuff is too sweet so I can only handle a few bites anyway. Freaky.

Unless we're talking about Steak n Shakes white chocolate holiday shakes because all bets are off on those puppies!


Julie said...

Congrats on the smaller pants size! That's just awesome, is what that is! :)

jubilee said...

Awesome! Wish I had the same "problem!"

Maggie S. said...

You are hilarious. Add broccoli to all those casseroles. Then you can go for a shake.

Carrie said...

Totally get your jeans situation. Got several pairs that look fab!

As long as I drive standing up and sit at my desk standing up.

Yeah, I get it.

Maggie S. (who is a DOLL!) sent me over here and I'm so glad!

I'll be back!

Joanna said...

Julie - thanks!

Jubilee - After years of struggling - I think I finally found what's working for me. And it's a weird combination of stuff.

Maggie - broccoli - brilliant!

Carrie - she is a doll! Thanks and I am off to check out your blog.