Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yeah, I Know

I haven't posted in a while. The amount of wicked hormones and levels I was at - it was a good thing I stayed away. There was a lot of tears and chocolate involved. No one was to blame other than the evil hormone fairy. Because girlfriend kicked my butt through the goal posts of crazy.

The only upside was one day the spawnage got a bit feisty and the cloud of stupid was present in all 4 guys. My crazy showed up and scared the cloud of stupid. Never saw it run out of the room so fast before in my life. It was almost epic.

But we had a very nice Christmas. Quiet and drama free. Neither set of in-laws were able to come. Bliss. We were able to surprise the guys with a couple things which was awesome because we haven't been able to do that for a few years. Felt nice and reminded me of yesteryear of no more when the kids were little and so full of excitement they couldn't stand it.

It is so weird having older kids because they're all practical and it's hard to get them anything without their approval. I don't dare pick up anything for them because been there, done that not doing it again. I got them good because I told them I was going to wrap stuff so just act surprised when they opened it. And surprise! There was a little bit extra. Muwahahaa! Momma still got it.

It's been quiet as the guys have been in the lair. Hearing the laughter and noises has been hilarious while I'm wrapped up and reading a book. But it's been quiet - such a sweet precious thing for a mother of boys.

Then today we got the official notice that we have to be out by June 15th. I spent most of the day hunched over with killer man cramps to really give a flying fart.

Bring on the new year.

Speaking of, we're just going to hang out and play board games. We're took the guys to see Sherlock Holmes (awesome movie) and Mission Impossible 4 (was pretty good). I got one last round of making stuff for the snack-a-palooza and then we might take down the decorations. Then again, might do it next weekend. Not sure yet. I have heard there is going to be 1 Nerf war. Someone has been a stick in the mud as he feels he's too grown up to do this any more and his dignity is feeling severally strained.

I'm sure Nicholas will get over it eventually. So fun is being had by all.

I will say even though it will be a record breaking year for the chocolate industry, and I'm pretty sure the tissue industry will see a jump in sales as well, it's not as bad as it all sounds. Well, it does sound bad, but it's not effecting me as badly as it would of in the past.

While yeah it sucks and lots of unknown, I am no where near depressed like I was a few years ago. I'm still glad 2009 is dead. I did go outside and visit it's grave and did a happy dance on it's head. But looking forward to what the new year will bring. Feeling like this long, sad tale of woe is about to come to a close and something new is on the horizon. At times I'm thrilled but to be honest, I'm scared mostly of the unknown.

And running out of chocolate.

So even though I've been quite, and there have been issues, it's still all good in the hood.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some Title That Is Supposed To Make Sense

Because really there is only so many ways I can say AAAHHHH!

I'm a bit cheesed off at myself. All day I had a blog post rolling around in my head. Between the mountain of laundry and epic piles of cookie sheets to clean....I haven't been able to make it too the computer.

I've finally made it to the computer. I am totally ignoring the baskets of CLEAN clothes that now need to be folded. The guys are all in bed. I have the place to myself and now? Nothing. Can't think of a single thing. Happens every time.

I would like the record to show that I did have a functioning brain at one point in time....but then I had children and they've managed to suck it right out of me. Now I find myself standing in a corner, maybe even drooling a bit, wondering what the heck it was I was looking for.

Good times.

But we are enjoying our break. We did survive the family get together. Was glad to see some people. My Mom pulled a fast one - she had my niece with them. Thankfully nephew wasn't there as he had to work. Would have taken awkward to a whole new level.

Gotta love family.

I was slightly amused that Mom ended up sitting by herself knitting. Turns out I'm not the only family member who can't stomach all her talk that the world is coming to an end and we'll have to barter with toilet paper. Tell ya with conversation like that, it's a wonder why she isn't invited to more functions. Nothing can ruin a festive mood faster than my mom!

We went back to their apartment and no matter how nuts I think she is, the woman can decorate like nobodies business! She had their apartment decked out for the holidays. If only she would use her powers for good instead of evil. She could make magazine covers run for their money! I'm trying hard not to be envious of her talents because I did not get that gene.

I've learned from past experience not to ask her to help me decorate because for whatever reason it turns out badly. I think it might be some subliminal message or something. Anything she's done for me is not her best and she thinks she knows what I want or tells me what I want.

Yeah, no.

Was happy no fur was flying and also relieved the whole thing is done and over. Was supposed to meet with some friends but they got hit with the flu. We decided to pass. Hopefully we'll see them soon. Otherwise I'm going to have to go to the store and get more stuff as I was supposed to bring a couple desserts which are all now totally polished off. *burp*

There is some strategy. Make something that the guys all pound on first so I get first crack at something I like. Evil? Maybe. But ask me if I care.

Growing up my mom made an Oreo peppermint dessert this time of year because for some odd reason it's the only time you can get peppermint ice cream. And this dessert is something that I deeply love.

Bag of Oreo's smashed to bits, little butter to make a crust
Container of Peppermint Ice Cream
Chocolate Fudge Frosting
Cool Whip

Deeeeeeppply love.

Something about chocolate and peppermint that is just so right.

Take a bag of Oreo's, pretend they are someone you don't like and beat the stuffing out of it. Reserve 1/4- 1/3 cup of crumbs for topping. Mix crushed Oreo with some melted butter (2-4 Tablespoons I think) spread into a greased pan.

(A 13x9 seems to be a bit too big but an 8x8 is too small. Sadly for you I can't remember the size of the pan nor do I have the ambition to get up and go look. You're welcome.)

Spread peppermint ice cream over Oreo crust. Spread chocolate fudge frosting over ice cream. (I should warn you "spreading" frosting over cold ice cream is rather tricky. Plus you have to be fast about it so the ice cream doesn't melt.)

Top with Cool Whip and then sprinkle reserved crumbs over top and then shove into freezer for a couple hours.

You can share it with others or totally hog it to yourself. My plan almost worked but I was busted and had to share with everyone. Sigh

I was also told I couldn't get 6 peppermint ice creams either when we go grocery shopping. Something about not enough freezer space for that and normal food. And I was voted down for skipping normal food.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Don't Want To Say We're Busy BUT....

It has been nuts. Our house went up for a sheriff's sale today. I have no idea if a sheriff is going to show up and give us notice or what. But we are officially on the clock to get the heck out.

No pressure.

Hubby order round 2 of the pharm stuff. It wasn't cheap and he will have to get his certification in Houston, Texas. He said a plane ticket is around $400. I don't remember what else he said because I'm pretty sure I blacked out. I woke up looking up with the guys standing over me saying, "that's gonna leave a mark."

No sympathy whatsoever.

Nicholas and Michael had auditions today. They are joining a WorshipArts program. They did really, really good. The guy was impressed with them so happy is floating all the way around here. That will start up in January and will end in April. Right now they have 1 final exam then we are officially on break.

Which is good because I need a break.

Did I mention we're going to see my folks and doing a family get together this weekend? My mom keeps trying to get us to spend the night. I keep telling her no. There is only so much I can take before I snap.

So I'm baking like crazy, running on a little sleep because we were all nervous for the guys and Hubby was having epic weird dreams where he was running in his sleep and randomly yelling. Truly is a miracle I didn't try shoving his pillow down his throat.

I am a bit concern though. Found this letter to Santa from my brain.

Dear Santa,
I think this year I would like to have a few days of quiet all to myself. Granted I understand the padded walls are standard in this establishment but I really could use a more cheerful color. And I know you are big into white and all but this jacket isn't really in my color pallet. Not to mention it's no where near my size. While we're at it, who ever heard of putting buckles and straps on the back side of it anyway? I would have left you cookies but that's a rare commodity in this establishment as no matter how many are made they disappear just as fast.

Something tells me this is going to be an interesting few days.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Am Laughing Hysterically

What can be so hysterical you may wonder?

Or not. But that's besides the point.

I am laughing hysterically because reality showed up and danced on someone else's head other than mine for once and it's been comical. And I will own up to the fact that I tossed my head back and cackled with glee. I am still feeling ooey
and gooey which, I am sure, will come back to get me.

I have joked around for years that the rapture was going to have to happen before my twins started to drive because I wasn't sure I could handle that amount of stress - times 2.

And lo, the twins were slightly offended - hurt even that I thought they didn't have what it takes to operate a vehicle.

Fast forward to a few days ago....or maybe that's rewind to a few days ago. I was out running errands with my posse so I started to tell them to pay attention and pretend they are driving. Did you see that car pull out? Does that other douche bag driver look like he's going to pull out in front of me? On and on I tossed out the questions.

I even had them sit behind the wheel and starting to get them familiar with hey, this is a dashboard. Because as a homeschooling momma, I try to get them to start thinking about it now and how to approach it before shoving them behind the wheel and wishing them the best of luck. This, of course, will be while I drink myself into oblivion because my life flashed before my eyes - times 2.

And my how the reality, and the full blown panic, has set in. On their end.

We all knew I would have issues over this whole ordeal. And they are accustom to see me freaking out on a regular basis over any and everything, but for the freak out to be on their end was, well, rather humbling for them.

I'm still cackling over it.

Me, being me, has noticed the rapture hasn't happened to date, so I have decided to pony up and now I bring it up all the time. I haven't freaked out - yet, but they haven't actually driven yet. I'm pretty sure I have on a couple occasion given them massive overload and have fried their little brains.

They now look at me like I have some super human power to be able to do it all with ease. There is a bit of respect looking at me from Nicholas' general direction. And that takes a lot for him. Both are looking at me like, "please don't make me, mommy!!!" And after knowing how hurt and offended they have been for years, I can.not.stop.laughing.

I'm sure that isn't a wise thing to do but that's where I'm at right now. This may just be how I'm coping. I'm not sure. And before we say just let dad teach them....who do you think is going to be stuck in the vehicle with them racking up their practice hours? Dad who works? Or mom who is the house slave to everyone else's agenda, has no life, and has been right there every step of their life?

Hmm, that sounded slightly bitter.

But so painfully true.

I'm the better driver on the merit I can stay awake even when I'm tired. Chances are rather high that it's going to be freaking me to do this. I've heard so many people say I have it easy because I can pass off all the hard challenging issues to Hubby. That is an urban myth!! That hasn't happened on ANY subject. Did I mention they are 16???

I am a firm believer that it takes guts and grit to raise boys. And if you don't think you have either, just wait - you will find yourself saying things and doing things you never thought you could or would. All to push these wild crazy boys onto the next level. Because the thought of them failing and just hanging around you the rest of their lives is not an option. If that doesn't put grit in your giddy-up-and-go, I don't know what will.

The boys did beg not to have to drive Clifford the big red work truck. Frankly, I'm right there with them because I'm not a fan of driving that thing either. I now find myself in this odd predicament of having to give pep talks to the guys that they can do this, yet keeping my freak outs away from them because that causes them to have a relapse.

Please kill me off now. They haven't even driven once and the drama is at this level. I'm not sure any of us can take it if it gets amped up.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can We Say Eek?

Life seems to be this interesting pace of super slow or super fast. Rarely, if ever, does it go nice and steady, keeping the same pace.

We seemed to have hit hyper-active drive.

I could just say, tis the season and while most of it is true, seems like there are a few other things tossed in. After years of just sitting and pushing forward in the oatmeal bowl of life, now it seems like there is this big push to go, go, go get this done, start looking at this and blah, blah, blah.

Um, okay?

I have a bully of an angel that is totally harassing me. I'm trying to look at the positive side that it must be an angel. Either that or my to-do list just took steroids and has turned into some sort of weird beast.

I find it rather weird that after pleading for years the whole 'what are we going to do' prayer and have had nothing but silence to suddenly have a drill instructor telling me to haul arse is a bit unnerving, to say the least. Especially since it isn't my arse that needs to haul, but I am the one that is supposed to keep these guys on track and make sure they get it done all on multiple levels.

I think that falls under irony. Hateful little bastard.

Top it off, I just found out we're having the work Christmas party this weekend rather than closer to Christmas. I always make treats for the boss. So that means I don't have the stuff planned, bought, or made. Which means I now have to go back to stuffmart.

Oh could I, please?!?

If you see me sobbing in the chocolate aisle just ignore me. But the upside is the movie The Help comes out on DVD and I am so getting it.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holy Jammie Pants, Batman!

Sadly, we have been in our local stuffmart way more than normal this week. I've said a time or 50 that I can't help but feel that society is truly in the toilet after seeing so many people out and about in public in their pj's.

I wasn't allowed out of the house unless my hair was combed.

And I'm starting to think this may be a style trend. Jammie pants, boots or slippers, coat, and 2 different types of scarves.


When we had to go grocery shopping it was surprisingly peaceful. However, we stopped counting how many pj's we saw sashaying through the aisles. Every imaginable print you can think of and it was both male and female offenders.

Again I ask, really??

This is not helping me with Jared who has the Jethro gene, aka redneck, floating through his veins that randomly show up. He started to point out everyone who passed by and declared, rather loudly, that THEY are wearing pj's in public and wanted to know why he couldn't. Turns out that people who wear this outfit have no problem hearing, because I was given many a dirty look when I replied, "because we have higher standards on what is acceptable and appropriate while in public."

My favorite was a woman of grandma age that was in pink jammie pants with penguins all over them, matching top, cute boots, and coat WITH matching scarf and mittens.

Jared took one look at her and said, "well at least she jazzed up the bum look up."

It was at that moment I chose to concentrate REALLY hard on my grocery list because there was no way in the world I was going to make eye contact with her. This continued for the next 6 aisles. He came up with something new every.single.aisle.

We're not really sure why we let him live.

But I will say it was freaking hilarious.

By aisle 6, she was pissed and chose to end her shopping or just picked up the pace. I can't say as I blame her because would you want to hear, "hey those penguins look really festive and happy to be out of the house" over and over again?

The sad thing is Nicholas and I took one look at each other and busted out laughing. Hubby and Michael had their poker faces on. N and I do not posses poker faces and J has no clue what that means. So 3 out of 5 of us were laughing so hard we started to snort while the other 2 casually chuckled. We get to the end of the aisle and Michael said ever so quietly, "I bet she'll think twice before wearing that again in public." and Nicholas said, "well if she runs into us again, I'm sure we'll refresh her memory."

And I lost it again.

Took me 5 minutes to stop laughing because the look on this lady's face? P-r-i-c-e-l-e-s-s.

I'm pretty sure we're flagged on their security. The greeters recognize us and some are genuinely happy to see us and there are 2 that always give me that stern look like behave yourself young lady.

As if.

I feel the amount of pain and suffering I go through just shopping there entitles me to be bat sh*t insane just like everyone else. I'm at least dressed and as a bonus I wear undergarments. So help me I will scream discrimination if they try to kick me out.

At least I'm not like my FIL who has been known to go into the fitting area and ask other people for a roll of toilet paper.

I wish I were kidding.