Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can We Say Eek?

Life seems to be this interesting pace of super slow or super fast. Rarely, if ever, does it go nice and steady, keeping the same pace.

We seemed to have hit hyper-active drive.

I could just say, tis the season and while most of it is true, seems like there are a few other things tossed in. After years of just sitting and pushing forward in the oatmeal bowl of life, now it seems like there is this big push to go, go, go get this done, start looking at this and blah, blah, blah.

Um, okay?

I have a bully of an angel that is totally harassing me. I'm trying to look at the positive side that it must be an angel. Either that or my to-do list just took steroids and has turned into some sort of weird beast.

I find it rather weird that after pleading for years the whole 'what are we going to do' prayer and have had nothing but silence to suddenly have a drill instructor telling me to haul arse is a bit unnerving, to say the least. Especially since it isn't my arse that needs to haul, but I am the one that is supposed to keep these guys on track and make sure they get it done all on multiple levels.

I think that falls under irony. Hateful little bastard.

Top it off, I just found out we're having the work Christmas party this weekend rather than closer to Christmas. I always make treats for the boss. So that means I don't have the stuff planned, bought, or made. Which means I now have to go back to stuffmart.

Oh could I, please?!?

If you see me sobbing in the chocolate aisle just ignore me. But the upside is the movie The Help comes out on DVD and I am so getting it.


Carrie said...

Girl, you're preaching to the choir. I know just how you feel.

It's either all the way go or all the way stop.

Never a happy medium.

Just gotta watch what you pray for.


I've learned THAT the hard way. More than once, I might add.

Joanna said...

So what you're saying is my prayer to piss or get off the pot to the Almighty might just come back to get me, huh? :)

jubilee said...

Sounds like the hurry up and wait life of a military family! Erg.

I thought that was you in the chocolate aisle! I headed right for the potato chip aisle myself.

Julie said...

I hear that! ... Things are so busy around here, that I feel like I am missing the Christmas season altogether.

I miss the days of being a stay-at-home-mom. *sigh* Working SUCKS.


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