Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yeah, I Know

I haven't posted in a while. The amount of wicked hormones and levels I was at - it was a good thing I stayed away. There was a lot of tears and chocolate involved. No one was to blame other than the evil hormone fairy. Because girlfriend kicked my butt through the goal posts of crazy.

The only upside was one day the spawnage got a bit feisty and the cloud of stupid was present in all 4 guys. My crazy showed up and scared the cloud of stupid. Never saw it run out of the room so fast before in my life. It was almost epic.

But we had a very nice Christmas. Quiet and drama free. Neither set of in-laws were able to come. Bliss. We were able to surprise the guys with a couple things which was awesome because we haven't been able to do that for a few years. Felt nice and reminded me of yesteryear of no more when the kids were little and so full of excitement they couldn't stand it.

It is so weird having older kids because they're all practical and it's hard to get them anything without their approval. I don't dare pick up anything for them because been there, done that not doing it again. I got them good because I told them I was going to wrap stuff so just act surprised when they opened it. And surprise! There was a little bit extra. Muwahahaa! Momma still got it.

It's been quiet as the guys have been in the lair. Hearing the laughter and noises has been hilarious while I'm wrapped up and reading a book. But it's been quiet - such a sweet precious thing for a mother of boys.

Then today we got the official notice that we have to be out by June 15th. I spent most of the day hunched over with killer man cramps to really give a flying fart.

Bring on the new year.

Speaking of, we're just going to hang out and play board games. We're took the guys to see Sherlock Holmes (awesome movie) and Mission Impossible 4 (was pretty good). I got one last round of making stuff for the snack-a-palooza and then we might take down the decorations. Then again, might do it next weekend. Not sure yet. I have heard there is going to be 1 Nerf war. Someone has been a stick in the mud as he feels he's too grown up to do this any more and his dignity is feeling severally strained.

I'm sure Nicholas will get over it eventually. So fun is being had by all.

I will say even though it will be a record breaking year for the chocolate industry, and I'm pretty sure the tissue industry will see a jump in sales as well, it's not as bad as it all sounds. Well, it does sound bad, but it's not effecting me as badly as it would of in the past.

While yeah it sucks and lots of unknown, I am no where near depressed like I was a few years ago. I'm still glad 2009 is dead. I did go outside and visit it's grave and did a happy dance on it's head. But looking forward to what the new year will bring. Feeling like this long, sad tale of woe is about to come to a close and something new is on the horizon. At times I'm thrilled but to be honest, I'm scared mostly of the unknown.

And running out of chocolate.

So even though I've been quite, and there have been issues, it's still all good in the hood.


Carrie said...

WHY am I just now finding you on Twitter??

Glad it was a nice, quiet holiday. It was for me, too. Which I am totally not complaining about. As much as I love a big festive thing...peace and quiet is always a welcome guest.

Joanna said...

Cuz I just now found me. (Hangs head)

jubilee said...

I'd like to find the grave of 2010 and do a happy dance on it. 2011 has been much better. Here's to hoping that 2012 is even better for both of us! *clink Dr. Pepper glasses*