Monday, January 23, 2012

And So....

Our heroine treks off in the weird weather we are having to do the deed. She searched high and lo for a card. Sadly, nothing quite said, "Die Jedi scum, but may the Lord bless you anyway."

She was fully aware this was a battle.

She was feeling every nerve pulled to the snapping point when finally she found a card that didn't send her over the edge. The card before that one was over the top of what a wonderful person you are.

She thought not.

Then she and her man had to go to the bank and do a few other errands. She purchased the gift card and went to sit down and pull the stuff out to get it over with when suddenly.....a cloud of stupid hopped all over the man and he insisted they go home.

Words were had.

Lots of words I can't repeat.

And home they went.

Our heroine sat in the van to try and battle all the raging emotions because it's not like I - I mean she wanted to do this. So to toss in epic stupidness was just not what was needed.

Oh sure, she could tell you she KNEW it was spiritual warfare but did that stop anything? Nope, nada, n to the o - NO. I would like to tell you she was able to say gosh you trampled my already owie emotions but that doesn't come close to what I - I mean she said.

Sometimes I wonder about me, I mean her.

So she did what any normal person would do, she told the man to exit her space immediately before she killed him. After about a half an hour, lot of tears and prayers, she was able to pull it together and write the thing. Not to be stopped, she hopped into the driver's seat and drove to the post office to say I DID IT!! I'm obedient!! Where's my cookie?

When she got home, her leaving apparently caused a ruckus, which she knew it would, and youngest son who can't seem to hold on to anything dropped, and shattered, his plate. Which is why she had stated that she wanted to sit down to write everything out away from the spawn who can bring on distraction like a tornado.

But clearly, I know nothing, I mean SHE - she knows nothing.

Oh Monday! You are such a jerk sometimes! And then again, so are people.

She did it with fear and trembling - not the normal way of feeling it because there was all kinds of trembling and fear of what she really wanted to say but obedience and yes, I may say niceness was done and now that is off the list. And if she weren't so ticked off at someone else right now, she thinks she might actually feel a slight release.

And so I - uh, our heroine is off to make a grocery list because she seems to be stuck in the land of Oz of this sucks.

I want a cookie.


Maggie S. said...

Yeah...I showed Mickey the Man-Cold video this weekend... It was a fight. I won.

Anonymous said...

I don't feel so bad now knowing that cloud of stupid doesn't just hang out with me for the most part.

I'm just gonna lay low for a while. I don't want it to recognize me.

Joanna said...

Maggie - at least you won.

Anon - Now that's funny. I would offer you a place to hide but CLEARLY it hangs out here way too much.

jubilee said...

Oh my goodness! You have the best turn of phrase EVER! "Cloud of stupid!"

Kudos for doing what God asked of you. Kudos for recognizing spiritual warfare.

Wish I could send you a cookie. A big one. Like the gigantic ones you can buy at the mall for 2/3 of a paycheck. :)