Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Would Like To Report...

That stuffmart was totally calm and completely dead. It was a miracle!! And speaking of - we spent less than usual thanks to not having to buy meat and figuring out that J-man has been getting more lunches that what he needs. Plus we put a limit on how much of one thing he can get.

That boy can live off of pizza every day and every way.

Had to work out some stuff with the other 2 boys regarding their music stuff. The teacher said that they should maybe print off multiple copies of each song as they are still working on what key to play each song. Long story short, I had to tell them this several times and it still wasn't clicking. We finally got there and thankfully my eye twitch didn't show up to take things to a whole new level. I even retyped 2 songs to give them spaces to write stuff in.

I will say guitar music is TOTALLY different than piano music. Michael will try to explain something to me and it sails right over my head. My eyebrows can't even pretend to know what he's talking about.

So everything is mostly squared away because goodness knows why this wasn't done LAST week but oh no, someone didn't pipe up and say something. Nicholas will get things done. I don't have to tell him more than twice and dude is all over it, verses Michael has to be reminded a lot of times and then it's about a 50/50. I noticed he hadn't been playing the song list but only songs he already knows. And when I called him on it, turns out he's been struggling with 2 songs that Nicholas completely walked him through it and got it all straightened out.

After asking why didn't he say anything sooner and getting an "I dunno" the eye twitch decided that it wanted to show up and play.

And just because I am, if nothing else, obedient - my folks had emailed asking how things were going with the boys. I told them all the good stuff with the twins and mentioned that Jared was feeling left out. Not that he has any desire to play an instrument but one more thing he's left out of. So I said I was thinking in another month of just loading up Jared and bringing him down with me to see them for the day to hang out getting him out of the house, away from his brothers, and being the center of attention. Granted I left out I was going to have to hog tie my mother to go take her shopping because God told me to.

Let me just say, a fierce game of rock, paper, and scissors is going on between me and the Almighty over this one. So far He's winning 177-0. He told me He thought about letting me win 1 but knew I would call the game after that 1 win trying to ignore His landslide.

Well....the Dude knows me very well.

My mom emails back that yes! this would be a wonderful idea and I could even let him spend a couple nights.

Um, no.

I'm already having to bribe the kid as it is to go along with this plan. I don't think I could ever make it up to him for that level of torture. Not to mention that this is still them and I don't see that boundary line moving anytime soon. But truth be told, it really would do J some good and since I would have my mom with me, he would have my dad totally alone. And I am well aware that Jared longs for that.

Oh Lord, You truly work in mysterious about best out of 300?


Julie said...

Our last trip to Walmart was so sad. So much money was spent! *sigh* ... Either food is getting more expesive, or we are eating more... Or maybe both! ;)

Joanna said...

Probably both!

jubilee said...

I went to the Kroger today and wished I had gone to WalMart instead. But only because everything is 10 to 15 cents per item cheaper at WalMart.

And then I thought about how much cleaner and more relaxed I felt after going the the grocery store instead of WM. I'd say the extra $2.00 or so that I spent was well worth it. (It was a short grocery list, btw)

All that to say, I am glad that WM was a good experience for you on that day! It's a rare occasion, huh?!

Joanna said...

Sadly I have to go where I get more bang for my buck. Wait a few years and you'll see what I mean.