Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Le Sigh

Why I decided to have zee French accent is beyond moi. But it iz safe to say my brain was fried and thiz iz all dat iz left.

Seriously whack-a-do type of day. Laundry, bills, school work to grade, the usual. And lest I forget, the never ending request for food. Thought we had all our info for our taxes and figures we're waiting on something from the government to do our taxes so I can sing Staying Alive. And believe me, it's an ugly version. Mainly because I don't know the words and tend to make up whatever. You can forget it rhyming because that is out of the question.

Hubby came home to find me almost face planted on the floor. I have all these intentions and plans for my day and it gets railroaded every.single.time. I find myself in this weird holding pattern of waiting on the guys with one thing or another. This is not good because they all have this assumption I have nothing better to do but to cater to their every need and/or whim.

For example, Jared is feeling, I guess, left out and has decided he needs to have a hug about every 15 minutes. Dude is solid as a rock and is quickly approaching my height. So it feels like a huge train that comes charging in only to slam into me. I told him if he takes me down I will pile drive him. After getting this several times throughout the day, by evening I feel like a mac truck DID drive over me. And then backed up and went one more time.


I have discovered that I am guilty of Pinterest fail. I find great recipes, I print it off, try it out, love it to pieces, annnnd then find out I forgot to pin it to share with others. Whoopsies. The rate I am going, I should have my own cookbook before too long.

Wow. I have nothing else. The brain truly is fried tonight. Think I'll go back on Pinterest for another 6 hours.


Carrie said...

For another 6 hours?!? HAHAHA!!

Is that crap not addicting or what? At first, I just didn't get it.

Now? I have the app on my phone and scroll around at least 17 times a day.


Joanna said...

Not sad - inventive. It's my happy place. And the guys are so on board because I keep finding more recipes and it's all about the food around here.

Julie said...

It's sweet about all the extra hugs, though. Around here, I am all about extra hugs. :)


Kerri said...

I am SO loving Pinterest. I want to take a whole flippin' day and just lock myself in my office and go on Pinterest allllllll day.

Love the new background, by the way!

Joanna said...

Julie - your kids are still little and sweet. Wait until they almost tackle you.

Kerri - wonder if we could do a Pinterest party?