Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So When Did It Become A New Year??

Seems like the last couple weeks have flown by. It didn't really dawn on me that the holidays are over until I came down the steps to see Hubby dear had pulled up all the boxes to take down the Christmas stuff.

Good morning to you too.

I hate unemployment with a passion. Dude has wrecked my schedule all over the place. Plus he's been hogging the computer and has been bugging me to talk about......camping. Please shoot me. I'm sure no jury will convict you because I will even have a letter written on your behalf to not be held accountable.

My last couple of days have been listening to either camping crap, all talks of music, and Lego speak. All while having to have some look of intelligence because oh, the hurt feelings everyone has if I tend to nod off or drool from lack of brain activity. I have to be perky and listen while someone has been known to fall asleep in mid-sentence and then will argue with you that no, YOU were wrong because he wasn't sleeping, he was resting.

On second thought, don't shoot me, shoot him.

And I feel the need to apologize for using the same blog themes over and over but I'm sort of lacking in finding stuff I like. I might change it. I never know with me. Pinterest has taken up all my time to just look at stuff. I'm thinking about locking myself in the den with the computer so I won't have to put on a fake smile and try to pretend that I give a flying fart about some stupid guy staying in a yert and all his survival skills. I'm still not sure what a yert is nor do I care to.

My luck they'll break down the door with an axe and build some type of shelter from the door splinters and then ask what's for dinner. I'm only slightly kidding - about the door.

But hey, I hope I'll get back at it here shortly.


jubilee said...

Disclaimer: I am always on your side.

BUT: If hubby has to be unemployed and wreak havoc on your schedule (like mine does - ugh) then at least he is helping around the house (the tree). Right?

The camping: oh, no, no, no . . . in winter? Is he nuts?! lol

Joanna said...

Very true. And yes, he is nuts. They keep talking about what would you do're outside and get dunked in water in this weather. I keep thinking there is no way I would be outside and near water let alone dunking myself into it so therefore it's a non issue.

I found myself on an office chair spinning around doing laps. I'm concern this is a sign for help - I'm just not sure what help is required.

Julie said...

Camping in yurts is fun! ... But not so much in winter. I like to be warm, thank-you-very-much!!!!

I don't think I could handle my hubby being home day after day. It would drive me insane! *lol*