Friday, January 6, 2012

To Laugh Or To Cry....That Is The Question.

I am convinced my life is one messed up mystery, who-done-it novel. Although I'm not sure what was done let alone the who part. And I'm now worried I'm supposed to figure this out with the sad, pathetic amount of clues....I don't have.


My folks came up the other day. Here's the funny part - they so saved our bacon. Long story super short - someone they know blah, blah we got half a pig of meat. Record short story for me!

(Also makes that bacon comment funnier)

This is good because thanks to unemployment crap and end of year junk, we must file new claim but not yet or whatever. Translate to I have no idea when we're getting any money. Our savings is about gone. And miracle of miracles, I am not in a panic. Does this suck? You betcha. But we got meat and I spent the day coming up with a small grocery list to go with meat. Hooray for not starving!

Although, if I'm honest, we should go on a fast to purge the holiday goodness. I don't see this happening. At least not with the guys. I've almost convinced myself to give up food.....for about an hour.

But the visit with my folks wasn't
too bad. My dad went off on this whole sermon about being a body, spirit, soul which one of the guys said "well, duh." The only thing we can come up with is that dude realizes he so missed some formidably years with his grandsons and now wants to cram a decade worth of bible sermons into every.single.visit.

What fun!

This, however, brings out the eye rolls of angst. And that is just from me. Sort of feels like he's acting like we haven't covered the basics so he's there to fill in the gap.

Speaking of gaps and like to shove someone in it...

I got another talking to regarding my brother. My mom is now misquoting scripture and adding things like, 'love thy brother as yourself'. After the 5th misquote all having to do with loving thy brother, I got the hint. Although Jared piped up that it's love thy neighbor as yourself, not brother.

Love that kid.

Whatever. I'm not sure what it is she's expecting me to do. 1) I don't have his address. 2) I don't care. 3) see #2. And 4) he's rather hard to talk to because he's EXACTLY like my mom only not as pleasant to talk to.

Let that one soak in for a second.

But that isn't the should I cry part. The funny part is my mom is calling around all over Fort Wayne, Indiana looking for a job for Hubs. Seriously? Seriously. Just what every son-in-law longs for in his heart - not for his mommy to find him a job BUT for his mommy-in-law to find him a job - in a city near said MIL whom, last I checked, despises with a good portion of his body, mind, and soul.

And there I is - in da middle of this....interesting tale of woe.

I am at a loss for words. And that is a new and weird feeling for me.

So would you laugh, cry, or drink yourself to the point where you just don't care? The only flaw with that is I'm too broke to buy anything of strong drink. Laughter it is.


jubilee said...

I wouldn't drink myself to not care. I would eat all the way to not caring and then I would cry over how much I ate.

The End.

Joanna said...

Yeah - that's usually how I handle it.