Thursday, January 12, 2012

Where Whirl Meets The Wind...

Oh my! Look at the time and the date. It all started when I went on Pinterest, next thing I know it's a new year. Wowzers. It has, crazy? busy? or I'm just totally distracted with....something. I really have no idea why time is just zipping by.

I got to go out with Kerri where we sorted through an ocean of beads. I am still seeing these white beads in my sleep, but it was for a good cause - cause she needed them. But I had a good time anyway. Nice to get out and just putz around. Shopping with kids is like a Mission Impossible episode - get in, get the stuff, and get out before something bad happens. The only time I like to shop with the crew is for groceries so I don't have to hear, "why did you buy THAT?!"

My birthday showed up on a Monday. Typical. And true to form, my folks called the exact time of my birth to sing, off key, happy birthday to me. I said I now know why I came out crying.

Speaking of crying, I attempted to make myself a birthday cake. I was informed I'm not supposed to do that but it's either I make myself a cake or go without. Saw a recipe on Pinterest - which I totally forgot to pin - and thought, I can do this. Apparently I can not.

The cake was fine because I used a box mix but the frosting was just wrong. So wrong we threw the whole cake away type of wrong. It called for 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream to be melted with white chocolate which was later supposed to be beat into a homemade whipped cream. All I can think of is the white chocolate wasn't cold enough because it just went wrong and kept on going.

Was probably for the best as I'm still trying to work off New Year's festivities.

The next day we went grocery shopping and wonder of wonders, the place was pretty much empty and we got out in record time AND there were more than 2 lanes open. Truly a miracle.

The older boys are just going nuts - Saturday kicks off the worshiparts program and they are beyond excited. Got to go see a buddy I don't see enough of and tomorrow I'm heading over to my cousin's place where I'm supposed to scrapbook. I say supposed to because I didn't get all my stuff together so I'm just going to take my cross-stitch project I've been working on for like ever. We're just going to hang out and talk anyways so no big deal.

We took an extra week off of school because it just seemed like the time flew by and I didn't get stuff done that I wanted to get done. So that fell through and I had to crack the whip to get the guys back at it. Feeling very sluggish. So sluggish in fact, that I didn't get up with them. At this stage they don't need me as they're all on their own studies and since Hubby is home - he can crack the whip.


Lot of good stuff going on spiritually speaking. Not even sure where to start. Some of the reason I haven't blogged so much is I'm just not sure how to put it all into words. Well, I don't know where to stop putting it all into words. Sure is nice to be at a better place. I got laughing with my friend - when I look at all the crap I have gone through, whoa momma!

But I can say it's all good in the hood. Can't say that every day but I can today. Last week I got into a rip roaring fight with Hubs. Knock the door off the hinges, light bulbs flickering all the way around type of fight.

I'm sure none of you know what I'm talking about.

After the dust has settled, I can say it was needed. Things are being looked at on both ends of this equation we call marriage. Holy wow can marriage be one big old bear to dance with, but eventually, even a bear can be trained to get its grove on.

Now if we can just be doing the same dance at the same time....

And now I must slink off to bed as I have to get up early. Well, early for me anyway.


Carrie said...

Love that you posted! Saw you in my Google Reader a day or so ago and wondered where you've been!

Glad to hear from you again!

jubilee said...

THAT is a great title.

So glad that things are going well -- and you got to sleep in to boot! Awesomeness. And fully jealous. I'm just sayin'.

I had to grocery shop (just a couple of things) the day after Christmas and the place (Kroger) was dead. Couldn't believe it. Cashier said it'd been busy that morning, but died off around 10:30am. Whodathunk?!

Julie said...

You sound like you've been as busy as I have. I am so very tired, seems like there is never enough hours in the day. *lol* ... Makes me LONG for summer vacation. :)

My boys are good at doing their school work independently, but the girls are still young enough that I have to still be there with them (especially Amanda)... It will be nice when they get more independent too. :)